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The Doom Turret was used by Lang Bobolu's Mini Death Star.


The turret had one part that fired space junk, another part that reflected incoming enemy fire and had it ricochet back at the attacking ship, and also a flame thrower. The Doom Turret was equipped with a cloaking device at the bottom. Also installed was a laser cannon. The last feature was a Zamer crystal that fired indestructible concussion missiles. The Doom Turret had a shield generator made out of a virtually indestructible Zamer material. It helped Lang Bobolu on his adventures as a bounty hunter.


Lang Bobolu designed the Mini Death Star's turret himself, at age three, and the design landed into the hands of a colony of talking ants, which built it and named it the Doom Turret. The Doom Turret was used infrequently, but aroused the destruction of one of Lang's bounties; Diesel. The Doom Turret was damaged in a skirmish with the Millennium Falcon, but it was used by Sqxeijji the Dragon Slayer to destroy the mutant Ewok Hormost. The turret fell off of the Mini Death Star during the battle, and it was some time before it was reattached.

Behind the scenesEdit

The LEGO version of the Doom Turret was created by Abu Dabi5 when C3PO the Dragon Slayer was hogging the computer. A bunch of crystal pieces, a fire piece, several gun pieces, laser piece, rocket launcher and two blaster pieces, a reflective disc piece, and a cylinder piece of LEGOs.

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