Deji Skywalker was the inheritor to the Skywalker legacy. Born with extraordinary talent in the Force, Deji was a pilot legend and one of the greatest Jedi Masters in recorded galactic history. He played a crucial part in the defeat of the Red Moon Gang, the great Darth Ultima, the deadly Darth Terrifa and many other threats.

Having many accomplishments during his life, Deji was granted many titles. To the Jedi he was known as Light-bringer. To Darth Terrifa and the Followers of Terror, he was known as The Avenger that Walks the Skies. To the Mandalorians, he was known as Jetiise Be Kote or Jedi of Glory. For bringing them out of civil war, the Mustafarians called him High Jedi Hero of Mustafar. To Darth Ultima, he was simply Skywalker.

He was trained in the Force by the amazing Vikis Keth and eventually rebuilt the galaxy that was destroyed by war.


Early lifeEdit

Special, this boy is.
Daoy Kanta

Deji Skywalker was the descendant of Cade Skywalker. Not much was known of his parents except that they were Jedi. Deji's parents were assassinated by a Bounty Hunter when he was four. Deji was later taken by the Jedi when he was five.

Jedi AcademyEdit

Deji was one of the best students in the Academy. His Force potential was beyond even the masters. Deji quickly made friends, one of which was Jiin Royal. Deji and Diin became best friends as they rose through the Academy ranks. They had many adventures as well.

Red Moon WarEdit

Due to the increasing tensions between the New Galactic Alliance and Nal Hutta, the Hutts sent a surprisingly large pirate gang to "negotiate", The Red Moon. Deji, Diin and the NGA ambassador Alei Oslo were sent to Nal Hutta to stop the Pirate onslaught. Upon reaching Nal Hutta, Deji and the group were captured by Mesa Durelic Juire, the leader of the Red Moon gang. They were brought to Mesa's palace and were tortured for days until a New Galactic Alliance attack force came out of hyperspace to rescue them. After fleeing Mesa's palace Deji went to the Bothan Assault Cruiser that was leading the assault, Solar Flare to help the attack on Nal Hutta.

The Battle of Nal HuttaEdit

Deji was put in with a squadron of Jedi for the attack on Nal Hutta. When the NGA attacked, Deji and his squadron, Force Squadron, were sent to attack Mesa's flagship Mesa's Glory. This was Deji's first starfighter battle, he proved himself one of the best starpilots in the galaxy that day. Deji found a weakness in the ships heavy armor and shielding by flying up through the narrow command needle and destroying the command center. Messa on the other hand escaped to the planets surface. Deji, Jiin and Deji's fellow co-pilot Aaron Shell gave chase while Alei stayed to help finish off the Red Moons.

As Deji and company landed on the planet they found out that Messa had an entire task force of elite Red Moon Assassins. Knowing that if the New Galactic Alliance landed on the planet they would be wiped out by Messa's superior assassins. Deji used the Force to scramble the computer on the NGA lander so instead of landing on the planet, it would fired a high powered Quarex beam at the assassins. The plan worked, and the NGA was able to take Nal Hutta.

A shocking truthEdit

Deji participated in many battles in the Red Moon War including the Hutt Space Sieges, the Battle of Da Soocha VI and the Battle of Kessel. He played a crucial part in the climatic final Second Battle of Nal Hutta when he traveled down to the planet to capture the head of the Red Moon Gang . While he was there, he found out a shocking truth, the leader of the Red Moon Gang, Oba Jang, was the Bounty Hunter who killed his parents. Temporarily, Deji entered a fit of rage and unleashed the bewildering power of the Skywalker bloodline. He was covered in swirling Force energy that would of cracked the surface of the planet itself if it were not for the arrival of the Jedi Master Vikis Keth. Vikis was the Jedi that was spearheading the assault. He was able to calm Deji down telling him that he was dipping into the dark side. Vikis succeeded and was able to capture Oba and bring him to Coruscant for questioning.

Meanwhile, the New Galactic Alliance was able to defeat the Red Moon Gang and end the terrible war they had brought.

