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Darth Volter
Biographical information



1,992 ABY

Physical description





1.85 meters

Hair color

Almost White

Eye color

Almost White

Skin color

Very Pale

Chronological and political information

Volter Empire

Known masters

Darth Null

Known apprentices

Darth Ammo

Darth Volter, born Ross, was a male Human born on the the planet Thear. Volter was taken to the planet Hoth as a young child, after being kidnapped from his home. This loss to him would eventually fuel his rage as a Dark Lord and the eventual Emperor. He was made into a slave for Deathstick merchants as a cargo loader in the harsh regions of the Northern Ranges of Hoth. Years passed in the slave camp and after receiving a beating from a slaver for no reason he lashed out at him and murdered him with his own Shock Rod. This incident allowed him to free himself disguised in the dead slavers clothes he would run to a scout bike and enter a snow storm and head south, all unknown to the Deathstick merchants.

In the year 2,006 ABY, Volter had began his own business in manufacturing deathsticks at a crater on the Southern end of the planet. His business operations remain secret for years until he was unfortunately captured by an Imperial drop ship and forced to join their ranks. During his time as an Imperial recruit he became aware of the Force and his ability to control it. After his fellow recruits learned of this they abandoned him on the planet Endor where he met a Dark Jedi, Darth Null who explained the ways of the dark Side and took him as an apprentice.

Little did anyone know Volter was to become the merciless and fearless Emperor of the Volter Empire.


Early LifeEdit

Murder and EnslavementEdit

Born on Thear during 1,992 ABY in a shanty town of Cumbernauld, Volter was often bullied by other children and even adults for no reason known to him, however at the age of 5 a group of slavers came into his family home and slaughtered his family. Volter who had been hiding under his bed witnessed the cruel fate his family were given, when the Slavers started looting the house they found Volter under the bed who had cried himself to sleep in the night. The next day Volter had woken up on the Slaver's transport heading for Hoth where he was to be employed in a Deathstick factory on the Northern Pole where the harsh environment would prove it difficult to inhabit for the young boy.

Whilst still only being five at the time Volter would be at the factory for another seven years where he was often beaten and abused by the Slavers and Deathstick merchants who would be doped up and force him some deathsticks. Over the years Volter saw more slaves come and often perish for not being able to cope with the cold winds and their bodies would often disappear into the snow, chucked away like dolls. During these years Volter learned to manufacture Deathsticks and would secretly steal some to feed his addiction that was put upon him by the Merchants. The effects of the Deathsticks however began to show: providing him with uncontrollable rage and a drastic change in his appearance as he became paler and his hair turned white, even his eyes went extremely pale and seemed white as the snow around him.

Escape from SlaversEdit

During a beating from a slaver for stealing deathsticks, he was being repeatedly struck with a Shock Rod. Volter through his anger and without realizing force pushed the slaver and picked up his Shock Rod, Volter mercilessly and without any emotion on his face except for an evil smirk pushed the rod down the slavers throat and electrocuted him to death from within.

Realizing what he had done, he managed to unlock a Shock collar and place it around the dead slaver, took the slavers clothes and disguised himself as the Slaver. After getting changed he threw the corpse down a fissure in the snow and ran to the boarding docks where crates of deathsticks were being placed onto transports heading for Nar Shadda. Here Volter would steal a vehicle and flee into the snow heading south not to be seen for years.

Though Volter had fought his way to freedom, he went unnoticed for several days and when his absence was discovered patrols were sent out to find him and bring him back. Unknown to them Volter had found an abandoned outpost in a crater to the south shielded from the harsh winds above, he made shelter here.

Deathsticks and EnlistmentEdit

With the technology he found in the outpost he was able to make his own deathsticks using the supplies he found in the Storage holds. Though with limited supplies he managed to perfect a method to manufacture the deathsticks with minimal resources for maximum high in 2006. Further using the available technology in the outpost he managed to make contact with a group of Hutts who would buy his deathsticks using cloaked ships to land and carry the sticks for market. In return Volter was given weapons and protection from the slavers from the north and anyone else. With his many years alone he developed a xenophobic view and believed that any other race was inferior even the Hutts that he worked with.

