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Dorkal V was a blue-green planet at the edge of the Outer Rim near Dagobah. It was controlled by the Catian Republic beginning 45 BBY. The Catians were a greatly technologically advanced civilization. Their capitol was Dakobah.

History Edit

Dorkal V was found an uninhabited desert planet by the Catians. They terraformed the planet into a planet inhabitable by almost any species. The Catians made this planet the "Galactic Capitol of the Republic" in 14 BBY. They also built thousands of cities on the main continent of Yethao, including Mn'tjor. The Catian Republic sent five transports to Dorkal V to colonize the planet after terraforming of the planet and its moons was complete. They started the city of Dakobah the year they landed. Also, two construction ships accompanied the transports as they ventured through hyperspace to the planet. Those ships built the first shipyard.

Start of the Republic Edit

Dorkal V declared itself a member of the Republic of Catia and the New Republic in 7 BBY. The Catian Defense Fleet stationed at the Galactic Capitol was part of the fleet that waged war against the Empire. In the Battle of Corellia, the Catians played a pivotal part in the rebuilding process. The Dorkal Mining Outpost on Hora provides the Republic with the resources needed to build ships. The Catian Intelligence Agency (CIA) steals Imperial designs for the Republic to modify and build. These, along with other, services make the Catian Republic a main ally of the New Republic.

Catian ships Edit

  • R-wing fighter
  • Leviathan-class transport
  • Newhorn-class transport
  • Gerris-class construction
  • Th'ret-class mining
  • No'gyr-class scout
  • U-wing fighter
  • I-wing fighter
  • O-wing fighter
  • Galactica-class star defender
  • Catia-class super star defender
  • Uth'ne-class warship
  • Pre'thor-class frigate
  • Soo'ng-class cruiser
  • Nol'se-class cruiser
  • D'fret-class battleship
  • M-wing fighter
  • S-wing fighter
  • D-wing fighter
  • L-wing fighter
  • Y'poer-class super star defender

Notable Catians Edit

  • Admiral St'ar
  • Admiral Nimb'us
  • Captain Sam'me
  • Captain Emm'ae
  • Captain Lil'tey
  • Commander G'thao
  • Commander T'thao
  • Commander Y'thep
  • Lt. Cmndr. Ast'hs
  • Lt. Ligh't'ngau
  • Ensign K'losu

More info Edit

The Catian Republic was originally founded on Ryntoh II, but a strong solar flare forced the evacuation of the small planet. The Catians then spread out about the galaxies, and one settlement was picked as the New Republic Capitol-Dorkal V. The old Catian Alliance was founded on Catia, the original home planet from which the Catian Republic was based off. The planet was suddenly disconnected from everything, and it was suspected to have gone through the "Kri'tah Hole", a wormhole of a sort. The Catians then relocated to Rynoth II, but the solar flare made them move again! Then, they arrived at Dorkal V, a tropical paradise near Dagobah. There, the Republic based all of its operations. About 15 ABY, Dorkal V was made the capitol of the New Republic.

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