Negative repercussionsEdit

There were many negative points in the war that affected the galaxy such as the death of the great Grand Master Daoy Kanta and countless other Jedi. Also the citizens of the galaxy began to question the security that the New Galactic Alliance had promised them.

Two destinies intertwineEdit

Due to their experiences during the Red Moon War together, Vikis decided to take on Deji as an apprentice. Deji accepted. Together, master and apprentice went on amazing missions earning them the respect of countless Jedi, species and worlds. Already at the age of thirteen, Deji had accomplished more than even a master could. He and his master helped the natives of Arbra survive a Vongforming by a rouge Yuuzhan Vong, they helped catch a Jedi Assassin on Mustafar and many other fantastic deeds. But it was during his final mission, a mission to the Sith-world of Korriban, that he would begin to question his place in the Force.

The pull of the dark sideEdit

Toward the beginning of 1200 ABY, Deji and Vikis were sent to Korriban to investigate sightings of a Dark Lord of the Sith. The council feared that if these sightings were confirmed, the Sith may be plotting to attack the galaxy once more.

Deji and Vikis traveled to the Valley of the Dark Lords. There they discovered the holocron of the long dead Sith, Darth Plagueis. As they were searching around the valley for more clues, the unexpected happened a Force manifestation of Darth Plagueis attacked Vikis knocking him out. Deji, shocked to see his first look at a dark lord was helpless against Plaguies's onslaught. Deji fought incredibly for a Jedi who wasn't even a knight yet but even then, he was no match for a dark lord of a Sith, well he wouldn't be if it wasn't for his Skywalker heritage. Due to his immense potential in the Force, Deji was able to hold his own against the manifestation. Eventually Plagueis decided to break away from the fight. The dead Sith took Vikis's ship and left to another part of Korriban.

Meanwhile, Deji and the heavily wounded Vikis found shelter near by the valley. It was there that Deji pondered whether or not the Jedi path was the right path to choose. Being in a place filled with the dark side, it was only natural that Deji felt the pull of the dark side. Lost in his thoughts, Deji had a vision, there was a large room, on the floor was a painting of the galaxy. On the left side of the room he saw his ancestors: Luke Skywalker, Ben Skywalker and Cade Skywalker. On the right side of the room he saw all his ancestors that had turned to the dark side: Anakin Skywalker and Jacen Solo. All of them were speaking words of encouragement to him except, the people on the right side of the room were telling him how powerful he would be on the dark side while the people on right, were telling him that he was an extraordinary Jedi already. Before Deji could answers any of them he woke up with Vikis putting a wet towel over his head. Deji had been having convolutions in his sleep so, Vikis had to put cold water on his head to wake him up.


The Force manifestation of Jacen Solo.

The next morning Vikis was able contact the New Galactic Alliance using his comlink. But just as he finished transmitting the signal, another Force Manifestation appeared, this time it was of Jacen Solo. Jacen attacked Vikis but the Jedi Master was prepared for an attack. He quickly batted away the Sith Lord and lunged in for another assault. Deji joined in too and they overwhelmed Jacen. The two Jedi were able to cast away the manifestation.

Later that day, Darth Plagueis returned to the valley and Vikis and Deji were able to ambush the Sith and kill it. Vikis was able to get the ship running again and the two were able to leave the planet when all of a sudden, another Force manifestation appeared, Anakin Skywalker in his Darth Vader suit. Vader Force-pulled Deji out of the ship and began to absorb him into his suit. Shocked, Vikis began to fire shots at Vader but amazingly they did nothing. Deji knew that this was the dark side trying to lure him into its dark grasp, this was a test Deji had to resist the emotions that led to the dark side. In doing so, he was able to overcome the Sith Lord and cut his head off. Under the helmet was not Anakin Skywalker but himself but older. The older Deji nodded and faded away and Deji and Vikis were finally able leave the forsaken planet.

