This article is about The Mandalorian clone doctor. You may be looking for other uses of Doc or the similarly-named Lepi criminal, Dokk.

Doc was a Mandalorian clone doctor. He served on the planet of Kamino.

When Nathaniel Kenobi came to the planet to destroy the cloning facilities, he gave him an update on the clones. They were rebelling against the Empire and were about to evacuate the planet.

After the Kaminoans and clones fled the planet, he assisted Nathan in supporting the fledgling Novus Kamino Prime colony. He also was part of the strike team that was sent to the Ottiumigos Centrality. After that, Doc was part of a secret group of three. Himself, the clone Commander Alpha, and Nathaniel Kenobi. Nathan came up with the idea to bring the Imperial forces to the colony, without breaking a promise he had made to his wife, Abigaile Jade. Feeling guilty, he told her and helped her leave.

When Nathan came back, he also gave the news to him. Nathan, filled with rage, was force-chocking Doc, but was stopped by Abigaile's holocron. After Nathan had left the colony, he still served as the chief medical officer, even during the Great Schism. He later died at the ripe old age of one hundred and forty-six, thanks to advancements in Kaminoan cloning technology.


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