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Everything he has done is to achieve peace in the galaxy.

Dular was a Human Jedi born in 42 BBY. After being abandoned by his former Master, Xarkun, the Cerean Jedi Master Idnum-Ki took the responsibility of training him upon himself. One of the conflicts which Dular participated in was the Siege of Dantooine, a battle between Khoonda, the autonomous government of the planet, and the Kaleesh. He was knighted soon after, and fought many battles a decade later in the Clone Wars, while still occasionally conferring with Idnum-Ki.

In 21 BBY, he learned that a terrorist leader named Bodotor Thuvat who he had captured had not actually been a terrorist, only acting as one to achieve what the Republic and the Jedi would consider greater goals. Thuvat was being tortured by Commander Kyle Krenis, and, feeling responsible, Dular freed him and was forced to kill the guards to his cell. The young Jedi was accused of being a traitor on the HoloNet, and he was assisted by Captain Raymus Drewton in an attempt to clear his name.


Early lifeEdit

Like almost all Jedi, Dular only knew portions of his early life or where he came from, due to being taken as an infant to be trained as a Jedi. After being abandoned by his former Master, Xarkun,[4] he was chosen by Jedi Master Idnum-Ki to be his Padawan,[1] and even when Dular later became a Jedi Knight, he still listened to Idnum's counsel many times.[5]

Battle of DantooineEdit

His Padawan, Dular helped to defend Khoonda as well. He defeated many of the Kaleesh and their droids.
—Ludge Ganler[src]

Dular was present in Khoonda on Dantooine with his Master in 32 BBY.[1] It had originally been intended to be a negotiation mission between the Galactic Republic and the Kaleesh, but because Senator Drazil Drewton, who had been intended to be the main ambassador for the Republic during the negotiations, was "delayed",[6] the Kaleesh thought that they had been tricked and attacked the planet.[1]

Meanwhile, Tarisian and Raymus, the sons of Drewton, arrived at Khoonda. Dular's Master asked them where their father was, to which Tarisian replied, with grief, that he had died. Soon after, Khoonda was raided by battle droids led by a bounty hunter named Jango Fett. The Drewtons and Ludge Ganler were captured by Fett.[1]

Dular and Idnum-Ki followed Fett to the exit of the Khoonda building, and looked upon hundreds of approaching battle droids.[1] During the battle between the Khoonda and Kaleesh forces that ensued, Dular was separated from Idnum-Ki. As he entered a large cave, he heard the sound of blasterfire and followed it to Raymus and Tarisian, whom had freed themselves from their captors. They then proceeded to leave the cave, though not before being confronted by Idnum-Ki, who claimed that he had foreseen that the fates of Raymus, Tarisian, and Dular would be linked.[7]

Exiting the cave, Dular and his Master returned to the battle. Though only a Padawan, the former was considered by some to be a more powerful ally for Khoonda than ten militia soldiers together. He killed a Kaleesh soldier, dismembering his arm through the Force, and destroyed many battle droids.[8]

With the help from both Idnum-Ki and bombs set off by Tarisian Drewton within the Invincible, Sheelal's flagship, Khoonda was victorious. Hours after the conclusion of the battle, Ganler held a speech before citizens of Dantooine. Though they grieved for the loss of Senator Drewton, he said that they must also be glad for their freedom, which had been given to them by the Jedi, the Drewtons, and Khoonda's militia. Concluding, he declared that they would be forever grateful to them, and that their legacies would remain on Dantooine forever.[8]

First campaigns of the Clone WarsEdit

I don't suppose there's much use muttering the overly-repeated word 'surrender'.

At the age of twenty-two, Dular was one of the two hundred and twelve Jedi who were sent to Geonosis lead by Jedi Master Windu. Though not having a very active role, he performed Battle Meditation with the Force, an ability which inspired the Jedi and Clone Troopers to fight harder.[4]

Dular forcefield

Dular cutting through Nockudumey leader Bodotor Thuvat's force cage.

Dular was reunited with Lieutenant Tarisian Drewton and Raymus Drewton during the mission to destroy the droid factories on Getato, a few days after the Battle of Geonosis. Also joined by Idnum-Ki, the mission was a success, though Dular and Idnum fought a mysterious Trandoshan wielding a force pike, who had defended himself well for a non-Force user.[2] Dular quickly began to dislike Commander Kyle Krenis after Krenis had considered killing an innocent Duros. After the mission, Dular conferred with Idnum-Ki, who shared his opinion of Krenis.[9]

Around that time, Dular had constructed a double-bladed lightsaber, which was very uncommon for Jedi of the time. He was first seen wielding it while fighting on Kamino.[10] A few weeks later, on Coruscant, Idnum counseled Dular, who was worried about Palpatine corrupting Tarisian Drewton. Idnum told him that corruption is merely influence, called "corruption" when one disagreed with the influence. Dular then told him that Palpatine's thoughts were clouded by stress.[5]

Idnum commented on Dular using the Force again, for his power had seemed to almost diminish a few years ago, to which his former apprentice replied that his connection was being slowly restored, but that he had experienced urges to use the dark side. Idnum did not warn against the dark side, but merely said to use whatever necessary.[5]

Dular, Idnum, and Anakin Skywalker were sent to Sriran to destroy a huge Separatist base called Delta Station. Fighting his way through the base, Dular showed tremendous ability with the Force. He and Idnum soon located the core of Delta Station, but unexpectedly, Count Dooku was there.[11]

Dular activated his lightsaber, intending to kill Dooku, but was hit by a blast of Force Lightning. A duel then started with Idnum-Ki against Dooku, and Dooku was defeated, but spared. When Dular regained consciousness, Idnum told him that Dooku had escaped. Then they themselves escaped the station, not before they blew it up.[11]

Freeing a terroristEdit

This has to be a joke! A trick. You’re the one who brought me here in the first place."
"I know—and that’s why I feel it’s my responsibility to get you out of it. Tarisian Drewton told me of your…allegiance.