The knighting of a SkywalkerEdit

When Deji and Vikis returned to Coruscant, they told the Jedi Council about their experience on Korriban. The council knew that the dark side wanted Deji for his amazing Force potential. Deji was a Skywalker and the Skywalker bloodline made many Force sensitives. The council decided it was time for Deji to become a Jedi Knight. They didn’t have him go through the Jedi trials because his experience in the Red Moon War and him resisting the Sith on Korriban was a greater feat than any Jedi could accomplish. The council did have one request, they requested that Deji go to Tatooine for five years to meditate on the Force.

Five years laterEdit

Deji spent five years meditating on the Force on Tatooine. During that time he learned to unlock the incredible Skywalker potential that he had inside him. When he returned to Couruscant, he was greeted with unexpected news: the resurface of the Sith.


Deji and a NGA strike team traveled to Korriban to silence the rising threat by destroying the Valley of the Dark Lords. As they were setting the charges they found that they were not alone, two Sith Lords were there waiting. The resulting battle was shocking, the younger Sith (one who would turn out to be one of Deji's greatest foes) killed the entire strike team in a matter of seconds. Not being swaryed by his power, Deji proceeded to attack the older Sith who, to his surprised, turned out to be the great Sith Lord Darth Carnage. Dipping into the infinite power of the Force, Deji defeated Carnage. Unwilling to be beaten by a Skywalker, Darth Carnage took his own life. Seeing things the wrong way, the other Sith sprang at Deji catching him by surprise. His rage overwhelmed Deji as the young Sith left him for dead.

Recovery and shockEdit

After escaping death for another time, Deji returned to the Jedi council to share his news about the new dark lord: Darth Ultima. The council concluded that Ultima was not alone and asked Deji to track him down and find out who he was working with.

The search for a SithEdit

Deji, Jiin and Vikis began their search with a lead from the shady Bora Sang that lead them to Ziost. Upon arrival they discovered Darth Ultima's secret Sith Academy. Unfortunately they were unable to contact the NGA due to an energy storm. While stranded on the forsaken planet, it was Deji that sacrificed all his strength to keep his friends alive, a grand feat. Eventually they were found by a group of Sith Lords patrolling the grounds. The three powerful Jedi were easily able to keep the Sith occupied until one of the senior teachers stepped in. Unable to handle all of the powerful Sith, the group retreated further into the icy landscape.

Loss and discoveryEdit

Deji and his friends continued to wander the planet as they waited for some form of help from the NGA. Weakened from keeping his friends alive and fighting off the Sith, Deji collapsed as the group climbed a steep mountain range. The resounding shock caused an avalanche that nearly crushed the Jedi. It was stopped by Vikis who was barely managing to keep the massive amount of snow and rock from crushing his allies.

Go on, the Force calls me to leave this place. May the Force be with you.
—Vikis Keth's final words

Telling Jiin to pull Deji to safety, Vikis surrendered his spirit to the Force as he let the avalanche crush his physical body. The sight shocked a waking Deji as he believed that he could of stopped his masters death. In uncontrolled rage, Deji slipped into the dark side as he unleashed the power the resided inside of him. The insane Deji set out to destroy the rest of the planet no matter the cost. Knowing he had to stop his friend, Jiin attempted to reach into Deji's mind to calm him but found that he had put a mental blockade in the way. However, Deji was already fighting the mental battle inside his head as he fought the dark emotions that too many of his ancestors had held. Realizing that he was leaving his master's sacrifice in vain, Deji, unknown to him at the time, embraced the Force and discovered a strange new feeling that he had never felt using the light side. At first he thought it was the dark side but realized the feeling was to calm to be dark. Realizing that he had discovered a new side of the Force, Deji broke out of his rage and opened his eyes to a whole new view of the Force.

Darth ValorousEdit

Darth Valorous during his discovery on Taris.

After a hard week of meditation, Deji found a presence just as strong as Darth Ultima's. Deji and Jiin found the presence after a long chase through Taris. Confronting the Sith, they discovered that Darth Valorous was the one helping Ultima. After a hard struggle, the two Jedi were able to subdue the Sith Lord only until Darth Ultima himself arrived and retrieved Valoruous.

Upon reporting the existence of Ultima's assistant, the NGA knew that a war was coming and prepared to brace itself for the coming storm.

