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Delphinus was a Jedi from Naboo. He was one of the mystical dolphins. There were few in the galaxy. He joined the New Republic and was stationed on Kashyyyk. He was a Jedi.


Infancy (500 ABY-502 ABY)Edit

When he was an infant, Delphinus lived on the planet of Delphine, which was completley water. He wa happy until he was captured by New Confederate droids and was goint to be taken to Geonosis for entertainment. Somehow, when the ship was over what Delphinus saw to be water, the ship's engines blew up and the ship was sent into the ocean. Then Delphinus, reverting to instinct, bashed the droids into a wall of the ship and they were destroyed. The planet Delphinus landed on was Naboo.

Youth (502 ABY-520 ABY)Edit

This planet is awesome! The only thing that this place needs is more ocean.

Delphinus grew up on Naboo. His best friend was a Gungan named Paleos Kin.