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"He draws his strength from his fear, even if he does not know it. Only a child possesses such tendencies."
"Do not underestimate him, Mortis. Our esteemed Emperor draws his strength from fear. And we all are as children to him.

—Darth's Mortis and Scourge discussing Darth Tavem.

Darth Tavem, born Charias, was a Korun Sith of the resurgent Sith Empire. Born on Haruun Kal in 3,671 BBY, Tavem toiled as a slave to a servant of the Sith Empire for the first ten years of his life. Rising against his Master after he violently murdered his mother, Tavem brutally murdered his former master with the Force, revealing his sensitivity to the Sith. Taken to the Sith Academy on Korriban, Tavem avoided the machinations of the other apprentices in favor of focusing on his studies and fulfilling his Sith potential. After two years at the academy, he drew the attention of one of the more powerful Lords, Darth Morwyn, a principled and honor-bound Sith Warrior.

After enduring the grueling training under Lord Morwyn for seven years, Darth Tavem was conferred the title of Sith Lord in 3,652 BBY and was assigned to the Red Legion by the Dark Council. Disliking a path he viewed as cowardly, Tavem eschewed the life of a Sith Assassin and proved himself, under the banner of his Master, as a Sith Warrior.

Lauded by the Sith Emperor himself for exposing the weakness in the Empire, Tavem exposed a conspiracy of weaklings on the Dark Council who'd attained their posts through manipulation and deceit rather than strength or power and subsequently purged the Council of such members. Rewarded his own seat on the Council, Tavem utilized his position as Councilor to purge the Empire of its inherent weakness, eliminating many of his rivals along the way. His power within the Empire consolidated, Tavem achieved the position of Emperor's Voice, the highest possible rank excepting that of the Emperor's.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Darth Tavem, as he would later become known, was born in the Mid-Rim on the planet of Haruun Kal as Charias, named for the ancient Korunnai God of Fire. The young Charias was taken from his parents after their village was raided by marauding Mandalorians. A lowly member of the raid, Kem Tor, took Charias and his twin sister Morliah as his slaves before returning to the village a day later and abducting their mother, Layera, taking her as his wife.

For the first five years of his existence, Kem Tor was kind to the boy and acted as a father to him. Tor taught Charias the values of resilience and independence early on, also teaching him mental discipline and a few Mandalorian customs. In the fifth year everything changed. Tor had entered the service of the Sith Empire on Dromund Fels and had began to physically abuse Layera and Morliah as Charias watched on, chained to prevent him from attempting to rescue his mother and sister. Charias began to foster a deep hate for the Mandalorian which boiled over in 3,661 BBY when Tor raped Morliah and killed Layera when she attempted to intervene and save her daughter. Hearing the mourning wails of his sister, Charias erupted in anger. He strangled the abusive Mandalorian without touching him until his neck broke with an audible snap.

Confused and in fear of retribution from Tor's Sith handlers, Charias escaped Tor's home with Morliah in tow and went on the run. After Tor's body was discovered by Imperial authorities, they reported Tor's impromptu murder to the Sith authorities who called in a Sith Inquisitor who deduced that Tor had been killed via the Force. Following Charias' ill-covered tracks, the Inquisitor tracked the two Korun to an abandoned Moisture Farm just a mile from Tor's own compound.

To ensure that Morliah got away safely, Charias handed himself over to the Inquisitor who, after revealing that he was a Sith Lord, offered Charias the chance to learn the ways of the Sith and to join them. Without any alternative, Charias had no choice but to accept the offer and was immediately transported to the ship of the Sith Inquisitor and tortured for the whereabouts of Morliah by the Inquisitor himself. Impressed by Charias fierce resistance to his torture methods as well as his loyalty to his sister, the Inquisitor revealed that the torture was his way of testing Charias' mettle and welcomed Charias with open arms to the Sith Order, situating him at the Sith Academy on Korriban before departing, never hearing from the youth again.

Sith Edit

Charias settled into the Sith Academy uncomfortably. He found that no one was to be trusted and that he'd have to forge his own way through the trials ahead of him. To further attain this goal, Charias realized that he'd have distance himself from the power games played by most of the other Sith apprentices at the academy. This established him as an outcast as well as a target for the older, more experienced apprentices. One particular evening, as Charias was returning from a late night sparring session, he was assailed by three older apprentices, all who were older, larger, and stronger than the fledgling Sith. However, Charias possessed a fury none of them could match, even combined. His life as a slave as well as the death of his mother and separation from his father had borne a deep-seated anger in the young Sith and he used his Sith training as a conduit for this destructive rage. Grasping all three in the Force, Charias crushed the apprentices, killing them instantly and establishing Charias as one to be feared and avoided.