The way of a masterEdit

With Darth Valorous exposed, the Jedi council knew it was time to make Deji a Jedi Master. Since there were no available apprentices for him to train, they decided that Deji would retake the Jedi trials.

The trial of enduranceEdit

Deji's first trial was a mission to Hoth were he was supposedly going to destroy one of Darth Ultima's communication arrays. instead the Jedi council self-destructed ship and left him to survive on the frozen wasteland. Realizing what had happened, Deji went into deep Force meditation to conserve body heat. Staying in his Force bubble enduring the freezing and unforgiving weather, Deji stayed alive for week after week. His bubble also kept him safe from wandering Wampas and other creatures.

Seeing his incredible endurance, the council sent a team to recover Deji to send him to his next trial.

Darth TritonEdit

The lurking menace of Darth Ultima kept the Jedi on constant guard. Many Jedi fell to the sway of the Dark side and left the order to search for Ultima to gain more power. Deji, shortly after completing his first trial, learned of this development and realized that his longtime friend Aaron Shell had been corrupted by Darth Ultima. Now the Sith Lord Darth Triton, Aaron gathered a group of Jedi and formed the Triton Resistance.

Knowing that Aaron would be a formidable threat to the Jedi and the NGA, Deji tracked his friend down to Endor. Upon arrival, Deji discovered that the Triton Resistance was planning to assassinate the Jedi council. Deji knew that if the Dark Jedi were to leave the planet, the Jedi would be unable to catch them before it was too late.

Using the Force to guide him, Deji found his former friend at an the remains of a destroyed shield generator. Seeing that Triton was alone, Deji attempted to redeem him knowing that it would be impossible if the other Dark Jedi should arrive.

Aaron, you are not a Sith! You aspired to be a great Jedi once and I know you can fulfill you destiny. You need to listen to me before it's too late!
—Deji attempting to redeem Darth Triton

Clouded by rage, Aaron attacked Deji as the two engaged in a fierce battle. The odds were against Deji as the rest of the resistance arrived to assist their leader. Outmatched and outnumbered, Deji resorted to trying to infuse kindness into his friends heart. The task was made only harder with the relentless attacks of the resistance. Releasing a fury of Force energy, Aaron killed his entire team. Managing to deflect the attack, Deji used the opportunity to talk to the Sith Lord.

Look at what you've done! You've twisted the minds of these young Jedi and made them into same monster as you've made yourself!

Seeing all the destruction he had wrought, Darth Triton, once again Aaron Shell, gave up his energy to the Force and relinquished all of the evil he had done.


Deji during the trial of skill.

The trial of skillEdit

Seeing that Deji had redeemed his old friend, the Jedi council decided that his actions would be counted as his second trial. Moving on to his next trial, the council sent Deji to Mustafar to assist in the capture of a notorious Bounty Hunter. The mission was supposed to test Deji's skill in the Force.

Upon reaching the planet, Deji discovered that the presence of the Bounty Hunter was causing civil war amongst the north and south Mustafarians. After further investigation, Deji discovered that Bora Sang was the notorious bounty hunter who was plaguing the region.

After tracking her down, Deji discovered that Bora was planning to use the Mustafar Civil war to cause chaos among the outer rim. She would use the opportunity to rally the fleeting armies together and create a way to invade Mandalore. Bora told Deji that she had a burning hatred towards the Mandalorians and vowed to bring their race to an end. Upon saying this, Bora set off a stun grenade and flipped out an air shaft. Barely managing to defluce the blast, Deji was forced to retreat and recuperate.

Deji spent the next few days getting to now the people of the area. Deji also participated in a major skirmish by keeping the two commanders from attacking each other long enough for a few neutral Mustafarians were able to calm both sides down. The north warriors were outraged at the interference of a Jedi. Taking him hostage, the north Mustafarians took Deji to their part of the planet to torture him. Hanging him from a thing wire, the Mustafarians threw him over into the lava. His lightsaber taken from him, Deji used the Force to swing himself up onto the nearest surface. Without his weapon, Deji had to use the Force to stun his opponents. In a feat of skill, acrobatics and the Force, Deji knocked out the entire group of Mustafarian warriors. Amazed at his power, the Mustafarian leader set Deji free.

