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Darth Talon was a Sith Knight during Darth Krayt's Reign c. 130 ABY. She was a female Twi'lek, apparently of the red-skinned Lethan group. She wore dark red garments with black stripes, with black Sith tattoos covering her body, head, and lekku. Her tattoos were earned in ritual combat and inscribed by Darth Krayt himself.

Talon was raised on the ancient Sith burial world, then capital world of Korriban to serve as the second of Darth Krayt's two "hands" (Darth Nihl being the the other). Thus, she had no idea of what life was like outside the order and had no purpose to her existence other than to serve as the executor of Krayt's will. Seething with hatred for all who opposed her master's will, Talon was an exemplar of unrestrained passion.

In the year 143 ABY Darth Krayt returned his thoughts to an old enemy; Berrek Verk. Word had reached Darth Wyyrlok that Verk had left his self-imposed exile and returned to Dantooine. Krayt, seizing upon this oppertunity ordered his two hands — Darth Nihl, and Darth Talon — to Dantooine with the mission of executing Berrek Verk. They later returned to Krayt bearing Verk's double-bladed lightsaber.

Almost twenty years later, whilst aboard the Krayt's fist, Talon and Nihl were attacked by Octom forces. Thus starting the Octom War.

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