Unfortunately because of a mistake over deathstick quantities the Hutts sold out the location of the factory to the Imperials who later sent a light force to capture Volter and seize his property. Volter was able to foresee this in a dream without realizing he was using the force, this allowed him time to make an attempt to escape but his attempt was foiled when the Imperial lander had entered the landing pad. Further to his dismay as the imperials infiltrated his base, whilst activating defense turrets he learned the facility was once an Imperial outpost abandoned because of the weather conditions. This meant that the Imperials knew all the exits even the ones he didn't.

Nonetheless Volter reluctantly stood down and was captured and taken aboard the Imperial cruiser "The Monolith" that had been stationed behind one of the three nameless moons of Hoth. Here he was given the choice to either serve the republic or die, Volter chose to enlist on the condition that his addiction the deathsticks was satisfied, to which the Imperials agreed. Volter was then told by the ship's captain, Soban that the Hutts that he traded with sold his whereabouts in return for Imperial protection of their transports. Volter upon hearing this news, swore vengeance to the Hutts and controlled his anger during his training on the cruiser.

Over the coming year aboard the cruiser, Volter had excelled in his training top of his class despite his addiction, which surprisingly decreased however his appearance remained untouched. Though unknown to anyone Volter had learned he was force sensitive, which explained his force push of the slaver years ago and his foresight to his capture. This discovery led him to study the ways of the force, more specifically the Dark Side in the library, this however attracted the attention of his comrades and rose suspicion. Over the few months, Volter was assigned to the Spec Ops division and was dispatched to Endor to capture a Rebel intel at an outpost in the heavily forested Northern hemisphere. Along with him were several of the soldiers that had been suspicious of him and his connection to the Force. They witnessed him levitate a boulder with apparent ease using a remote recon drone while he scouted ahead. Because of this, the others were extremely jealous and came to conclusions that because of his appearance and training record it was the force that aided him and not natural skill, this caused them to ambush him by knocking him out and securing him in a Fuel Pod and leaving him in the swamp. The swamp was intended to devour the Fuel Pod with him in so as to cause suffocation or drowning, after leaving Volter trapped unconscious in the Pod the team moved on in their mission and reported him dead to the Command Center in the Cruiser.

Volter surprisingly was saved by a mysterious hooded man just as he awoke in the fuel tank. The man dressed in black robes with red trim used his force powers to raise the tank and place it next to him, to which he sliced open with his lightsaber, Volter had been saved by a Dark Jedi who revealed himself as Darth Null.

Embracing the DarknessEdit

Darth Null explained the ways of the dark side to Volter and took him to his refuge deeper in the forest to an encampment of other Dark Jedi. Here Volter met Dark Jedi from different species and races, some from the farthest reaches from the galaxy, due to his xenophobia he was weary to interact with them and was very cautious of their presence.

Volter would end up deciding to stay in the Sith camp in the forests of Endor, where he learned to harness and direct his force powers as well as lightsaber combat from his master. His training was a brutal exercise that would require sweat blood and toil on both the Master and the Apprentice as they would frequently challenge each others abilities often including death defying stunts that even a Jedi would think twice upon doing. As time passed Volter also came to understand why the Dark Jedi were there after convincing his master that he was ready to hear the truth of their arrival. Volter learned that Null was Emperor Crombin's Fleet Commander and had intended to perform a coup and replace Crombin as Emperor, however his and his conspirators plans were discovered when one of the conspirators, also an Emperor's Guard lost his nerve and attempted to kill the Emperor without any reinforcements and also revealed the others involved while charging at the Emperor. Volter was then told of how the Emperor effortlessly sliced his limbs off with 2 quick saber strokes and then fed his remains to a Rancor.

