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Nothing is evil which is according to nature, and nature proves that the strong will eventually rule the weak.
—Deak Starkiller

Deak Starkiller, later known as Darth Ujur, was a descendant of Damien Starkiller and a leader of the Dark Guardians of Lettow during the Millennium of Hiding. After he helped implement the Lettow into the Order of the Sith Lords, he became the apprentice of Darth Vectivus and was given the name of Darth Ujur.


Early lifeEdit

Deak Starkiller was born into the Starkiller family line on Lehon to Larus Starkiller and Kali Starkiller in the rebuilt Temple of the Ancients, which had become the headquarters of the Dark Guardians of Lettow. As a descendant of Damien Starkiller, Deak’s father was a member of the High Lettow Guard and was in line to become the Dark Commander of the Lettow. His mother was also a member of the High Guard, giving him special privileges that other children of the Lettow did not have such as unrestricted access to certain areas of the temple and the planet, as well as the ability to become exposed to some dark powers earlier than others.

Deak spent his early years growing up in a fairly normal childhood for a Lettow. During his young and impressionable years, he was taught the basic beliefs and philosophies of Xendor Taral, Marka Ragnos, Darth Revan and Carden Mannux, learning how all of that knowledge was imparted onto his ancestor in order to establish the dark order that he grew up in. As a young boy, he heard stories about how it was the hope of the Lettow leadership to one day become a part of the hierarchy of the Order of the Sith Lords, and Deak became so fascinated by the Sith that he made himself a promise to be the Lettow that would bring the two great orders together. Deak was also brought up to revere the Dark Side of the Force, worshiping it in order to prepare for unleashing the fury of the Lettow onto the unsuspecting innocents of the galaxy, though mostly onto the Jedi Order and Galactic Republic that Deak and his people were brought up to despise and long to destroy.

When Deak was thirteen years old, he began his formal training as a Lettow Recruit, though he was surprised at how his training obviously differed from the training of his friends and former classmates. The trainers used their methods to form the others into brutal tools, making them into people who would instinctively use the Force to produce amazing results while knowing very little of its true structure and mechanisms. Deak, however, was in line to one day become the Dark Commander of the entire order due to his heritage, so he was not cut off from the Force like his friends were. Instead, he was taught how to embrace it and to use it to accomplish his goals. While the teachings of Carden Mannux taught that all Lettow would be used as tools, future generations realized that the training of some students would have to differ slightly in order to create future leaders, so it was decided to teach the greater powers to the Starkiller line.

One of the most important lessons that Deak learned during his teenage years was about the dangers of angering an enemy and tempting them with their darker emotions too quickly, as it would allow him no chance to turn their souls. Deak was shown by his father, who became his primary instructor due to his greater knowledge of the Force, that the only effective way of achieving a victory would be to show his enemies politeness and respect with nothing but false good intentions. It would allow him to make his enemy drop his guard, and by then because Deak would have mastered his enemies thoughts he would be at an advantage in twisting their mind or destroying them completely. Despite the fact that other Lettow Recruits were taught these same basic concepts, Larus taught Deak far more than any other teacher would have.

Because of his clear advantage over other students, he used the brutal and torturous methods he learned from his father to gain prestige in the eyes of the members of the High Guard in order to ensure quick and easy promotions upon his commission as a Low Guard. He hoped to bypass the Low Guard completely, though that was not likely considering it was very rarely done. His fellow students noticed this and saw him as a weakness, so they began plotting to try to trap him and kill him, thus ending the Starkiller line prematurely by destroying Larus Starkiller’s only heir. Deak had no knowledge of this plot, though he did notice that many of his former friends began to distance themselves from him.

After a few days, Deak began becoming suspicious. However, before he was able to find out what the cause of the suspicion was, he was ambushed by his fellow students and knocked unconscious. The recruits dragged him away from the beach where he had been meditating and threw him into the depths of the wild, leaving him stranded without so much as even a knife for his defense. When he came to, he found himself dangerously close to a pack of wild rancor beasts, though he was able to avoid them for the time being. He made his way down a trail that he was able to sneak past the rancor onto, and after a few hours of hiking he found himself at the ancient and collapsing structure of one of the ancient Rakatan settlements. It was in poor condition, though he was able to use it as a temporary refuge to rest and recover from the minor blunt trauma to his head. After sleeping for a few hours, he searched through the ancient equipment of the settlement and was able to find a sword, which he would need in case he came into contact with any rancor. He was wearing armor, though he knew that the sword was necessary for a proper defense.

