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The Divine Lightsaber
Production information

The Force


Special Lightsaber





Physical and technical specifications

10 grams

Usage and history


The Divine Lightsaber was the lightsaber that belonged to Mal-Trido. The lightsaber was created by the Divine Crystal, the most powerful lightsaber crystal ever. It could only be controlled by the one it was destined, which was Mal-Trido.


The crystalEdit

The crystal for the Divine Lightsaber had three colors, blue, red, and gold, each representing a different part of the lightsaber. Upon finding the person who was worthy of its power, the crystal would transform into the Divine Lightsaber. This person was Mal-Trido.

The bladeEdit

The blade, represented by the blue part of the crystal was unmatched by any other lightsaber, able to easily slice through blast-doors, cortosis, anything. It was a solid, sapphire blue, which was represented by the blue part of the crystal. Mal-Trido wielded it with great pride and confidence.

The hiltEdit

The hilt of this fantastic weapon was made of a material unlike any other, and as far as is known, was indestructible. Represented by the golden part of the crystal, it was a shining gold, this hilt could not be grasped by any other man than Mal-Trido. If someone else took hold of it, their hand would start to burn, turn red and black, and would eventually fall off. The hilt could also morph its shape, allowing it to change from one blade to a double-bladed lightsaber to even two lightsabers. It was represented by the gold part of the crystal.

The rubyEdit

The ruby, represented by the red part of the crystal, allowed Mal-Trido to activate or extend the blade without pushing or twisting any buttons, which is why there were no buttons of the lightsaber. In addition, by concentrating enough of his energy, Mal-Trido was able to unleash a devastating slash attack, which made deep red glowing gashes in the victim's skin. One such example is Darth Zyre.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Divine Lightsaber was created by MaulYoda with much appreciated help from Lord Xylon. The picture of the Divine Lightsaber was made by Darth Aeonz