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Destruction of Coruscant

War of the Ancestors


10,000 BBY




The destruction of Coruscant



The Destruction of Coruscant was an event that took place in the year 10,000 ABY.


This is Captain Cathanmai speaking. We just arrived in the Coruscant system, but there is nothing here. Only an uncharted asteroid field and... Wait, what is that? A ship just dropped out of hyperspace! I've never seen that kind of ship before! It says USS Starlighter on the side and... IT'S FIRING AT US! OUR SHIELDS ARE NOT WORKING WE—
—Captain Cathanmai issues a distress call during the investigation of Coruscant

At the start of the year 10,000 ABY, during the celebration marking the anniversary of Luke Skywalker's defeat of the Sith and the fall of the Galactic Empire, all contact with Coruscant was lost. At first, people assumed that the transmitter beacon had been shut down, but after four months the Core Worlds sent investigators. None returned, save for one badly damaged vessel with an absent crew. The only item in the computer was a holo-recording from the vessel's captain, Cathanmai, who said that the ship was being attacked before the transmission cut off.

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