Knowing that the only way to stop the fighting was to expose Bora, Deji confronted her atop the main communication array for the South Mustafarians. Bora was attempting to disable the com-array and put the blame on the Northerners. With boiling lava beneath them, Bora was forced to fight. The bounty hunter was no match for a fully trained Jedi Knight and was easily defeated. Refusing to give up, Bora threw her entire pack of thermal detonators at the Jedi Knight. Using the Force to create a powerful shield around him, Deji barely deflected the powerful blast. Chasing after the weakened bounty hunter, Deji leaped onto a lingering droid and used it to chase Bora down the lava lake.

After ending up on the north side of the planet, Deji confronted Bora in front of the North Mustafarians. The Mustafarians, who believed Bora to be a hero, were shocked when Deji exposed Bora's plan. The irate Bora, proceeded to blow the entire camp to slag. Seeing that Deji was right, the Mustafarians killed Bora and declared Deji as the High Jedi Hero of Mustafar.

After explanations of Bora's deception were made to the South Mustafarians, the Civil war ended with a peace treaty signed.

With the civil war ended, the Deji sent word to the Jedi and left the planet. Amazed by Deji's deduction and Force skill, the council deemed him ready for his final test.

The trial of faithEdit


Deji discovers the Gray Force in his meditation.

After passing all his tests with flying colors, the council deemed Deji ready for his final test.

The council told Deji to stay in the council chambers for the night. As Deji fell asleep, he fell into a meditative state and began to hallucinate. In a repeat of the Korriban event, Deji saw the same room with the galaxy painted on the floor with Luke, Ben and Cade on one side, and Anakin with Jacen on the other. Both speaking to him of being a master. Only his Sith ancestors told him the riches of being a Sith master. Then, as if reflecting the inner conflict within him, his ancestors drew their lightsabers and began to duel with the room tipping towards his darker ancestors. Seeing their power, Deji began to sway as he saw the power of the Sith. Realizing that he was falling to temptation, Deji joined his Light-side ancestors as they slowly began to defeat the darker part of his mind. Realizing that the vision represented the inner conflict within him. Just as he gained his confidence in his light side ancestors, he saw that they began to turn darker and darker until they were pulled into the center of the room and were absorbed. Deji too was pulled over to the dark side as his dark ancestors greeted him. Just as he began to regain his confidence, his darker ancestors were struck down by lightning and consumed by fire. Shocked and shaken, Deji withdrew from the battlefield altogether only to see another ancestor. This new ancestor radiated a gray light with a calm presence in the Force. Upon looking closer, the surprised Deji saw that it was him standing before his defeated ancestors. Realizing that there was a gray side of the Force, and that he was part of it, Deji awoke from his state and was greeted by the Council.

Deji Skywalker was now a Jedi Master.

The search for the Kaiburr CrystalEdit

Blue Glass Arrow Main article: Duel on Dagobah

In need of a way to defeat Darth Ultima and Darth Valorous, Deji left to search for the Kaiburr crystal. The legendary crystal would magnify its users Force powers ten-fold. Needing the advantage, Deji set out to the source of the grand crystal: Dagobah.

Upon reaching the planet, Deji used the Force to track down the crystal. To his surprise, he sensed Valorous and Ultima. Knowing that he couldn't defeat them both, Deji hurried to find the crystal before the Sith. Unfortunately Ultima was already there. Not hesitating to react to his bitter enemy, Darth Ultima fired a hoard of Force Lightning at the surprised Jedi Master. Using the new Gray Force, Deji deflected the attack and remained balanced enough to dodge Ultima's follow through. Thoughts clear, Deji dodged the revenge-blinded Sith as he made his way towards the crystal.

