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She was smarter than she was kind, but she was both.
Anakin Skywalker

Dormé Costil was a member of the Costil family and senior handmaiden to Padmé Amidala for most of the Clone Wars. She was third cousin twice removed to Palpatine, but throughout her life felt little connection to him.


Considered from her youth to be one of the less impressive members of her family, especially due to her mother coming from the Perine family Dormé was encouraged by her family to marry when she came of age, but failed to find someone who suited her enough. She fell in love very early in her life with a member of the Verine family, but was rejected by the object her feelings, and while she entered a relationship a little later in her life, it ultimately did not work out. When she was fourteen, she applied to be a possible royal handmaiden to then-Princess Amidala, but was rejected. But over the following eight years, she pursued an education in political philosophy and worked occasional jobs in the palace, and when she again applied to serve Amidala, this time as a Senatorial handmaiden, she was quickly selected as second handmaiden, largely due to the influence of her friend Rabé Excenil, and traveled to Coruscant with the new Senator.

She became senior handmaiden at the beginning of the Clone Wars, on the deaths of both her fellow active handmaidens. Before choosing replacements, she learned that her mistress had secretly married Anakin Skywalker, and without telling the former royal handmaidens the secret, which she had decided it was best they did not know, insisted to them that only one new handmaiden should be selected to replace both Cordé Gredun and Versé Excenil. She told their choice, Motée Sensari, shortly after taking her to Coruscant. Both would be instrumental in helping conceal the marriage over the following two years. They would also often be separated from their mistress, as when she traveled they usually remained on Coruscant to make her enemies think she was still there.

However, when Naboo was attacked late in the war, both Dormé and Motée accompanied their mistress to the planet, where Dormé died in her mistress' defense. She was replaced by Ellé Okrest.