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Decreton Shipyards, formerly known as Unknown Explorers, was the largest military shipbuilding corporation in the galaxy at the time of the Sith Crusade, and was based within the Empire of the Sith Order of Decreto. Founded by Gorn Krill in 26 ABY, the company served only those within the Unknown Regions and built up several strong trading relationships with the galactic powers.

Following the rise of Darth Abeonis and his conquest of Decreton Shipyards main facility, the company sold its products mainly to the Decreton Empire, although it still supplied its goods to other powers in order to limit suspicion in the Sith. StarFleet Command's fleet consisted almost entirely of Decreton Shipyards vessels, with only captured vessels being the exception. During the Sith Crusade the company continued to expand, this time at a massive rate. Although refusing custom from the Galactic Alliance, did not sell exclusively to the Sith; many planetary governments purchased its weapons for the purposes of defending their planet from the Sith and Galactic Alliance, although Sith shield modifications made Decreton Shipyards weapons useless against their vessels.

Besides starships and vehicles, Decreton Shipyards later expanded to produce several distinct lines of planetary defense weaponry.

Facilities and constructionEdit

The actual Decreton Shipyards were a collection of various facilities throughout the Unknown Regions, with he primary shipyards in orbit of the planet Klasse Ephemora. Usually, the actual construction facilities were made up of three to four solid, semi-circular orbital arrays that surrounded the planets they served. These stations were split into smaller units, designated as slipways, offices, machine shops, factories, drydocks, or apartments for workers. Each unit was capable of fully constructing two Hammer-class Star Destroyers at a time, totally independent of other units. Most citizens on these planets lived and worked within the shipyards, serving in several roles, including militia. These orbital arrays were usually lightly armed, sufficient to deal with pirates or small warships, though anything above a frigate was beyond the capabilities of the facilities defenses. As such, it was not uncommon for the facilities to use the orbital defense platforms they constructed to ensure their own security.

By the close of the Sith Crusade Decreton Shipyards had facilities in a number of other systems throughout the Sith Empire:



Space transportsEdit

Capital shipsEdit

Star DestroyerEdit

Space stationsEdit

Decreton Shipyards warships
NX-03 Space/Terrain Mark INX-03 Space/Terrain Mark IINX-03 Space/Terrain Mark IIINX-03 Space/Terrain Mark IV
Supply/troop carriers:
NX-04 Galactica-class troop carrierNX-04 Pegasus-class supplies carrierNX-04 Valkyrie-class troop carrier
Capital ships:
Privateer-class corvette Krayt-class capital shipNX-05 Venator II-class Star Destroyer
Star Destroyers:
Decreto-class Super Star Destroyer Hammer-class Star DestroyerUltima-class Super Star Destroyer
NX-01 Planetary deployment-DestroyerNX-02 Planetary bombardment-DestroyerAvenger-class battlestation
Avenger II-class battlestation

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