Charias, unleashing his rage

His solitude ensured, Charias took the initiative and developed his own rigorous curriculum. He rarely slept and rarely needed to do so due to his Korun physiology. As long as he supplied his body with a constant flow of nutrients, Charias could train for weeks upon end without sleep. This allowed him to match and out-distance the progress of the other apprentices at the temple. Among the Sith Masters, Charias developed the reputation of a highly advanced and promising apprentice. After two years of such training, Charias had progressed through his studies sufficiently enough to attract the attention of the powerful Sith Lord known as Darth Morwyn.

Darth Morwyn was known to be a powerful yet maverick Sith Lord who often, despite the illegitimacy of the action, usurped the strongholds and territorial holdings of other Sith Lords through the brute martial strength. A Sith of the old way, Morwyn stressed the importance of strength and utilization of power. Morwyn struggled to find an apprentice worthy of his teachings and in his vigilance, made it a point to visit the temple at least once every year to inspect the apprentices. This particular year, Morwyn had visited the temple already yet reports of an uncommonly potent apprentice, Charias, had reached his ear and caused him to schedule an additional visit to observe the reported prodigy.

Charias, having developed a highly functional understanding of the single-bladed variant of Form VII: Juyo, had risen to dominate the Sparring Ring at the Academy. None dared challenged Charias and rather than growing complacent in his position, Charias made constant efforts to improve his Mastery of the lightsaber forms. Being a Sith who highly respected martial prowess, Morwyn arranged for a demonstration of the young Sith's ability upon his visit. The Instructors at the academy arranged for Charias to duel four of the most skilled apprentices (besides Charias himself) simultaneously, in an obvious handicap. Confident in his abilities, Charias agreed to the battle and prepared himself accordingly.

The duel commenced on the morning of Morwyn's arrival. Taking place on the roof of the Academy, the duelists were given a wide area on which to operate and Morwyn himself was situated a mere foot away from where the action was to commence. After receiving a nod from their instructors, the four apprentices engaged Charias. Hopelessly outclassed, the four apprentices attempted to choreograph their attacks to meet the rage-fueled slashes and stabs of the skilled Charias. Knowing Morwyn's emphasis on strength and the purging of weakness, Charias executed each apprentice with the blunt-tip of his training saber rather than simply incapacitating them, much to the chagrin of the Sith instructors present. Victorious, Charias returned to his quarters without delay and rested.

Morwyn, giving Charias no time to rest, entered the apprentice's quarters shortly thereafter. Rather than laud his performance as Charias had expected, Morwyn simply instructed the young Sith to accompany him to his flagship, the Hellion, a Harrower-class Dreadnaught. In a bid to further gauge the young Sith's abilities, Morwyn pitted Charias against his Sith acolytes. After three such duels, Morwyn divulged to Charias that the major flaw in his technique was his tendency to give himself too fully to his Sith Fury, blinding him to precision and exposing him to counter-attack. Morwyn posed the young Sith a choice; become his apprentice and learn to master his anger or return to the Academy. Sensing a growing rapport between him and the powerful Sith Lord, Charias accepted the proposition and the two left Korriban for Morwyn's personal stronghold on Ziost, a planet he personally ruled.


Tavem whilst training under Morwyn

Placing a strong emphasis on power and the elimination of weakness, Morwyn would forge Charias into an instrument of his will. Rather than stress mastery of all seven lightsaber forms as was common amongst the Sith Warriors of the period, Morwyn was of the opinion that if one had full knowledge of their preferred technique and its weaknesses and strengths, then they could defeat any opponent. It was under such ideas that Charias strove, mastering Juyo and becoming reportedly quite formidable. For seven years Charias trained under Morwyn, inheriting a tradition of unique ideology and a strict zero-tolerance policy for weakness. In 3,652 BBY, Charias was called before the Dark Council on Dromund Kaas and conferred the title of Sith Lord. Due to his unique combination of martial prowess and Force mastery, Charias was assigned to the Red Legion as a Sith Assassin and given the Sith name Darth Tavem, a name that would come to inspire fear among the Sith ranks.

