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Independent and crafty spirit with the loyalty of a Geonosian, he'll be a powerful asset.
—General Grievous

Deetle Cerchk was a Geonosian Pilot for the Stalgasin hive born to surviving drones from the Golbah hive along with his brother Sol Cerchk at a remote outpost on southern Geonosis. He was unusually creative and independent for a Geonosian which gave him harsh work. He later fought alongside the 33rd legion and rose to command of a division of the army along with General Grievous and OOM-38.

Drone to Commander Edit

<Listen you little pest, I'm in charge. From what I know you need to be put in line so you can finish your training and serve the the hive. Now back to your post.>
—Olam Fac, Deetle's supervisor giving Deetle the usual treatment.

Deetle was born on a free Geonosian outpost where exiles along with off-world outlaws were welcome. However him and Sol were quicly returned to the Stalgsin hive and reintegrated with nobody noticing. As he grew from his larva stage and into pilot services, he was given harsh treatment due to the fact his parents were once rebelling drones from the destroyed Golbah hive. His first assignments to train for pilot were hauling vehicles and droids through the droid foundries. He was often left alone to work but didn't mind but he developed feelings of rage that gave him a lust for power and had developed a grudge to his supervisor and squad commander, Olam Fac. He had few who supported him, especially his brother. He also gained a reputation for being the only Geonosian that could barely talk Basic. It is possible he learned from his Nemoidian overseers in order to be treted better. He little knew he was soon to change.

Three months before the Clone Wars, he was soon to finish fighter training. As he headed to his fighter he was to activate a command droid. As he switched on, Deetle was dazzeld by the droids workings and asked a few questions. The droid turned sarcastic but then polite as he introduced himself as OOM-38. Deetles technical Geonosian mind figured the droid's AI was switched on before only 5 years before. The meeting was cut short as he prepared to test against Droid starfighters at the Ebon Sea Course. The flight was intense as Deetle's squad was shot down and Deetle could only run and suffer a hit. This constantly haunted his mind , especially since he was being watched by Pooggle the Lesser and Nute Gunray, but his mind gave him a courageous thought.

<So far I can only run and bear this hits like in my life. This doesn't comfort me. I desire for respect and nothing else. I was born to be treated harshly at a low job, then I must go to endure the greater job to restore what I never had.>
—Deetle's thoughts

He turned and took all fighters down, but at the price of crashing. OOM-38 tracked him to the crash site and took him to the Hangar as Deetle was made wing captain by order of Pogle to both a Geonosian wing and Droid wing. OOM-38 later adressed him as "master". It is unknown if the droid did this out of respect or that he knew Deetle would reach sucsess since he could saw Poggle's reaction to Deetle's skills. Deetle's left eye was injured and had to be replaced with a phtoreceptor. During the procedure, Deetle's new eye now was acompanied by a small matal patch at his left side of the head with a comm antennea to aid im in starfighter communication and command. Also to lead Separatists wings, Dettle aquired a modified Belbullab-22 bomber.

Combat Rally UpEdit

As times of war grew near, the 33rd legion required organic back up. As worlds left the Republic, soldiers joined to fight for the Separatist cause. among them were the Geonosians. To cover air support, Geonosian aces along with Captain Deetle and Commander Olam were put to service along with Acklay Squad. Other squads were led by Deetle's older brother Commander Sol from Nexu Squad. On the ground, as Deetle prepared his vessel, he once again met OOM-38 who was to fulfill his programming, command battle droids. The conversation turned ito a technical one of strategies and military sarcasm. Deetle then left to a simulator to practice for battle.

Battle of Geonosis Edit

<This almost too easy, if it wasn't for the fact hey are acurate shooters. Jedi are almost too easy to defeat.>
— Deetle while ighting above Geonosis.

At the Battle of Geonosis, Deetle was among the many pilots in Acklay Squad under command pf Olam Fac. Their objective was to destroy the Capital ships with data on General Grievuos among other secrets of the 33rd legion. Deetle's new Belbullab was effective and powerful matching Olam's multi purpose fighter. The Jedi proved no match except for a few which almost bested him but escaped such as Adi Gallia and Master Tin. He was called back to Geonosis to protect the last Core ship with none other than OOM-38. Deetle came with a tactical if not suicidal plan to take down the enemy assault ships. Commander Olam was reluctant too use it but was convinced and even assisted Cerchk. The prosses took down the ships to the gruond in large explosions obliterating clone troopers down there. Deetle was casually congratulated but was to prepare for the next destinaton, Mandalore.

Mandalorian Introduction Edit

You are all free to interact with the locals. Just don't do anything rash unless a Jedi shows up.
—Olam fac briefing the Geonosians on interactions on Mandalore

Deetle's team, Acklay Squad, was assigned to interact and eliminate tensions that could erupt between locals on Keldabe. They were to be respected and they would to as they were guests. Deetle was glad to look at the many weaponry and gadgetry shown on markets.

Captain Deetle, You and a few officers are invited to a meeting with our new troops. I'll be seeing you
— OOM-38 informs Deetle


Modified B1..Mando...convoy..cloning..
—A bored Deetle's thoughts during the meeting

Deetle was invited to attend a meeting. But he was more on there as an escort for General Grievous and Nemoidian commanders ,along with many battle droids. Olam Fac also was there. Deetle only stood listening at discussions for what it is believed to be talk if battles and bussiness involving new battle droids and weapons. Deetle was later dissmissed and wandered over to fly his fighter.

Abilities and Characteristics Edit

<Will suprises never end!>
—Olam Fac during referring to Deetle's abilities during an Ambush at the battle of Geonosis

Deetle Cerchk was born a wingless pilot drone and had natural piloting abilities but was not expected to be any better. This changed after his performance on the Ebon Sea Course when he joined the ranks of elites and commanders but to his superiors he was still somewhat expendable. He is known to wear a low power jet pack in order to escape a ship and so he had "pretend wings" but few noticed it.

Though a loyal Geonosian, he made rude or sarcastic comments on orders and slowly grew tired of his single-purpose existance and wanted to prove himself. It is belived that before his flight at the Ebon Sea course he was headed to the Pentraki arena to prove himself and win freedom but changed his mind due to the fact he didn't had enough fighting experience.

Just tell me which one shoots faster and stronger.
—Deetle to salesman at a weapon shop

He was also creative and had amusment toward advanced weaponry and starship weapon systems making him some what violent in combat. He was somewhat weaker in strenght compared with other Geonosians but always carries a Sonic blaster.

Ahz you comma-and Archkdooke.
— Deetle speaking Basic to Poggle the Lesser.

Another trait was his ability to speak a Geonosian version of Basic. Few others learned to speak it to.


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