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Darth Vyll born Varyn Isen, was a Male Givin Dark Lord of the Sith during the Kintik War. Darth Vyll had lead the Sith to greatness and the conquering of many worlds. Darth Vyll was a heavy traditionalist and believed in the using of the ancient sith ways and heavily despised the long-dead Sith Lord Darth Bane for establishing The Rule of Two. Vyll had learned the secrets to renewing his body so he would not have to change bodies and take the body of someone less powerful and lived for over 200 years. Darth Vyll knew from reading ancient Sith texts that aliens were allowed into the Sith and despised anti-alien conspirators. Darth Vyll personally eradicated the Tion Hegemony. Darth Vyll had trained many Sith that later became Darths such as Darth Krull and Darth Perennial



as a young boy growing up on Yag'Dhul Varyn Isen would often explore the Dark forests on the planet. From exploring the planet he noticed artifacts he took them and hid them under his bed to hide from his parents. When his parents found the artifacts they were considering destroying them hiding his ancestor's legacy from him. Varyn finally caught them red-handed trying to destroy the artifacts and told them to stop, he electrocuted them in anger killing them. At first he felt sorrow and guilt for his murder but then he realized that it actually felt good. Varyn heard the artifact try and speak to him he opened it and out came the spirit of Freedon Nadd he trembled in fear and asked who the spirit was. Freedon told Varyn that he was being kept in the dark and that there were great ways to power through the Dark Side of the Force and told him that he needed to reform the Sith Order. Varyn agreed and closed the artifact he then opened the second artifact which was slightly damaged. Out came the Gatekeeper of Darth Andeddu's holocron which told him to reform the Darth title and also told him the secrets to immortality, after doing the rituals which would create immortal life he was given the title Darth Vyll by Andeddu's gatekeeper. Vyll then opened the third critically damaged artifact out came Freedon Nadd once again telling him to come to his Tomb on the jungle world of Dxun to learn his secrets.

Vyll went to the Dhul City Spaceport and found a Galactic Alliance Transport. An Alliance Guard stopped Vyll and told him that he needed a ticket to board the transport. Vyll took out a Deathstick and plunged it into the Guard's neck and he then ran aboard the transport, but he was greeted by three more guards who attempted to incarcerate the thirteen-year old. Vyll shot two bolts of lightning at two guards while he headbutted the third guard. The Transport started to pull away from the spaceport and the airlock began to close however Vyll jumped into the transport just before it left. Vyll was knocked in the back with a blaster rifle he looked up and saw an Alliance Guard, The Guard told him that he was being placed under arrest from the Galactic Alliance. Vyll was being escorted to the bridge, while being escorted to the bridge he noticed he was in the generator room, Vyll broke free from his chain and threw one of the Alliance Guards into one of the support generators, he then threw another guard into the second support generator, he then threw a third guard into the main generator, crippling the ship. Vyll made his way to the bridge where he was met by Captain Yuld, Yuld told Vyll his technicians were trying to restabalize the shields from the bridge he told Vyll that his past offences against the Galactic Alliance would be forgotten if he allowed them to repair the ship without further bloodshed, Vyll electrocuted Yuld and left him spasming on the ground while he made his way to the bridge controls. Vyll set a course for Dxun. Vyll told everyone on the bridge that they would be acting under his orders now instead of Yuld's, most technicians agreed but only out of fear for their lives. Vyll told them to set a force field barricade on the bridge, a technician replied saying yes and he set up a barrcade. The transport jumped out of hyperspace above Onderon and Dxun a call was sent toward the transport, Vyll answered and was told by the caller that their transport was not sent to dock at any nearby Onderonian Space Station or spaceport and that their destination was Coruscant. Vyll used the controls and descended to Dxun the ship captured extreme heat and was forced to land in a nearby swamp to cool it down, Vyll punched a hole in the glass and jumped through it and swam ashore. Vyll found The Tomb of Freedon Nadd. Vyll climbed the stairs leading up to the top of the tomb, he opened the door leading into the tomb and walked forward. Vyll approached two large doors, he meditated and the doors opened, Vyll entered the final chamber and approached the sarcophogus Vyll placed his hand on the sarcophogus and the spirit of Freedon Nadd appeared, he told Vyll that in order to perform the ritual he must sacrifice another life to cheat death. Vyll sensed a hostile presence approaching, he looked back and saw Yuld, Yuld approached Vyll with a blaster and told him he had been stalking him through the jungles. Vyll choked Yuld and incapicated him he then performed the ritual and took Yuld's life but gave himself immortality. Nadd's spirit told Vyll to go and to reform the Order. Vyll bowed and left the tomb.

