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A Sith should not have a relationship or care about anyone, unless they are also an equally powerful Sith.
—Dinami repeating his philosophical belief to his master and romantic companion, Lord Apeiron.

Dinami (pronounced Din-A-Me) was a Sith Apprentice and later Master under Dark Lord of the Sith Apeiron whom he later came to see as a lover and companion, although the youth wasn't always named Dinami it was instead the only name in history that he was recognized with and apparently had taken that name at a young age when a resident Sith had killed his mother, apparently the hatred he felt made him the perfect choice in a Sith apprentice who would later be won-over by his Sith Master.

When he completed his training and becoming in a sense "Immortal" through Apeiron casting the Ritual of Invigoration, Dinami was sent off on his final trial for mastery: to hunt down and kill those responsible for killing his own mother, his success marked a new milestone in Dinami's progression into the Dark side and Apeiron announced that Dinami would now be a Sith Master being one of the few in his group in title that was second only to him. Although, most of Apeiron's followers knew how Dinami, was Apeiron's favorite and the the submissive Alpha - the "female" Alpha - of their "Pack".

Dinami was known often as Lord Dinami by many common folk and soldiers, or simply Master Dinami, by his students.


Pre-Empire AscendantEdit

Birth and RevengeEdit

Dinami was born to an unnamed Sith father with heavily diluted blood and a Sith-Human hybrid mother, but despite this let down heritage he was incredibly powerful in the Dark side from a young age contradictory to many believing that the stronger Dark side power came from purer Sith and those with true a Sith appearance, Dinami's father was always distant and off fighting for his land against rivals and therefore was not there for his son as he grew up happily with his mother.

When he was of a young age his mother was killed by one of his father's rivals and the father fell out of view completely, Dinami had very few memories of his father but was soon adopted by a Force sensitive that manipulated the Dark side who was in fact Dinami's own father, swearing revenge against the murderer who killed his mother he deepened himself into the Dark side in preparation for revenge.

Shifting DarknessEdit

Enslavement by the SithEdit

My revenge was stolen from me once again, by the hands of a Dark Lord of the Sith, at first my anger became misplaced and fell upon the one who would become my new master.
—Dinami describing how he lost a chance at his revenge, due to his master invading his homeworld, a point he later called an "act of fate".


Behind the ScenesEdit

The Greek words "dunamis" or "dinami" means force.