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You fool! I'm not just part of the Sith, I AM THE SITH!
—Darth Zyre to Mal-Trido

Darth Zyre was the first Sith Lord and the most powerful Sith ever. Born on Krion in 30,000 BBY and had one apprentice, Darth Zanos and see as far into the future as he wanted, whenever he wanted, with a special power called Force Foresight. He also had a glare that could turn anyone not powerful enough that he looked at into stone and then disintegrate. This did not effect everyone though, and some people would just faint from this. Even with his power, he foresaw the rise of the Jedi in 27,000 BBY and believed they could defeat him, which was untrue. Not wanting to be killed and have the Sith Order die with him, he froze himself in stone on an isolated temple on Korriban. He was reborn in 37 ABY where he was defeated by Mal-Trido on Krion in the Battle of Krion. He was reborn a second time in that year and almost died in a battle with Mal-Trido. He eventually aided Mal-Trido in the Force Civil War where he finally departed from the order he had created, believing that the modern Sith were not the same kind of Sith he was.


Darth Zyre was born on Krion in the year 30,000 BBY in the outer part of the Force Nexus. His location at birth made him an Ultimate, thus changing what was thought to be originally red skin to black skin, as black as night. However, at his birth, like all babies, he could do nothing. The dark side of the Force helped to nurture him, however, and through this, he became the Ultimate Sith. As a matter of fact, by the time he was three, he was a Dark Lord of the Sith and had mastered Form IV: Ataru and Form VII: Juyo/Vaapad with a stick he found. By the time he was six, however, that stick had transformed into the Black Saber of the Sith. In addition, the Dark Side had also made him a Dark Side robe and mask out of the Force. But even with these, Zyre grew lonely. The Dark Side heard him and force teleported him to Korriban and raised a secret temple of him there in Zyre's honor.

Behind the scenesEdit

Darth Zyre was created by MaulYoda.

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