Bodotor Thuvat and Dular[src]

Nearly a year into the war, Lieutenant Tarisian Drewton and Captain Raymus Drewton were captured by the Nockudumey Terrorists,and Dular was sent to lead an attack force to free the Drewtons. Dular and several clone troopers entered the Nockudumey base in Republic gunships through an opening in the dome covering a large hall, where a skirmish was being fought. Commander Dular and his troops eliminated many of the terrorists; the remaining were ordered to retreat by their self-declared leader, Mecupa.[12]

Dular ordered the clones to let the retreating terrorists leave, but to bring their overthrown leader, Bodotor Thuvat.[12] Thuvat was brought to prison on Coruscant. However, after the Nockudumey had been imprisoned, Tarisian Drewton informed Dular that Bodotor had, unlike his organization, not been an actual terrorist leader at all. Instead, Thuvat had been planning to turn it into an organization dedicated to saving the galaxy, as its founder, Revan, had intended.[13]

Now feeling responsible, Dular broke into Thuvat's prison cell and freed him. Bodotor did not completely trust him, as he had been the one who had brought him to prison in the first place, but knew that following the Jedi would not entail a worse fate than what already would be planned for him. However, as they both exited the prison cell, they were confronted by a Republic officer and a group of clone troopers. Seeing Dular rescue a terrorist, the officer assumed that he was a traitor ordered the clone troopers to shoot him.[13] Dular was forced to defend himself, and attempted to inflict the least fatal injuries on the clones possible.[14]

Soon after, Dular was declared to be a traitor on the HoloNet by Chancellor Palpatine himself. Dular and Thuvat disguised themselves as the clone troopers which they had struck down, and headed for the underlevels, the only place to avoid Republic detection.[14]

Dular skull

Dular holding Idnum-Ki's skull in a vision to his Master.

Once in a cantina, Thuvat told the Jedi that attempting to leave the planet in one ship would be too dangerous, and before abandoning him, told him that there was a Republic shuttle which he could board that was departing for the Legacy, a newly built Star Destroyer under the command of Captain Raymus Drewton.[14]

Dular did such, and was found by a clone trooper on the Legacy who brought him to Raymus. To Raymus's surprised, Dular confirmed that he had helped Thuvat escape Republic prison, but it was due to being told of his allegiance by Tarisian, not being a traitor. Though Raymus said what he had done was "damned foolish", he agreed to assist Dular in clearing his name and finding evidence to Thuvat's claims which he himself did not believe.[14] Meanwhile, it was decided by the Jedi Council that, while Dular was assumed to be a traitor, he was to be taken alive.[3]

Soon after, Drewton requested the assistance of his brother, Tarisian, via hologram. The lieutenant, however, refused, saying that Dular was a traitor and that the newly-elected Nockudumey leader would only be strengthened if further evidence was presented of Thuvat's intentions. After a remark from Raymus implying the similarities between he and Kyle Krenis, Tarisian cut the transmission, leaving Dular and the Captain realizing that they could not trust him.[3]

An officer then approached them, informing Drewton that a pilot in a freighter was requesting to board who claimed that he was named "Karen Traviss". Due to the name being Mandalorian, Raymus suspected that the pilot was actually Daklif Ordo. When it was discovered that the pilot was indeed Ordo upon inspection, Raymus and Dular met and conversed with him.[3]

Soon after, he dueled Anakin Skywalker in Palpatine's office on Coruscant.[3]

Powers and abilitesEdit

Ah, I see that you are starting to use the Force again.

Dular was very powerful in the Force when found by the Jedi. Though, of course, less powerful, he rivaled even the abilities of Anakin Skywalker, the Chosen One, until he began to lose his connection to the Force in 27 BBY, five years after the Battle of Naboo.[9]

When the Clone Wars began, he once again gradually regained his connection to the Force. He performed Battle Meditation during the Battle of Geonosis and later,[9] at the Battle of Sriran, sent Separatist assault ships flying through the air as he made them explode.[11]

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Dular is one of the main characters in Star Wars: The Drewton Legacy. Star Wars Fanon was the first site to say that he is the apprentice of Idnum-Ki.
  • Dular will play an important role in the redos for The Drewton Legacy Chapters 1-4, though he originally first appeared in Chapter 14.
  • He is intended to be the Jedi version of Vader's Secret Apprentice.
  • On the logo for The Drewton Legacy, he has a red double-bladed lightsaber.
  • Dular was temporarily moved to Dular Zahn.
  • The character is based on Jacen Solo, Starkiller, and Zayne Carrick.
  • The skull which Dular holds in Idnum-Ki's vision in The Drewton Legacy Chapter 19: Visions of the Future is actually a skull from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.


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