Too focused on getting the crystal, Deji was hit by one of Ultima's more focused attacks. Meanwhile, Valorous slipped away to the Kaiburr crystal. Noticing his peer, Ultima reluctantly withdrew from his battle to join him. Upon following, Deji was horrified to see that Ultima, in his rage and jealousy, had absorbed the powerful crystal using it to fuel his hatred and agony. Surpassing the power of the founders of the Jedi order, Ultima even attracted the attention of the spirits of long-dead Sith Lords.

Driven by his determination to keep the crystal away from the Sith Lords, Deji immersed himself in the Gray Force and rose to confront the mad Sith. In a clash that ravaged the area, the two beings of the Force collided and cracked the surface of the planet. With the power of the Kaiburr crystal pulsating energy within him, Ultima was much more than a match for the already weak Deji. With a final blow, Ultima left Deji--once again--to waste.

The Ultima WarEdit

After reporting Ultima's possession of the Kaiburr crystal to the Jedi Council, Deji left Coruscant warn the Jedi on Ossus about the coming war. Further spreading the word through out the Jedi populace, Deji prepared the Jedi for Ultima's brutal onslaught.

The capture of CoruscantEdit

Ultima made his first strike on the galaxy well known when he attacked Coruscant itself. Hearing of the attack, Deji rushed to the scene but was too late as he saw Ultima escaping to the surface. After assisting Alei Oslo's Alliance Glory in clearing out the remaining Sith forces. Deji then proceeded to follow Ultima's trail out destruction down to the Jedi Temple itself.

Deji was overcome by grief as he saw his home temple in flames. Determined to find Ultima and end the war before it would go to far, Deji sped through the winding temple hallways finishing off any remaining Sith troopers. He finally found his target in the Jedi Council chambers as he saw Darth Ultima and Darth Valorous and the Sith troopers killing off the Council members. Refusing to let any more Jedi die so early in the war, Deji jumped into battle and disarmed the two Sith Lords in one quick swipe. Expecting the arrival of the famed Jedi Master, Ultima drew his blade and confronted Deji once again. Pitting the power of the Kaiburr crystal against the power of the Gray Force, the two men fought in an intense duel throughout the Council Chambers. Deji eventually defeated Ultima by stabbing at his stomach. In one final act of defiance, Ultima threw his lightsaber at Deji cutting off his arm. The confusion gave the Sith Lords time to escape with the knowledge that the Sith were in power once again.

Corellia and beyondEdit

With the fall of Coruscant, the NGA and the Jedi were forced further out into the galaxy. As the senate fell into chaos with the fall of the senate building, the Chief of State Tela Omas was forced to relocate the NGA to Corellia.

After the fall of Cato Neimoidia, Darth Ultima gathered his forces at Duro and used the planet to rally surgical strikes at the planets defenses.

Crippled by the Sith's relentless assault, Corellia was in no position to repel a full-scale Sith assault. It was obvious to everyone that Corellia was going to be Ultima's next target. The Jedi knew that with the death of Slovin Lah, a new Grand Master was needed.

Grand Master of the Jedi OrderEdit

Deji was the obvious choice for Grand Master. Though he didn't accept the position fully, he was still given the privileges and responsibilities of a Grand Master. After many past experiences, the Jedi knew that only a Skywalker could unite and lead the Jedi order in dark times.


As expected, the Sith arrived on Corellia shortly after the Jedi chose their new Grand Master. Deji and the Jedi stood waiting in low orbit preparing for a full scale assault--that never came. A tiny ship came out of hyperspace in front of the Alliance fleet and opened fire. Dumbstruck, the Alliance were too shocked to respond at the tiny fighter. That was their biggest mistake. Deji immediately sensed that Darth Ultima himself was piloting that ship. Deji yelled out at Admiral Poss to focus his firepower on the ship only to find out that it was much to late. Flying into the heart of the fleet, Ultima focused the power of the Kaiburr crystal into a colossal blast that shock the planet itself. Fortunately, Deji was able to Force suppress the blast so that most of the fleet survived though the sky was littered with dead ships. It was then, in that moment of utter shock, that the Sith came out of hyperspace.

