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I am Detters Flar, Jedi Historian, and your doom!
—Detters battling Darth Nero.

Detters Flar was a female Human Jedi Master. She was killed by Darth Charon.


Early lifeEdit

Detters Flar was born on Bespin in 3 ABY. Palpatine felt her Force potential, but could not find her location. Darth Vader was sent to find her, but he failed. Palpatine was very upset by this, but dismissed it as no matter.


In 15 ABY, Luke Skywalker found Detters and took her to his Jedi Temple. Detters was recognized for her keen memory, and she pursued a course in the Jedi Archives. She became a Junior Jedi Historian soon after.


As a Padawan, Detters was trained by Z'antz. She excelled in lightsaber combat. She mastered Form VII, Vaapad, and could master a move instantly. This, along with her mind, helped her become a Jedi Knight quickly.


Detters advanced quicker than most Knights, and could have very well become a Jedi Brute with her skills, but decided to become a Historian instead. She soon became a Master, and a full-fledged Jedi Historian.

Masterhood and deathEdit

As a Master and Historian, she became a General when the Droid Wars rolled around. Zak Koroen offered her a seat on the New Council, but she declined. During her duel with Darth Charon, she was murdered.