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Darth Strife was a Male Sith who was a Sith Lord of the resurgent Sith Empire and the former apprentice to Darth Jadus whom he respected and was undyingly loyal to him.



Strife was born in the Korribani colony of Dreshdae, where his father had kept him away from the Sith so that he would not live a life in horror, however at age two, the Sith invaded Dreshdae and enslaved the colonists. Strife was forced into slavery to the Sith Lord, Darth Grelph. as Strife grew up he would often be picked on by Human slaves but an Arcona slave named Naz would stand up for him which made Strife admire aliens, however at the age of eleven, Naz was killed by a Sith for failure, which made the Humans pick on him more, however Strife eventually had enough of it and murdered eight Human slaves giving him the nickname "Strife". Grelph was angry at him for murdering many slaves and ordered his apprentice to bring Strife to his quarters on Dromund Kaas for execution. Strife was brought forward to Grelph after being savagely beaten by his apprentice. Darth Grelph told Strife that he was going to be executed for the crimes he commited, but Darth Grelph's superior Darth Jadus entered his chambers, Grelph bowed down and told him that he was executing the "idiotic filth" that murdered his slaves. Darth Jadus told Grelph that he was the "idiotic filth" and that power in the hands of others must be contained not ignored. Jadus electrocuted and killed Darth Grelph and told Strife that he could no longer be a slave and that he could become Sith if he became Jadus's apprentice. Strife agreed.

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