The Emperor with an unusual cruelty decided to let us live, forever hunted by his armies as a punishment for plotting against him.
—Darth Null retelling the story of a failed assassination on Crombin

By the 2,009 ABY, Volter had completed his training and was granted the title of Darth (Dark Lord of the Sith). After this Volter had became a new man, more dark and unforgiving. He decided to leave the camp and find his purpose amongst the Sith and then eventually take the life of Crombin on his own accord. Managing to board an Imperial troop transport who had now after prolonged set backs had begun to order soldiers to attack the outpost that he was originally meant to infiltrate. Using mind tricks he gave himself access to the drop ship and took off headed for "The Monolith" this time on his own wishes, he was seeking vengeance on his team members that abandoned him and tried to murder him.

Vengeful returnEdit

After docking the ship and deboarding it, he was quickly surrounded by Imperial guards who were wondering who he was and why a Dark Jedi was present at the time. Volter sensing his prey on the ship let out a massive wave of force lightning that fried the guards around him. Though Dark Jedi were frequently aboard the cruiser they were often informed before hand, this surprise visit however caused the cruiser to go on high alert with all personnel to either engage Volter or flee. Volter worked his way out of the docking bay and using the force to guide him he went to the cantina where two of his targets were. Many soldiers were bold enough to try and stop him but were thrown against the walls or suffered from his force lightning attacks.

Standing outside the ship's cantina he ignited his lightsaber for the first time aboard The Monolith and cut his way through the blast doors. Still under his hood at the time he force pulled his two former comrades and then spoke to them with a cold, heartless tone:

You thought you could leave to die in that swamp... You all thought wrong and now you will suffer!

After condemning the two, he lifted his hood and revealed himself as Volter, his hair and eyes still white as the planet Hoth and his skin pale and gaunt to the crew, their former team member. Volter then quickly lunged his saber into one of them and dragged his saber across the body and into the other. This extremely painful death caused no change in Volter's facial expression. After killing them he moved onto finding the remaining 4 who were heading towards the escape pods in the lower deck. Volter left the cantina leaving the other soldiers and cruiser personnel alive looking at the bodies of those that betrayed him, he headed for the bridge and not the lower deck with a new plan on stopping his enemies.

After arriving at the bridge and slaying all present there, he armed the auto turrets to fire upon all escape pods leaving the cruiser while he plotted activated the self destruct sequence on the ship, Volter was keen on destroying the ship as he harbored a strong hatred for it capturing him. With the presence of four remaining deserters gone, he assigned the turrets to fire upon the ship itself if capable, the blasts and impact of the cannons caused large quakes in the structure and many soldiers being sucked into space. Volter then began to run for the docking bay before the cannons destroyed themselves or the self destruct, which ever came first. Managing to make into the docking bay just as the ships beams caved in on the entrance he was able to board the transport and fly out of the crumbling ship.

Having cleared the cruiser with 1 minute to spare he watched as it self-destructed in a huge fireball with electrical sparks arcing and disintegrating everything from the main engines, as they also exploded.

With his vengeance complete he went back to Endor and gathered the Dark Jedi outcasts and left known space for a while, returning a few weeks later with a cult following.

Path of the ShadowsEdit

After winning Ammo to the dark side and turning him into Darth Ammo they began a terrible reign under the newly founded Volter Empire. This was done over the course of two years starting with the quick and pivotal conversion of Darth Ammo and notorious assassination of Emperor Crombin on his own starbase.

The reign of Volter as the Emperor of the Sith was called the path of the Shadows by those that feared him rule. His rule was further reinforced by his Fist: Darth Ammo who he entrusted everything upon. With many planets falling under the Volter Empire, Volter would often go out on the battlefields himself and perform many aerial acrobatic kills, this would also show the location of the Dark Lord in the battlefield by the lightning arcing from his lightsaber blows. On every battle that he fought against a Force sensitive he would spare ten offering them to take the path of the dark side or face execution. Those that embraced the darkness would join Darth Ammo's Ebon Shadow Force—an elite and hardened dark Jedi battle unit, sent on only the greatest of battles—and fight for the Emperor, or would face public execution in domed pit laden with Acklays.

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