Dort Tetsu, also known as Gizmo, was a male Rodian who served as chief engineer aboard the research vessel Harvest Moon during the first expedition to Zurek. He was one of only a handful of survivors from that expedition, and along with the other survivors joined the Rebel Alliance.


Battle of HothEdit

Gizmo's aptitude for repairing and modifying vehicles led him to be assigned to Sean Edmiston's team of engineers on Hoth, where he was one of the people in charge of maintaining Rogue Squadron's snowspeeders. During the ground battle on Hoth, he served with distinction, and his talent for fighting came to the attention of General Cracken, the Director of Intelligence. He was promoted to Lieutenant and transferred to Intelligence, where he was tasked with building an elite commando unit.

Xeno SquadEdit

Gizmo created Xeno Squad under General Cracken's direction. The unit's roster consisted entirely of nonhumans, and Gizmo was placed in command. He served as Xeno Squad's communications officer and backup computer slicer in addition to his leadership and combat duties.

Rodian campaignEdit

Shortly after the Battle of Bakura, Xeno Squad left the New Republic to pursue a personal agenda: a war against the Rodian dictator Navik the Red, who had ordered the extermination of Gizmo's family while Gizmo was cryogenically frozen on Zurek. Although the mission to Rodia was successful, it resulted in the losses of several Xeno Squad members, including Gizmo himself (who died in single combat with Navik the Red, but took his enemy down with him using a thermal detonator). With Gizmo's death, the Tetsu clan lost their last known living member, and were considered to be extinct.

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