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Dred was a swampy planet that was one of the Confederacy of Indepent Systems's planets during the Clone Wars. During the Clone Wars, ARC troopers were sent with Aayla Secura to take out the heavily armed guards at a droid factory that produced B1 Battle Droids with lightsabers and protective armor that was impervious to lightsaber strikes. Count Dooku turned on these droids and escaped. Aayla fought them and deactivated them. One ARC commander put a bomb in the factory. Aayla and her troops escaped and the droids were destroyed.

Years later, in 10 ABY, it was home to one of Emperor Palpatine's clones. On Dred, a battle between a clone, Aayla's niece, a Jedi Master and Council Member Twin'el Secura and her apprentice Hisee Fin, ensued. The clone killed Fin and Secura struck the clone down. The planet, overwhelmed with Palpatine clones, was blown up by the New Republic.

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