In a flurry, republic fighters dropped out of the sky as the Sith assault fleet appeared in all its might. Calling for the fleet to fall back to low orbit, Poss desperately called for reinforcements from the surrounding star systems. Actually, it turned out that Ultima had cut off communications before the attack. At that moment Deji engaged Ultima’s fighter in a dramatic dog fight that weaved in and out of the massive battle. Deji was able to damage Ultima’s ship forcing the Sith Lord to land in a near by cruiser. With their moral decreased the Sith were beginning to lose their rapid advance. Taking advantage of their faltering, Deji organized the Jedi minds in to one giant battle meditation.

The NGA slowly began to retake lost ground and eventually pushed the Sith out of the system.

The Justice RingEdit

Great, another Death Star, another Sith war...sheesh.
Redin Estas

Shortly after the defense of Corellia, NGA spies found intelligence on a massive superweapon being constructed around Coruscant. The superweapon was a giant ring being built around Coruscant. In order to halt work on the Justice Ring, Deji and the Jedi launched numerous surgical strikes in which all were unsuccessful.

Deji took it upon himself to devise a plan to destroy the seemingly untouchable station. That plan wouldn't come into effect until the Justice Ring was completed two years later.


With the devastating destruction of Naboo and the Jedi academy, the NGA was depending on Deji's plan to attack the Justice Ring. After briefing the fleet on the attack, Deji silently floated away on a small fighter towards Coruscant. Arriving before the fleet, he waited, occasionally providing assistance when needed. When the time was right, Deji slipped into the main reactor core in all the chaos. As he predicted, Darth Ultima confronted Deji in a spectacular duel that pushed both combatants to their limit. Using the Gray Force to counter Ultima's Kaiburr Rage, summoned up a tremendous Force Blow that pushed the Sith into the reactor itself. The dark energy from the Sith Lord severely damaged the internal components and rendered the reactor useless.

Taking advantage of his weakened state, Darth Valorous confronted Deji and crippled him with his Valorous Lightning. Stunned by the blast, Deji barely managed finish off the core destroying causing the station to implode.


As the NGA began to take back its territory, the Sith weakened without proper leadership. Essentially, Darth Valorous needed another Sith to assist his rule. Meanwhile, Deji kept sensing Darth Ultima's presence even though he was disintegrated. He knew he wasn't gone.

With the successful defenses of Kuat and Mon Calamari, the galaxy assumed the war was over. As the Jedi knew, they were gravely wrong. Accompanying Alei Oslo on a diplomatic mission, Deji encountered the one thing he didn't want to find: Darth Ultima. Ultima was somehow resurrected and passing through NGA space invisibly. Even a master of the Force like Deji couldn't discover how he did it. Until three years later.


My father was a kind, peaceful man. Yet, he had the intimidating presence of a rancor.
—Jafe Skywalker on his father Deji.

Despite being one of the most powerful Jedi ever to live, Deji was somewhat of a pacifist. This was surprising considering his traumatic childhood with his orphanage.

Being without parents, Deji looked up to masters like Vikis and Daoy. After their deaths, Deji became more independent as his power grew. His radiating personality was the Jedi orders source of light during the horrors of the Ultima war. When he discovered the Gray Force, his power grew beyond his ancestors. Even so, he did not let his pride become his downfall as it did some of his ancestors. As he learned to put his trust entirely out of the realm of light and dark, Deji became the wisdom of the galaxy as he predicted many events of the Terrifa War and the Crusader War.

Some believed Deji to be a Force entity. With his connection to Force beyond light and dark, many Jedi who were used to the fact, never understood his way of thinking. Some Jedi though of his methods as unorthodox but always changed their minds after seeing the good results.


His power will destroy us, he must be killed.
—Darth Terrifa commenting on Deji.

Considered by some to be the greatest Jedi Master in history, Deji easily lived above and beyond the standards of his ancestors. His skills with Force allowed his to discover to revolutionary Gray Force. His lightsaber skills were unrivaled throughout the galaxy. As a hero of the galaxy, he had accomplished many incredible feats.

Behind the scenesEdit

The name Deji is an anagram of Jedi.

See alsoEdit

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