Sith Lord Edit

Upon his promotion to Sith Lord, Morwyn gifted a unique short-hilted Double-bladed lightsaber to his former apprentice, bidding him adieu. The newly-christened Darth Tavem was ordered to report to Lord Ekage, the aging leader of the Red Legion, a unit comprised entirely of Sith assassins.

In his first mission as an assassin, Tavem was assigned to assassinate a cabal of rebel Sith Lords who had been discovered to be apart of a plot to supplant the Dark Council and subsequently assassinate the Emperor. Tavem wasted no time in infiltrating their stronghold on Dromund Ixin, just two parsecs away from the Imperial capital. Abandoning stealth, Tavem slaughtered the personal guard of the cabal and proceeded to the Command Center of the stronghold. Taken completely by surprise, the Cabal offered to elevate Tavem to the rank of Emperor once they'd taken over the Empire. As Tavem continued his murderous advance, they all prostrated themselves and begged the rampaging assassin for mercy. Concentrating his anger, Tavem warned the Cabal that he was not one to show mercy and ordered them to ready themselves, as he refused to strike down a helpless opponent. When the lead Sith Lord refused to arm himself, Tavem electrocuted the prostrate Lord, an act sufficient to cause the other two members to activate their lightsabers. Tavem's Juyo application proved to be too powerful for the rebel Sith and he executed both with a single twirl of his double-bladed lightsaber.

Discontent with his role as assassin, Tavem reported his success to Ekage before announcing his withdrawal from the Red Legion. Requesting a reassignment, Tavem was ordered to report to the Hellion, where he would join his former Master, Darth Morwyn, as a Sith Warrior, his master having requested his presence personally. Morwyn welcomed Tavem back to his fold and immediately assigned Tavem as the leader of his ground forces.

The Dark Council tasked Morwyn and his forces with destroying those Republic individuals who refused to disarm after the Treaty of Coruscant. While Morwyn subjugated rebellions within his dominion, Tavem was sent to investigate the Balmorran Resistance.

Arriving inconspicuously on Balmorra with a small contingent of soldiers, Tavem rendezvoused with Darth Lachris, the Sith Lord who acted as Governor on Balmorra. Lachris had called in Sith Assassin Niccolo Soren to assist Tavem in his investigation and informed a begrudged Tavem that the two would work together. Having arrived on Balmorra long before Tavem, Niccolo had discovered a connection between the Resistance and an illegal Republic Special Forces cell known as Eclipse. Rather than report his findings to the Council, Soren endeavored to eliminate both the Resistance and Eclipse to garner the favor of the Council.

His personal principles not allowing such bandying, Tavem summarily reported their findings to Morwyn and subsequently infiltrated the recently discovered rebel HQ. Slaughtering his way through rebel after rebel, Tavem finally reached the command center, encountering the leader of the resistance Zenith. Offering Zenith the opportunity to surrender, Tavem ignited his lightsaber. Drawing a Vibrosword, Zenith was able to hold Tavem off before Niccolo, having infiltrated the base shortly after Tavem, attempted to impale the rebel leader from the rear. As Zenith ducked, Tavem's blade intersected Niccolo's and Zenith took advantage of their vulnerable position by scissoring his legs, causing both Sith to lose their footing and fall. Niccolo had the misfortune of striking his temple on the tip of Tavem's boot and falling unconscious while Tavem simply allowed his momentum to push him into a back flip. Enraged, the Sith Lord feinted at Zenith's left flank before delivering a vicious pommel strike to his temple, knocking him out rather than killing him. Tavem chose not to kill him so as not to create a martyr for fellow rebels.

After informing Lachris of their success, Tavem began to investigate the Command Center of the base as he waited for Niccolo to return to consciousness. Upon searching the unconscious Zenith, Tavem discovered, to his shock, that the Resistance had not been aided by a Republic splinter-faction. A holochip on Zenith's person indicated that a number of Dark Councilor's had turned to funding various rebel organizations, including the Balmorran Resistance, in an attempt to overthrow the Emperor and seize power for themselves. Tavem, intending to reveal this information to Morwyn and Morwyn only, kept this information to himself. Being personally congratulated for his success by Lachris himself, Tavem returned to Morwyn and divulged the information he'd discovered.

