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Darth Thendrous, or Lord Thendrous, or simply Thendrous, was the third apprentice of Darth Sinity. He was the first Muun Sith in the galaxy.


Earlier LifeEdit

There is nothing known about Thendrous's life, other than that he was born into a very rich family on Muunilinst, and became an Admiral of the Muunilinst Navy. after the Great Sith Battle of Muunilinst, Thendrous was appointed Admiral of the Minotaur Fleet, under Darth Sinity himself. Given his own flagship, the War Dove, Thendrous participated in, and emerged victorious from, many battles. Thendrous was extremely loyal to Sinity and the GES in every aspect of his work. He helped to weed out insubordination and treason among the ranks.

Promotion to LiaisonEdit

When Darth Sinity decided to retreat to Korriban for meditation in 189 ABY, Thendrous was appointed liason from the GES to Lord Sinity himself. For the three years Sinity was away, Thendrous led the GES to substantial victory in many battles, along with other persuits: the end of the Wookiee uprising and the reinstatement of slavery, and forcing the Naboo into a complete unconditional surrender.

Sith LordEdit

Upon Sinity's return, he was so pleased with the Muun that he took him as his third apprentice. Believing Thendrous to be his last apprentice, Sinity took extreme care in training him. He ensured that Thendrous was completely rid of mercy and guilt, and that Thendrous was the perfect conquering machine. After 5 years of agonizing, painful, torturous training, Sinity tasked his apprentice with his final mission: to obliterate the planet Bpfassh from the face of the Galaxy. He did so without so much as a blink, and was rewarded with the title of Darth Thendrous.

Darth Thendrous was a genius military strategist, and led his fleet, the Titan Fleet, led by his flagship, Darkening Skies, to victory in numerous systems, including Ryloth, Eriadu, Mandalore, and Kuat. With the conquest of Kuat, the Titan Fleet received more ships, and Thendrous's power increased. He was ever-powerhungry, and went so far as to lead 8 attacks in one year. In 210 ABY, Darth Thendrous led the attacks on Rishi, Ukio, Sullust, Cerea, Kessel, Falleen, Ruusan, and Neimoidia, thus bringing about the peak of the GES's power. The GES was now the dominant government of the Outer Rim; and with control over many large shipyards, such as Mon Calamari, Kuat, and Sluis Van, the GES's power was uncontestable.


But little did Thendrous know that this was the extent of his dominance. His next battle, the First Battle of Anaxes, would be his downfall. Still weakened from his previous battles, Thendrous sent the entire GES fleet to attack Anaxes. But Anaxes was much better defended than anticipated, and the GES forces were obliterated. Darkening Skies was one of the first ships to be destroyed, but Thendrous managed to survive in an escape pod. Thendrous then banished himself for his failure, to the remote ice-planet of Ilum.

Lost ConfidenceEdit

It took Sinity 3 years to find him, but Sinity did not kill Thendrous as he expected him to. Instead Sinity welcomed him back to the GES. But Thendrous's confidence was shot, and he never again led a successful attack. He attempted to conquer Abregado-rae, Fondor, and Hapes on three seperate occassions, but none of the offensives ended in GES victory.

But one year later, Thendrous would meet his ultimate downfall. Thendrous was tasked by Lord Sinity to take charge of the Kuat defense fleet. After 2 months of defending the Kuat Drive Yards, the attack began. The Second Battle of Kuat errupted, but Thendrous's men were not prepared for the offensive. Within the hour, Kuat was overrun by enemy forces. Reinforcements arrived again and again, but it was no use. Kuat was lost. Thendrous did manage to survive, and was forced to report the news to Sinity, in person, at the GES palace on Utapau.


Sinity was not happy when Thendrous told him of Kuat's loss. Besides Kuat, Ruusan and Taris had been lost that year. Sinity accepted Thendrous's seemingly endless apologies with silent apprehension. As Thendrous turned to leave the Throneroom, Sinity blasted him with a lethal shock of Force Lightning. Thendrous screamed and screamed, and begged for mercy, but Sinity gave none. Thendrous died on the marble floor of the Throneroom, writhing in agony.


Darth Thendrous was extremely ambitious, but loyal to the point of fanatacism. He would do anything to accomplish his goals, but his lust for power eventually cost him everything.

During the last years of his life, Thendrous was less ambitious and more wary. His caution cost him a number of battles, displeased his master, and ultimately resulted in his death.

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