Building an ArmyEdit

Darth Vyll had had built his new lightsaber and built his own personal armor in his time in exile. Vyll knew that if he made his base of operations on Korriban he would draw sucspicion so he started building his Empire on the well hidden city planet of Castell he had set his Empire in the War-Torn part of the planet which had been hit by a missle in the Second Great Hyperspace War and caused many Gossam to develop an urban myth that anyone who went near it went mad. Darth Vyll boarded his shuttle and set a course for Hypori where the Tion Hegomeny was attemping to return by sieging the Galactic Alliance's most critical foundries along with a bunch of honor-bound Trandoshans. Vyll arrived on Hypori and fired at several Tion controlled foundries, destroying them. Vyll knew the Trandoshans were honor-bound and landed in their territory, several Tion guards aimed at Vyll as he exited the shuttle but he told the Tion he would like to talk to the Trandoshan and Tion leader, a Trandoshan named Skossk agreed and brought Vyll before their leader Xhessk and the Tion leader Tharje Black. Black was angry at Skossk for bringing Vyll forward and ordered his execution, however Xhessk disordered it, but the Tion Guards told Xhessk that they were more loyal to Tion than to him and they executed the young Trandoshan. Vyll stabbed Black as an act of loyalty toward Xhessk and killed the Tion Guards, Xhessk thanked him for honoring the Trandoshan dead and asked him what he wanted, Vyll told Xhessk that he wanted him and his army to become the Empire Xhessk agreed but he needed help taking a Kubaz Work Camp that had been keeping Colonel Disskh prisoner. Vyll went to the Kubaz Work Camp and was greeted by a Kubaz Guard who offered him shelter in their camp, Vyll impaled the Guard and tossed him aside engaging the entire camp. Vyll killed everyone in the camp but sensed a Force-Sensative presence in the camp, Vyll entered a tent and found a Force-sensative baby Kubaz he picked it up and planned on training him in the ways of the Dark Side. Vyll turned around and a Gen'Dai in armor and told him that he kidnapped Disskh, Vyll lashed at the Gen'Dai and decapitated him, believing him dead he uncuffed Disskh and told him that the Sith and the Trandoshans cut a deal, Disskh bowed and ran off.

Vyll sensed another force-sensative presence, he opened up the satchel on the dead Gen'Dai and found a Force-sensative baby Gen'Dai he then went back to the Trandoshan Base. Xhessk agreed to create the Imperial Military and Navy. Vyll told them to leave Hypori for Castell.


Nearly 200 years after establishing his Empire, Vyll ordered the mass invasion of the rest of Castell. Stormtroopers loaded up into gunships and Pilots got into TIE Fighters and Interceptors. Vyll and Darth Krull boarded a gunship while Darth Perennial boarded another. The gunship made it to the capital where Vyll jumped out of the gunship and landed on the roof of a skyscraper and destroyed the communications array. Vyll jumped off of the skyscraper and smashed into the ground, sending everyone around him flying back. Galactic Alliance guards started pouring into the area, defending it from Imperials. Vyll engaged a padawan and her master into a duel, he attempted to perform Shiak on the padawan but failed and was Force pushed into a wall, the padawan lashed at him and attempted to do the killing blow but failed and was killed in mid-air, the Master attacked Vyll but Vyll counterattacked him by hurling his dead padawan's body at him, the Master was knocked back and Vyll started to choke him, a blaster bolt flung by and hit Vyll in the arm and lost control over the Jedi Master, the Master lashed at Vyll and knocked him to the ground, a Sith came from behind and stabbed the Master.

Vyll took a look around, the Capital District was cleared, a Stormtrooper approached Vyll and told him that the invasion was going smoothly but they were suffering from heavy casualties in the Spaceport District, Vyll ordered reinforcements to the Spaceport District and he boarded a gunship. Vyll jumped out of the gunship and fell into the spaceport district, several Alliance Troopers attacked Vyll but he managed to deflect their blaster bolts back at them. Vyll used the force to create a storm of Force-Lightning and caught the Troopers in the storm. Vyll looked around and saw the Alliance Troopers dead. Vyll received a message from Darth Krull telling him that the battle was over and they had complete control of Castell and that the Galactic Alliance was completely unaware of their return.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Darth Vyll was named Vyll because of the word villian which is usually expressed as an antagonist towards something.

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