To his amazement, Tavem discovered that Morwyn had already known this, as the very Councilors who had funded the Balmorran Resistance had incited the rebellions in his own domain. Morwyn recounted to Tavem that the Empire had become infested with such weaklings and that he intended to purge the Empire of their influence, having developed a multi-platformed scheme to achieve this endeavor, as well as a power-base of his own to accomplish his goal. Imparting to Tavem his plans for rebellion against the Dark Council, Morwyn extended Tavem the opportunity to participate in the uprising, an offer which Tavem accepted without hesitation.

As Morwyn consolidated his power in preparation for his uprising, Tavem began to garner the respect of the Council. Tirelessly crusading throughout the Sith domain, Tavem furbished the reputation of a phantom, seemingly everywhere at once and never failing a mission he was given. From this new plateau of prestige, Tavem finally bore witness to the inherent weakness his Master had observed within the order and as a result, Tavem became ever confident in the need of a revolution within the Empire.

As events within the Sith realm stagnated, Morwyn sprang to action. The Sith under his banner fell upon Dromund Kaas and the surrounding planets and systems, laying siege to everything they set their feet upon. Morwyn's surprise attack caught the Dark Council wholly unprepared and as a result, in the initial assault over half the Council were slaughtered, a testament to the weakness of the Empire according to Morwyn, who postured that a Dark Councilor should not be murdered so easily. Morwyn based his forces on Athiss, to send a message to the Emperor. Athiss was the former domain of Vodal Kressh, a Sith who had confronted the Emperor centuries before and the meaning of Morwyn's occupation was not lost on the Council.

In desperation, the remainder of the Dark Council reawakened Emperor Vitiate, who, unbeknownst to the common population, had entered a deep stasis after a conflict with a certain Jedi. Enraged, the Emperor unleashed his Children upon Morwyn's Uprising, and also declared Martial lockdown throughout the Empire, displeased with the state of his Empire. Taking heavy losses at the hands of the Children, Morwyn realized it was only a matter of time before he was captured and summarily executed. Tavem, who Morwyn had largely kept out of the conflict, urged his Master to set him upon their enemies. Rejecting his former apprentice's pleas, Morwyn instead planned to engineer his own fate rather than allow his fate to rest in the hands of the Council and the reawakened Emperor. Knowing his uprising was doomed, Morwyn planned to use Tavem to accomplish his goals posthumously.

Marshaling his forces at the recently captured Dromund Ixin, Morwyn once again ordered his forces to fall upon Dromund Kaas, albeit this time he personally led the assault. Morwyn, as powerful as ever, slaughtered all who stood before him, Emperor's Children and all. Despite the veritable hammering his forces were taking, Morwyn advanced upon the Dark Citadel, personally challenging the Dark Council to stop him. Just when it looked as if Morwyn was unstoppable, Tavem arrived. Though many thought he was in cahoots with his Master, none truly knew where his allegiance lay and Morwyn, in his planning, took full advantage of the fact. Publicly denouncing his Master and his actions, Tavem engaged his former master on the steps of the citadel as many onlookers gathered, despite the battle raging around them. Accepting that he would die, Morwyn was determined to fully test Tavem's worthiness to his legacy and as a result, he held no quarter. Matched in terms of martial might, the duelists battled back and forth for hours, even after Morwyn's force had been decimated. As fatigued settled in, both Morwyn and Tavem discarded their lightsabers and engaged one another with Force-lightning. As Morwyn was occupied with defending himself from Tavem's lightning, he didn't notice the levitated lightsaber at his back until it impaled him through the ribcage, spearing his heart and ending the rebellious Lord.

The momentous duel between Master and apprentice was sufficient enough to draw The Emperor out of the Dark Citadel and into the public eye. Hours after the fight, the Dark Council had issued Tavem a summons to the Citadel yet before he even entered, Vitiate, along with the remainder of the Council, exited its' gargantuan doors. Imposing his will on the assemblage of Sith, The Emperor declared Tavem the Emperor's Wrath and imbued Tavem with the power of his Master, bolstering his strength. He declared Tavem's jurisdiction over the entire Order as well as Tavem from answering to any besides him.

Wrath of the Emperor Edit

In is capacity as Emperor's Wrath, Tavem was afforded virtually unlimited access to whatever information the Imperial records had to offer. This, combined with his unlimited jurisdiction, provided Tavem with the means to effectively monitor and direct the machinations of various Lords if need be.