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You shouldn't think of the Force as a tool - it's so much more. When you draw upon it, use it to help you achieve a goal, you'll realize that it's more like a living thing.
—Dreetryt' on the Force.[src]

Dreetryt' was an Ongree Jedi Master. Trained by the Devlikk Jedi Master Hello Darl, Dreetryt' proved adept at the ways of the Jedi, especially in the use of mind tricks. He was skilled with a lightsaber as well, and quickly advanced through the ranks to become a Jedi Master. He fought in the Droid Wars under the command of Ken and was one of many casualties in its Second Battle of Elk.

Biography Edit

Hello Darl's Padawan Edit

Born in 15 ABY on the planet Skustell, Dreetryt' was quickly recognized as a potential Jedi by the Order, and his parents eagerly gave him up to them (an act they would eventually come to regret). When Dreetryt' was 11 years old, the Jedi Master Hello Darl chose him as Darl's Padawan Learner. Dreetryt' was eager to build a lightsaber of his own right away, but Darl taught him the perils of overzealousness by letting Dreetryt' use his lightsaber for a short while. After severely burning himself with the blade, Dreetryt' conceded to learn discipline before building a lightsaber.

Darl and Dreetryt' became like father and son over the course of Dreetryt's training, which was very unorthodox: the two focused mostly on their Force powers but Dreetryt' was also trained in lightsaber combat by his Master. During a meditation session on Felucia, Dreetryt' and Darl were ambushed by a rancor. Dreetryt' managed to avoid the creature's talons, but Darl was not so lucky, and was scooped up. As the rancor prepared to devour Darl, Dreetryt' picked up his master's fallen lightsaber. Letting his instincts guide him, Dreetryt' used the weapon to strike the rancor down. After this episode, Darl declared that Dreetryt' was prepared to build a lightsaber at last.

Master and apprentice journeyed to Dantooine, where Dreetryt' used Adegan crystals to construct a lightsaber with a blue-colored blade. Emerging from the crystal cave, he was attacked by Darl, who engaged him in a duel to test Dreetryt's skill. Dreetryt', much to his surprise, overcame Darl, who tearfully announced that he had taught Dreetryt' everything he could, and that he had been granted permission by the Jedi High Council to elevate Dreetryt' to the rank of Jedi Knight.

As a Jedi Knight Edit

Soon after reaching Knighthood, Dreetryt' became enamored with starfighters and their variants. He purchased an Alpha-3 Nimbus-class V-Wing starfighter for himself and named it the Doubtless Victory. He flew against the fledgling Declon organization in the First Declon Cpnflict's Battle of Nimbia. His skill in this battle caught the attention of Jedi Master Ken, who sent Dreetryt' a draft notice informing him that he had been appointed Flame Two of Ken's Flame Squadron.

150px-P-j bg

Dreetryt' in the Jedi Temple as a Jedi Knight.

Dreetryt' flew the Doubtless Victory with Flame Squadron in several minor conflicts such as the Apinine Senate Crisis. However, the Victory's age eventually caught up with her, and she malfunctioned and crashed in a battle against Reptarn insurgents, nearly killing Dreetryt'. Following this incident, he bought an N-1T starfighter, which he named the Legacy of Victory. He also gained a new astromech droid in the form of R9-N3.

Because of his exemplary actions in multiple conflicts, the Jedi Council promoted Dreetryt' to the rank of Jedi Master. Following this, he temporarily resigned from Flame Squadron, deciding to take a Padawan.

Expol Kantor Edit

Dreetryt' found a kindred spirit in the human Expol Kantor. Like Dreetryt' as a Padawan, Expol could not wait to get a lightsaber. Remembering the exercise Hello Darl had put him through long ago, Dreetryt' let Expol use his lightsaber, expecting the child to burn himself as Dreetryt' had. To his surprise, however, Expol showed an immediate proficiency with the weapon. Because of this, Dreetryt' reluctantly took Expol to Dantooine, where the Padawan built a lightsaber of his own.

Dreetryt' retired the Legacy of Victory and bought a Sentinel-class landing craft for himself and Expol to use for intergalactic travel, naming it simply the Victory. Dreetryt' then rejoined Flame Squadron, just as the Droid Wars began.

Droid Wars Edit

Dreetryt' fought in several battles in the war, including the Battle of Manaan and Battle of Cato Nui. His faithful astromech droid R9-N3 was lost during the ground campaign of the Battle of Cato Nui, which came as a major loss to Dreetryt'. However, he continued fighting, and flew with Flame Squadron over Coruscant's skies during the Attack of the Sith.

The Second Battle of Elk and Death Edit

My only regret is that I could not see you to Knighthood.
—Dreetryt's final words to his Padawan, Expol Kantor.[src]

Things started going wrong for Dreetryt' almost immediately. The Victory was shot down and then destroyed when it crashed on the surface of Stormtrooper Island. Dreetryt' and Expol then found themselves surrounded and hopelessly outnumbered by Imperial troops. Igniting his lightsaber, Dreetryt' charged the enemy, hoping to take out as many as possible. Dreetryt' managed to hold the soldiers off until reinforcements had nearly arrived, and took out 25 stormtroopers before he was overwhelmed and killed.

Dreetryt last

Dreetryt's last stand.

Personality and traitsEdit

Dreetryt' believed that the Force was a sentient being and was proud to have been chosen by the Force to become a Jedi. He was loyal and selfless and was devoted to peace, though he wouldn't hesitate to use his lightsaber if the situation demanded it. Just before dying, Dreetryt' said he had only one regret; he had not been able to see his Padawan become a Jedi Knight.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Dreetryt' was a Jedi Consular leading him to focus mainly on his Force powers. He was extremely skilled in the use of Jedi Mind Tricks and also frequently meditated in order to get closer to the Force and was able to levitate whilst meditating. He was also able to use the Force to enhance his bodies abilities being able to use Force Valour to keep fighting even when he was wounded, as well as Force Speed and Force Jump.

Dreetryt' was also an adept swordsman, weilding his blue lightsaber skilfully throughout his life. Because of his belief that the Force was sentient, Dreetryt' chose to use a fighting style that made him feel close to the Force, specialising in the Niman combat form.

The Ongree Jedi Master was also an accomplished pilot.