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Duel on Ilum

Der Hintergedanke Crusades


1,119 ABY




"Death" of Nat-ahn Mandrex


Avenger's Knights

Traitorous Ones


Nathaniel Kenobi Solo

Nat-ahn Mandrex



Nat-ahn Mandrex† (technically)

The Duel on Ilum was a fight during the Der Hintergedanke Crusades between Nathaniel Kenobi Solo and Nat-ahn Mandrex. It saw the "death" of Nat-ahn, his punishment at Nathan's hands, and the eventual conquest of Ilum by the Der Hintergedanke.

Nat-ahn forced the women of the population to become almost exact duplicates of the mother of Nathan: Abigaile Kenobi, through his extensive knowledge of the Force. The sight of these lookalikes caused Nathan to boil with rage and almost cost him his life in the duel, when he lost track of his core values and focused solely on revenge. Thanks to the intervention of his mother's Force ghost, Nathan was able to regain his composure and defeat his father.

The duel also had lasting repercussions to the lives of two seemingly normal people: Feraala and Gin Chima. The two newlyweds had just wanted a quiet life, but the duel interrupted, when Nat-ahn forced Feraala to look exactly like Nathaniel Kenobi Solo's mother Abigaile Kenobi. The ordeal separated them and Feraala was turned to the dark side by the Dark Acolytes of Darth Verraeter.

The duel also had distinct repercussions for the Jedi, as access to the much needed Adegan crystals had been blocked by the groundquakes and avalanches caused by Nat-ahn and Nathan during the battle. This blow was taken further when the Sith took control of the planet soon after, resulting in a mad search for lightsaber crystals, as the primary source had been lost.

Boiling PointEdit

30 ABY, Nat-ahn Mandrex's forces have been crushed by the Colonies. His son had killed him, leaving with Nat-ahn's former army to save Coruscant. Nat-ahn's only remaining legacy was his son, Dal-tone Mandrex, but even that was taken away by his firstborn son. The only bright spot in his "life" as a Force spirit was that he knew Nathan would be joining him soon enough.

In 120 ABY, it seemed that his hopes had been recognized, as Nathan seemingly died against the forces of an aspiring Emperor: Darth Krayt. Nat-ahn had prepared for Nathan's arrival in the afterlife by making alliances with the other dark spirits there, but Nathan was nowhere to be seen. Perplexed and outraged, Nat-ahn searched the galaxy for his son's body, eventually winding up on Coruscant. There, to his horror, he saw Nathan still alive, but only because he had been kept in a cryogenics tank.


The spirit of Nat-ahn changes into a monster after realizing his failures to kill his son

Seizing the opportunity to kill his son while he was weak, Nat-ahn influenced one of his son's Polis Massan attendants to put a virus into the life support systems of the cryogenics tank. Once again, his plans backfired when the Polis Massan regained his senses and fought Nat-ahn off. Despairing, and knowing that Nathan was planning to do something major while incapacitated, Nat-ahn decided on a new course of action: to convince a group of followers to do what he stated, or what is now known as the Traitorous Ones.

Nathan, meanwhile, had done something similar, creating the Avenger's Knights. He intended them to do what he said until he could return to the galaxy renewed. These groups were destined to meet each other and they eventually did during the Battle of Eriadu. Nat-ahn had planned for this battle beforehand, sending his entire organization to Eriadu, because he knew that if they used a very old Sith chant, he would be resurrected and able to conquer the galaxy, which he knew would force Nathan out of his tank prematurely. He hoped that Nathan would also be very weak from leaving, giving him a major advantage.

His plans worked, although they cost him his entire organization, but he had known of this previously. He also felt Nathan coming out of the cryogenics tank early, and also feeling very weak. Nat-ahn ventured to the planet Ilum, a source of Force energies that could revitalize him before he had to face Nathan. On the minute chance that Nathan arrived before he was ready, Nat-ahn planned a psychological trip that would beat Nathan to the core: transforming the native women of the planet into lookalikes of Nathan's mother, Abigaile Kenobi. Using a combination of Sith Alchemy and his knowledge of the Force, he shaped and molded them into the very vision of the woman.

He also enslaved the native populace, forcing the men to work in the lightsaber crystal mines, and the women to serve him in a more pleasurable way. He also found at least two Force-sensitives on the planet, Feraala and her husband Gin Chima. He planned on making Feraala his future consort, as she had been very beautiful before the transformation he had performed on her. Cocky and sure of himself, he announced his attentions to rule the galaxy. He would start first after the Der Hintergedanke and Fourth Republic had exhausted themselves in a superfluous battle for supremacy. He would resurrect the old ship classes of the Sith Order of Decreto and ally with the Rutsenafo, of whom he intended to have as his secret police.

Coming Out PartyEdit

On Coruscant, Nathan ghosted out of his cryostasis unit and found that the world was all black: He had suffered from blindness as a result of staying in stasis for so long. He was also very weak because his limbs had not moved for a thousand years, so he collapsed to the floor in a spasm. Drawing on the Force to strengthen him, Nathan was able to regain his composure and he stood up.


The cryostasis tube

Still suffering from the blindness, he sought an answer and looked for his Polis Massan attendants. They soon came once they had heard of his "escape" and treated him immediately. Thankfully, Nathan's becoming blind was only temporary and he regained his sight in a matter of two hours. Content in the fact that he was well, the Polis Massans attempted to convince him to return to his tube, but he would have nothing of it. After much persuasion on his part, his attendants left him alone and he began to plan on his next course of action.

He quickly gathered his possessions: His lightsabers, his blaster pistol, and various other objects that he would need to fight his father. He then made sure that his muscles could take what would soon be hitting them by training, while simultaneously solving complex mathematical equations in his mind. Happy that he had not lost his touch in the years of isolation in the cryostasis tube, Nathan told his attendants that he would return in a matter of days and then proceeded to ghost out of the tube and into his ship, the Ewok's Fist, and punched in the coordinates for Ilum.

The journey to Ilum would take up two days worth of hyperspace jumping, but Nathan still needed time to prepare himself for the first fight he had had since his attack on Darth Krayt and his minions, which had taken place almost exactly a thousand years previously. Knowing his father would also be in a similar situation, Nathan could relax a little bit, but he still felt a darkness growing on Ilum that could not be stopped unless he was there. All his machinations and plans would go astray if he lost the battle with his father and that was simply unacceptable.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Duel on Ilum was designed to have some closure to both Nathan's and Nat-ahn's relationship, which NKSCF thought could be better off.