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Galen Marek Jedi Knight by Cindrollic

Darth Venom, born Ajji Vermooni, was a former Jedi who turned to the dark side under Darth Sidious.

Early lifeEdit

Ajji Vermooni was born on Alderaan. When he was five, his father, Keno Vermooni, died of disease. Fortunately, Kom Voti, a Jedi Master of Yoda, was a friend of Keno, so he offered to train Ajji and was accepted. Kom had become a friend and a father figure to Ajji.In 29 BBY, a clone of Count Dooku was sent to kill Ajji and Kom. This clone dueled the two and killed Kom Voti. The clone then left with out a trace. Ajji brought Kom’s body back to the town. He was buried near Keno Vermooni to pay respect. This moment in Ajji’s life changed him. Having two father figures die was to much to bare, so he left for Coruscant.

I could not bare to see my home again. Losing one father was enough, losing another, is un bearable. Maybe, my potent ion-al may be used else wear.

Ajji Vermooni, Ajji Vermooni’s journal

A new beginningEdit

Ajji arrived at Coruscant in 29 BBY, aboard an immigrant transport. Ajji Vermooni Presented him self to the High Jedi Council to appointed as a Jedi knight. The Jedi Council agreed. In 28 BBY, after a year of tracking down the clone, Ajji found him on Yavin 4, in an old a banned Jedi temple. After a fierce duel, Ajji struck him down. Ajji then went on to find a Sidious clone on Dantooine and dueled and won. He then went to kill a Sith Bounty hunter on Bespin, a Sith King and his cult apprentice on Utapau. By 25 BBY, Ajji was one of the most famous Jedi. In 22 BBY, Ajji Vermooni was called to the battle of Geonosis. After several other missions, Ajji was named a master Jedi. He became a friend of Obi- Wan Kenobi, Yoda, and Ki-Adi-Mundi.

The path of the dark sideEdit

In 19 BBY, Ajji Vermooni was called by the Jedi Council to kill General Grievous on Utapau. The General was a clone, used to fool the Jedi. Ajji left with a squadron to help kill Grievous. The Squadron all died while Ajji dueled Grievous and finally fought him down four floors from the original and Force pushed him through five walls to a secret throne room. There Darth Sidious himself sat. Ajji killed Grievous and attacked Sidious. Sidious severed his light saber, his limbs and left him half dead. Sidious then took him to a secret emergency room and reattached his limbs and turned Ajji to the dark side.

Vader: “Do not struggle. … (inhale) I can feel your anger. Your hatred. It is like Venom to your enemies, use it. I’ll help you. Join me, and together you can avenge you’re self and the Jedi with pay for what they did to you.
Ajji: “(muffled) what is thy bidding (Clear) My Master?
―Ajji’s confrontation with his new master

Ajji Vermooni turned to the dark side days before order 66. He was appointed a commander of the attack of Coruscant along with his Sith Brother, Darth Vader. Venom dueled many Jedi and had a showdown with Shaak Ti. Venom then went on to kill other Jedi across the galaxy.

The origin of a taleEdit

Venom was then called to Coruscant to protect Sidious. But when the 501st legion troops brought an assassin to Sidious to be punished, Sidious sent Venom to see if the assassin was strong in the force. Venom found the assassin to be strong in the dark side and took him as his secret apprentice. He named him Darth Caluges, and sent him to a secret escape route to a bunker in the Imperial senate house made by the old republic to protect the Chancellor. Venom told Sidious he was weak and killed him. Venom then trained Caluges through viva hologram. Caluges conquered the path of the dark side quickly, and Venom assembled the Secret Order of Sith Lords, to take place the Order of Sith Lords if his master betrayed him. Finally, in the end of 19 BBY, Vader and Venom were sent to Felicia to kill a missionary of Jedi and end the Jedi. After the mission, Venom and Vader were called to the Emperor’s star ship. Approaching the Emperor’s vary thrown, Vader stood before Sidious, as Venom knelt, and Vader struck Venom in the back with his light saber. Venom, half dead, begged mercy from his master, only to be electrocuted by force lightning and force pushed out into space. Sidious then thanked Vader for assisting him to kill Venom. He rewarded him with Venom’s light saber.

Vermooni's returnEdit

Venom is dead. Ajji Vermooni is the one who was resurrected.

Ajji Vermooni, aboard the Death Star I

Venom’s body plummeted to the planet below, protected by the rubble surrounding him. The planet below was Dagobah. Venom’s body crashed near the swamp Yoda lived near. Yoda took Venom and used the force and the rubble to make a restrain bed and force healed him. Venom finally came too and reacted with hate and aggression to Yoda. Yoda coaxed Venom, and finally brought him to the light and became Ajji Vermooni. Ajji trained with Yoda to restore his old power through the light. After 6 months, Ajji completed his training and Yoda gave him his escape pod he used during his exile to Dagobah. Yoda ordered Ajji to kill Vader and Sidious and to not return if he fails. Ajji used the force to sense Vader and Sidious’s location and found then in the outer rim on a massive space station called the Death Star I. Ajji fought through the Death Star’s defenses to a storage/ throne room. Laying before a hall way, which was awaiting Darth Vader.

The finale showdownEdit

Vader: “He taught you well. But you still have much to learn.
Vermooni: “He has nothing left to teach me.
―Ajji Vermooni and Darth Vader’s last talk before the final showdown

Ajji battled Vader fiercely through the hallway. Vader managed to escape Ajji to the next room, as Ajji chased him. Continuing the duel, Vader began to lose his ground, and was pushed to the island of a heat force field and was pushed under the weight of generators above him. After trying to turn the tide of the fight, he loses his ground again and loses his helmet. Vader is then pushed back to the back of the room leading to the throne room were he is pushed to the left and hit the wall. Then was followed by being pushed to the right wall. Followed by a final throw to the celling. As he fell, Ajji force held him and lunged for him, pushing him back through the wall to the throne room. Holding a light saber to Vader’s throat, Sidious promoted Ajji to kill Vader to take his place as the true Sith Lord. Hesitating and remembering Yoda’s orders, Ajji held to light saber over his shoulder, acting like he was going to strike the dark lord, but did a turn around and throw the saber at Sidious. Sidious held the light saber through the force and force pushed it back. Ajji caught the light saber through a current of force pull during a 360 spin, throwing it back at Sidous. As Sidious and Ajji pushed the light saber back and forth, the light saber began to trudge to the middle of them, as it began to slug to Sidious. Sidious used all he could to keep it away, but Ajji’s power was to strong, and the light saber struck Sidious’s thrown. Sidious grabbed the light saber and throw the saber to Ajji and jumped with his light saber to attack. Ajji grabbed his light saber, and jumped to attack Sidious. The two dueled a fierce battle, but ended the same way it did the previous one. Sidious cut Ajji’s light saber, and knocked him out. Sidious then took Ajji’s body and selded his body to a gas tank in the wall and Force pushed it into space and made it explode as Ajji screamed the last amount of air he had in the vast vacuum and exploded.


Sidious helped Vader to his feet and sent him to the emergency room with instructions of future plans of hunting down the Jedi who trained him to light with suspects. Vader was also sent by Sidious to Coruscant to send Darth Caluges, how was discovered by a hologram left by Ajji, into exile. Caluges was sent to the outer rim, but fell to Kashyyyk and remained his life in exile until the end of the Galactic Civil War. Yoda and Ben Kenobi telepathically communicate and concurred that the children of Anakin were the only hope of the Jedi then.

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