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The Desolate Chaos class Star Destroyer was the Mandalorian Answer to the Galactic Kingdom's revitalization of the Eclipse Super Star Destroyer. It was used nearly exclusively by the Omega Legion

Statistical InformationEdit

All Desolate Chaos Classes where 3.75kilometers long save the first ship of the line the Fires of War which was a flush 4 km long. They were created in exact response to the Kingdoms reactivation of the Eclipse SSD Program.

The ship was armed with an array of standard weaponry, 100 quad barreled heavy turbolaser cannons and 60 tri barreled heavy laser cannons gave it a strong punch against ships ranging from the size of cruisers to the Eclipse Class itself. And the addition of 16 missile tubes allow it to operate as a planetary bomber as well.

For defense the Desolate Chaos' had some of MandalMotors Most advanced defensive weaponry at the time. 150 double barreled point defense Pulse Lasers made attacking one with a starfighter squadron nearly suicidal. Twelve Strategically placed heavy ion cannons, gave them more than enough disabling capabilities allowing for boarding actions to be taken.

The Eclipse KillerEdit

The Desolate Chaos Classes' most unusual feature was the integration of the M.A.C. Cannon. The MAC Cannon was nearly a third of the length of the Ship. The MAC is basically a long tube surrounded by a series of electromagnetic coils. These coils, when the cannon is fired, accelerate a Hyper Dense Metallic Slug at a velocity near the speed of light.

The Slug was designed to be fired at a Capital ships bridge or other sensitive systems, do to its dense mass in a smaller area the shell can 'push' against the shields of a ship and eventually, after enough shots or if the shield is weak. Break through and decimate a ships hull.

Fires of WarEdit

The Fires of War was the first ship of the Line to come out of production, and as such she was special. She was a full quarter kilometer longer than her sister ships and had an additional 20 Turbolasers 40 additional Heavy Laser Cannons, and 50 AA Pulse Lasers. The Fires of war successfully broke through the planetary shields of Coruscant. It was this fact along with the large amount of troop transports that it released, in addition to Mandalore Draco's Draconian Legion landing at the Senate building that 'convinced' the Kingdom to surrender its planets outside the inner rim.


The Name and Design of the ship class comes from the Games Workshop tabletop war game. Battlefleet Gothic. It is based on the Chaos Fleets, Desolater Class Grand Cruiser. The MAC Cannon is adopted from the HALO universe, and the UNSC Anti-Capital Ship weapon.

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