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Doran Vexen was a Sith General known as Darth Vexen, and was a male Human.


Early LifeEdit

Doran Vexen was born on Dantooine, where he and his family worked on a simple farm.


Ten years after he was born, young Doran's family wwas killed by Mandalorians lead by Salorian. He was resuced by a Jedi. There, he was taken to Bakura to be trained as a Jedi.

Years as a JediEdit

Doran proved to be a very good Jedi, and very strong in all his classes. In a training duel, he used the Dark Side to kill a fellow Padawan. He was exiled to Yavin 4.


On Yavin 4, Doran was found by a Sith Commander, Darth Minious. He was taken and trained to use the Dark Side of the Force, and to be a Sith. He was named Darth Vexen.

Promotion to GeneralEdit

During a raid on Dxun, Darth Vexen met up with Salorian, and killed him. He was promoted to Sith General.


  • Darth Vexen, whose real name is Steven, was created by Darth Vexen on the Rebels Forum and the DSL forum

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