Dawnbreaker Episode II: Shattered Worlds is the second chapter of the Dawnbreaker series. It was, like the first one, created by six people RPing on JK3files.

Preface Edit

Three weeks after the catastrophic duel between the Gatekeeper and Darkon, the galaxy is at the brink of another war, as Lord Darkon sends a strike-team to capture TEC information and technology. Nothing is as it appears, for there are unknown forces at work here that not even the Gatekeeper can comprehend...

Excerpt Edit

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Characters Creatures Droid models Events Locations
Organizations and titles Sentient species Vehicles and vessels Weapons and technology Miscellanea


Dramatis personae

  • Alexander Grage
  • Deathstrike
  • Grand Admiral 'Legend' Patten
  • Christopher 'Rattler' Johnson
  • Sasha O'Neill
  • Sith'ari Darkon
  • The Assailant
  • The Gatekeeper
  • Ty294

Other characters

  • Deathshade
  • Maccus
  • Vols
  • Lears


  • Alien Demons

Organizations and titles

Sentient species

Development Edit

This story was created as a result of a picture blackout on the Gamefront network sites. More people joined in this time, resulting in more characters and much longer and more complex story.

Credits Edit

  • Garyn Dakari - The Assailant
  • JA_394 - The Gatekeeper - Kane
  • Legend67549 - Grand Admiral 'Legend' Patten
  • Rattler20200 - Chris "Rattler" Johnson - Sasha O'Neill
  • SithLord Darkon - Deathshade - Deathstrike - Lord Darkon
  • Ty294 - Admiral Grage - Ty294

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