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Darth Victrys, or Lord Victrys, or simply Victrys, was the fifth apprentice of Darth Sinity. He was the first Arconan Sith in the Galaxy.


Darth Victrys's place and date of birth are unknown, due to the fact that he left home extremely young to begin Jedi training, on Ossus, location of the major Jedi Temple at the time. Excelling quickly, Victrys was a very young Padawan, and then Jedi Knight. He was a very decorated leader, and was even up for the position of Jedi Master at one point. But when Darth Sinity, sworn enemy of the Jedi Order, massacred the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine, Victrys was sent to help contain the situation with 19 other Jedi Knights, all of whom were under his command.

Victory gone madEdit

But when Victrys arrived on Dantooine, it was too late. Sinity and his apprentice, Darth Keizer, were gone, the temple was in ruins, and all inside it dead. Victrys was consumed by remorse, and broke down entirely, fleeing his confused squad into the forest. When the other Jedi attempted to talk to him, after spending hours finding him, Victrys struck at them, attacked them, and even managed to kill 2 of them. The 17 remaining Jedi managed to sedate him, and transport him back to Ossus.

Once there, the Jedi High Council confronted Victrys, and banished him from the order, taking from him his lightsaber and robes. Victrys, able to control his anger, left the temple, stole a ship, and travelled to Tatooine, to live in shame. When he heard of Sinity's slaughter of innocent villagers in Mos Entha, Victrys sought him out, knowing that the only way to take his revenge on the Jedi would be to with Sinity's help in killing them.

The dark pathEdit

Victrys sought out Sinity, and found him, just on the outside of town, preparing to leave in his ship. When Victrys approached, Sinity attempted to kill him. But Victrys put up a fight, and managed to inform Sinity of his reason for being there. This only enraged Sinity further -- the thought of a Jedi seeking his apprenticeship. But Sinity, seeing opportunity for what it was, decided to test Victrys instead of killing him, to prove his abilities worth his time. Within a minute of Victrys's demonstration, Sinity already knew of his masterful skill, but he also knew that he had far too much emotional control -- something no Sith should have. Sinity, therefore, treated Victrys in the worst way possible. Victrys would try his very hardest, and Sinity would tell him that he was an awful Jedi, not worthy of the title of Sith Lord.

Darth VictrysEdit

Eventually, Victrys could not take it any more. He attacked Sinity, lightsaber drawn, in a blind fury. Sinity quickly defeated Victrys, and Victrys knelt down in fear and shame. But Victrys did not know that he had, in fact, proven himself worthy of Sinity's training. Sinity informed him of his apprenticeship, and before too long, Sinity had bestowed upon him the title of Darth Victrys.

Target acquiredEdit

Victrys and Sinity's first action as master and apprentice was to launch the attack on the Jedi temple on Ossus. they entered the temple through the front door, and act of contempt for the Jedi, and began the massacre. Sinity and Victrys killed every Jedi they saw, and soon no Jedi remained, except for those in the High Council, still in their tower. The Sith made their way up, and Sinity delivered a fatal blast of Force Lightning to all in the room. Then he decapitated every Jedi Master, save one, who Victrys killed.

A final taskEdit

Victrys had proven himself in the eyes of Sinity, but his master was yet wary about his loyalty to the Dark Side. Sinity sent Victrys on a test, to prove his darkness. For 2 years, Victrys was to take his ship, Triumphant, and search the Galaxy over for Jedi temples, enclaves, sanctuaries, and what have you. Of course, when one was found, Victrys was to slaughter all Jedi he met. As proof, Victrys would return all lightsabers from fallen Jedi to his master.

For two years, Victrys sought out all Jedi. He ran into a Jedi enclave on Corulag, and destroyed it. He did so to a Jedi temple on Obroa-Ski, and did the same. Eventually, after destroying several temples, he had collected over 300 lightsabers. And, eventually, time ran out, and Victrys returned to his master, only to find him gone. Sinity was not there, as he said he would be. Victrys waited for another year for Sinity, but his master never appeared. Victrys left on his ship, and was never seen or heard from again.

Behind the scenesEdit

Darth Victrys's name is likely derived from the word Victory, possibly chosen by Sinity due to his victory over his emotional control, or his victory over the Jedi.

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