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Darth Valen was an Force Barbarian, Dark Assault Force Trooper and self proclaimed Sith Lord. He was captured by the Empire and trained in the Dark side of the Force.



He completely surrendered to the Empire, and never disobeyed. For that reason, he was chosen to be taught Sith Lightning. He mastered it, and spent all of his time learning how to better control force lightning.


During the early months of the Galactic Civil war, he freed himself, captured a modified Lambda, and allied himself with a Rebellious Consortium Defiler, Scelestus Proditor. They returned to the prison and freed hundreds of Barbarian soldiers and Force adepts.

Joining the Flame OrderEdit

Darth Valen brought her army to Vammen III, where he found Zhssohkss and a small band of force adepts that called themselves the Flame Order. This resulted in a fierce argument and a long duel, but both sides ended up with the conclusion that a merger was best. However, Valen and Zhssohkss remained bitter rivals. To annoy Zhssohkss, Valen took his slave girl as an apprentice, who became much more powerful than he expected.

Behind the scenesEdit

Valens is Latin for powerful. I couldn't find 'Lightning'.