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Duel on Place

The Dark Army War


3,950 ABY




Manly Militia victory


The Dark Army

The Manly Militia



The Duel on Place was the first of numerous battles between the Dark Army and the Manly Militia, and set the standard for the conflict to come.

Following his rejection by Vergamin, Brock Rockford vowed revenge against the assassin. He challenged Vergamin to a duel, one that he accepted. Having set the time and place for the duel, Brock then took steps to ensure that he would win the battle. While he was confident in his own abilities and skills, he also wanted to make sure that there would be no risks.

The two met on a cliff-edge, each differently prepared. While Brock had bought a small arsenal including blasters, grenades, vibroblades and a Flecette launcher to the battle, Vergamin had come equipped solely with his Great Lightsaber. His confidence showed in the firm grip and thrust of his weapon, not being intimidated at all but what Brock had bought to bear.

Over the course of the next few minutes, every weapon that Brock could produce was effortlessly destroyed by Vergamin's mighty blows. Eventually, the former Mandalorian was left unarmed and unable to cope with Vergamins' power. Realizing that he was near defeat, he called in his trump card - one of the Dark Army's modified MISB freighters.

However, Vergamin was again ready for this. The Manly Militia had set up a blaster cannon nearby just to prevent this sort of interference. Opening fire, the punctured through the ship's hull and hit its fuel supply. Moments later, the ship exploded with all hands lost. A second hit damaged his starfighter, the Black Doom, which was on standby.

Realizing that he was outmatched, Brock fled, swearing vengeance as he went.

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