After a few more hours of walking, Deak was able to make it back to the Temple of the Ancients. He had been forced into combat with a herd of rancor beasts and was nearly beheaded by one of their sharp claws, though he was able to put his sword and armor to good use and slay the rancor that tried to kill him before the beast was able to finish the job. Immediately upon arriving back at the temple, he quickly and quietly approached the leader of his attackers and stabbed him through the heart from behind, proving his dominance over them. One of the other attackers tried to attack him once again, though after a brief skirmish he was able to exploit the weakness of the mental block imposed upon his opponent and slay him. When the attacker was dead, the others who attacked him backed away, not wanting anymore trouble. Deak, however, saw them as foolishly weak, so he paid the chefs in the student galley to poison their dinners. They died in their barracks later that night, and no one was able to find out who murdered them. Deak considering confessing to it to prove his strength, though he worried some would see his poisoning of the meals as fear of taking them on face to face. Therefore, he kept the secret to himself, though he did share it with his father who believed his maneuverings to be a valuable strength that he would be able to use in the future.


When Deak was nineteen years old, his father summoned him to take his trials. While most students would be sent out into the galaxy to turn a weaker opponent to their cause or to kill them through seduction, Deak was tasked with performing those abilities on a fellow Lettow in order to truly test his manipulative abilities, considering he would need to be very powerful with them to become the Dark Commander one day. His father told him of a more senior member of the High Guard named Serenos that had become paranoid by somehow pushing aside the mental blocks that kept him docile and un-ambitious. He was always afraid that someone was going to kill him because they feared his power and potential, so Deak was tasked with killing him. Instead of killing him outright, however, he would first have to attempt to convince Serenos that there was no danger or plots for him to worry about. There was an inherent risk in such a method of trials, considering that if the recruit showed the ignorance of a child then they would be treated like one, though Deak was confident that he would be able to prove his might.

The next day, Deak approached Serenos who immediately became suspicious. He believed that it was a trick or an attempt at subterfuge, though Deak was able to successfully calm his nerves and convince him that it was not any sort of attempt at foul-play. Deak’s father ordered him to kill Serenos at that moment, though Deak felt that it would be better to be patient for a few days while attempting to truly manipulate the High Guardsman’s mind, but while Larus believed it would be a failed tactic Deak was allowed to continue. After two days, Serenos admitted to Deak that it was possible his paranoia was unjustified, realizing he had wasted too much time worrying over something that was not real. No sooner did Serenos finish did Deak lunge at him and slash his throat with a knife, killing the High Guardsman on the spot. Larus was impressed that Deak’s tactic worked, and because of his successful challenge Deak was promoted to the rank of Low Guardsman. He had hoped to skip such a rank, though he understood the value of not trying to learn too many new skills and powers at once.

After being given one week to meditate by himself, or to spend it however he chose, Deak officially began his new training as a Low Guardsman. He began undergoing sessions for increased kinetic abilities with other Low Guardsman and then quickly refining them later in the days with his father. He was taught the meditative techniques for battle-oriented situations like others, though he was also able to use them for leadership purposes. After a few weeks of training, he began undergoing heavy training with a sword, though he was not yet ready to be given a lightsaber of his own. He learned many assassination techniques, spy craft and several fields of practical knowledge, though it ended up being used simply for general guardsman purposes. Deak knew that, like the other members of his skill level, he was not strong enough to be of any real challenge to a Jedi Knight if he ever encountered one, so he requested that his father grant him one year of leave to gain actual experience within the known galaxy. His father approved, telling him that he did the exact same thing when he was Deak’s age. Two days later, Deak was given his own personal shuttle and left Lehon, hoping to find something that would give him experience within Republic space.

