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Delta squad 6 was one of the seven total Delta squads that keep their original nicknames given to them my Walon Vau. Thus, they were one of the Mandalorian Commando squads. Delta Squad 6's was also one of the Commando Squads that received Squad Emblems.


Delta Squad 6 was one of a total of nineteen Delta Squads. DS6 was raised by Shuae Basi until the early 29 BBY. Here DS6 was handed over to Dearh Nue who was a Mandalorian mercenary. Nue taught DS6 and was extremely fond of RC-1221. Nue's first defeat came by 21 using shock blasters. After that, Nue final defeat was also by his student 21 and because of injuries DS6 was handed over to Walon Vau.

Here the squad was raised with DS12 or Delta Squad 12. Vau took great pride in both groups of students but two students more so than the others. During training, Vau pushed the squads into being ruthless, merciless, Mandalorian warriors. Vau soon found great pride in RC-1207, who had already been given the nickname Sev, and RC-1221 who were the so called Hunters of the whole group.

While watching his students train he watched as 21 fought. He looked towards his other student, RC-1138 and noticed their fighting style was the same. Vau then remembered that 21 always watched 38 as he trained or fought his brothers. He then realized that the Commando had taught himself, however 21 had had the Advanced Training much like 38's.

First MissionEdit

DS6's first mission was to Geonosis were the Clone Wars started. There objective was to destroy two core ships. they quickly destroyed the first ship without being noticed. Shortly after boarding their second core ship,Adenn was seriously injured but was able to pull through with the help of his brother Prudii. The squad continued towards their main objective and quickly completed their mission. Only ten seconds before the ship exploded DS6 managed to escape all crew intact.

Security MattersEdit

DS6's next mission was actually security matters. DS6 was now Kamino's protection for now. Here is were RC-1221 met RFC-1102 a Ashi Vode Commando. Delta Squad 6 stayed on Kamino for only five months before they were sent back to the battle field. RC-1221 had to leave his love behind, for now.

Order 66Edit

For some reason DS6 only received two missions since their job on Kamino was only security. Their last was on Utapau helping to hunt down General Greivous and destroy the factories there. During the mission RC-1124 down and replaced by RC-1013. The squad continued until Order 66 was given. Proceeding with their orders DS6 received another message, one from Kamino.

It was suggesting that all Commando Squads report back to Kamino for something called "Grand Security". DS6 had a choice of their leader Darth Sidious or their homeworld Kamino. It was all up to RC-1013, and he chose to return home. However two of the original brothers of DS6, RC-1145 and RC-1082, didn't agree with him and so they tried to kill him.

He was aided by RC-1221 who also wanted to help home. 13 and 21 escaped on a gunship sent by the Kaminoans and DS6 proceeded now with 45 leading. After watching Obi-Wan Kenobi fall to his death the Commandos had to wait for more orders. Now the era of the Galactic Empire began and DS6 was now Imperial Delta.