After weeks of traveling to locate ancient Dark Side groves to fine-tune his powers and abilities, Deak found himself on Ruusan. He knew the stories after the final Ruusan campaigns that put the Sith Brotherhood of Darkness up against the Jedi Army of Light, so he sought out the one place where he knew that there would be an immense amount of residual Force energy: the cave where Lord Kaan used the Thought Bomb against Alsius Hoth and the Army of Light, thus destroying his own order in the process. However, his intentions were interrupted when he found the local villagers violently rioting against one another. Their quarrels were over claims to a massive power generator dozens of kilometers from the cave, though the fighting had moved closer and threatened to destroy the cave. Deak took it upon himself to settle the riots in his own way. He was able to secretly manipulate the leaders of both sides to attack one another at the power generator, all while making them believe that the messages were coming from the enemy commander. Before the two sides arrived, Deak took explosives from his shuttle and placed them in strategic areas around and inside the power generator. When the two forces arrived, he detonated the facility, thus destroying them and saving the caves from any possible destruction. When the task was done, Deak stayed in the cave for nearly three days, drawing on the power of the ancient and trapped spirits of the Jedi Knights and Dark Lords of the Sith that were destroyed there.


Deak is attacked by a rancor while in disguise as a mercenary.

After leaving Ruusan, Deak found his way to Coruscant, wanting to learn what he could about the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic. Although his weaknesses in the Force would allow him to remain relatively hidden from the Jedi, he did use what methods of Force suppression he knew in order to be extra cautious. After exploring the main city for a few hours, he heard about an abnormally large and deadly rancor that had escaped from the Coruscant Galactic Circus that was hiding in the back alleyways. The authorities knew that it would have to come out into the crowd for food eventually, so they were offering a large reward for anyone who could tame or kill the beast. Knowing he had held his own against rancors before, a disguised Deak ran into the alleys where he found numerous bounty hunters and mercenaries being torn to shreds, as well as the injured bodies of a few Jedi Knights. He grabbed one of their double-bladed orange lightsabers and ran into combat with the beast, though it was quickly becoming a losing battle. He was able to score blows against it, but it overpowered him and backed him into a corner. Just as he thought all hope was lost, the beast let out a blood-curdling roar and collapsed to the ground. Deak looked up to see a Jedi Padawan standing atop the rancor, having stabbed it in the neck to disable it, though it was not dead. The Jedi Padawan introduced herself as Ambria Tachi, but Deak introduced himself as a mercenary named Deak Kelrada in order to ward off any possible suspicions. He immediately noticed how sweet and innocent the girl was, so he decided to test his abilities with seduction once again.

Instead of getting medical treatment for Deak, the two went to a quiet bar to talk. Ambria told him about her life as a Jedi Padawan, and when she was done Deak made up countless stories about exploits as a mercenary. He began making advances towards her, though Ambria kept pulling away due to her loyalty to the Jedi Code. Deak understood this, knowing that a single hour in a bar was not going to change a life-terms worth of teachings. If he truly wanted to corrupt her, then he would have to be patient and work at it over time. Then, and only then, would he be able to exploit her weakness and do with her as he pleased, though he did not know when or what they would be as he was becoming attracted to her. He said goodbye to her for that night, though he asked to see her again within the following few days to talk once again.

In the following weeks, Deak continued to see Ambria every few days. Each night they saw one another, he made additional progress in getting her to drop her guard and confess that she had feelings for him. The only issue he was having was that he was falling in love with her as well, though he had vowed to complete a task and he would not give up on it. Finally, she dropped her guard and confessed that she too was falling in love with him, so he took her to an apartment he had rented for his stay on Coruscant and the two made love throughout the night. In the end, when Ambria finally believed that he would be hers forever, Deak grabbed a knife and began to plunge it down towards her heart. What he thought would be quick ended up taking longer than he had hoped, as he hesitated before stabbing her. He thought about letting her life, though he decided that his duty and his legacy was far more important to him than his own personal feelings so he thrust the blade into her heart and watched as the life left her eyes. With Ambria dead, Deak left Coruscant and made his way back home towards Lehon, despite having months left on his leave.

Behind the scenesEdit

Deak Starkiller was a name used in the original drafts of The Star Wars. In those drafts, Deak was the brother of Annikin Starkiller and the son of Kane Starkiller.