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Death is never at a loss for occasions
—Greek Proverb

Darth Sinity, sometimes known as Lord Sinity, or, more formally His Majesty Lord Sinity the Pitiless, was a male, Pau'an Sith Lord. Known for his vindictiveness and cruelty, Darth Sinity created and ruled the Great Empire of the Sith, an association of worlds under brutal and oppressive rule.

Darth Sinity outlived all of his 7 apprentices, making himself one of the oldest Sith ever. Also, he was the first Pau'an Sith ever, and was reputed to prefer taking apprentices who would become the first Sith of their species like himself. This included Darth Genosa, who was a Bothan Sith Lord, and Darth Execta, who was a Draethos Sith Lord.



From a thorn comes a rose, and from a rose comes a thorn
—Greek Proverb

Very little is known about Darth Sinity's youngest years, including his birth name, other than that he was born on the planet of Utapau in 137 ABY. Kidnapped by a mysterious Dark Jedi at the age of 2, Sinity had absolutely no memory of his parents or life besides with his Master whatsoever. He was never named by his Master, as simply referred to as "apprentice" for the entirety of his training.

Sinity's mind was molded to his master's desire since the day he was kidnapped; torture, negligence, famine, brutal training exercises, and verbal abuse were all methods used by his Master to shape the innocent Pau'an child into a malevolent, malicious, pitiless tool of destruction in the name of the Dark Side. At the age of 6, Sinity was subjected to a duel against 4 Heavy-Battle Droids, using nothing more than a metal quarterstaff as weaponry. His brutal training continued for the enitrety of his childhood, and it shaped Sinity into a twisted, merciless Sith.

Dark Lord of the SithEdit

He who does not go forward, stays behind
—German Proverb

At the age of 16, Sinity was instructed by his master one final task -- kill his parents on Utapau. Having been freed from guilt and mercy, Sinity complied, and travelled to Utapau. He killed his mother first, in her sleep, and then hunted down his father through the streets of the sinkhole city. Upon returning to his master, Sinity was granted the title Darth Sinity, and told to construct his lightsaber. It was on the remote planet of Hoth that Sinity found his lightsaber's crystal, a one-of-a-kind Ukshai crystal which emitted a Dark Red blade. Darth Sinity's Lightsaber took him 3 months to craft perfectly, but the result was a unique, perfect ligthsaber that lasted him his entire life.

The now-Darth Sinity apprentice served his master faithfully for 9 more years, all the time learning new techniques, force powers, and mastering Form II lightsaber combat. In 162 ABY, at the age of 25, Sinity's Master gave him a task -- Darth Sinity was to travel to the remote, Outer Rim world of Dathomir. It seemed that the nightsisters (Dark-Side adept witches) there posed a threat to the his master, and it was Sinity's task to rid the galaxy of their leader. But this would be the undoing of his Master, as Sinity had long since realized that his Master had nothing left to teach him. When he arrived on Dathomir, Sinity did not hunt down the Nightsister leader. Instead, he sought her out, and joined with her. In return for teaching him further in the ways of the Dark Side, Sinity agreed to kill his Master. And with that, Sinity retuned to his Master to defeat him once and for all, and to claim the title of Sith Master Darth Sinity.

Final ConfrontationEdit

Anger ends in cruelty
—Indian Proverb

When he returned to his Master from Dathomir, he told his Master that the leader of the Nightsisters was dead. His Master was pleased, and turned to leave. it was then, when his back was turned, that Sinity delivered the final blow to his cruel captor -- revenge, possibly, for the years of agonizing, torturous treatment that turned him into the Sith he was.

Further TrainingEdit

Jade and men, both are sharpened by bitter tools
—Chinese Proverb
For another 5 years, Sinity learned the deepest ways of the Dark Side, and delved into forbidden knowledge long since forgotten by the Jedi and other force adept. After these five years were finished, Sinity killed the Nightsister Leader when he had learned all from her he could, and fled the planet. it is unknown where he went, but it is known that he found his first apprentice within a year.

The Nightsister leader who furthered Sinity's knowledge of the Force.

Darth GenosaEdit

He who is his own student, has a fool for his pupil
—German Proverb

A Bothan Jedi named Bul'lds Anff had succumb to the Dark Side of the force, and was now the first of seven apprentices of Darth Sinity. Being already trained in the ways of the force, Bul'lds learned quickly, and was the Sith Lord, Darth Genosa, within a year.

Great Empire of the SithEdit

Cloth is not woven from a single thread
—Chinese Proverb

For 3 years, Sinity and Genosa travelled the galaxy, gaining support of planets everywhere. 4 planets in particular -- Utapau, Kamino, Honoghr, and Mon Calamari -- formed the base of the newly created: Great Empire of the Sith. The GES, formed in 171 ABY, was a brutal government of many planets, lead by 2 Sith Lords, a Master and an Apprentice. With the Kamino cloning facilities running again, and Mon Calamari producing spacecraft for the GES, the GES released its first attack from the capital planet of Utapau in 173 ABY, when Darth Sinity was only 36 years old.

The Minotaur Fleet, as was the name of the largest fleet of the GES, led by Sinity's flagship, Manticore, and Genosa's flagship, Rwanda, launched an assault on Muunilinst. The rich world put up a good fight, and what was known as The Great Sith Battle of Muunilinst errupted. The battle was fierce, but in the end, Sinity emerged victorious through the Battle-Meditation powers of his Apprentice. With Muunilinst conquered, the GES had an enormous amount of money to work with, and built up fantastic Naval and Armed forces.


Many a pupil has gained more wealth than his master
—Greek Proverb

But while Sinity was busy conquering the Galaxy, his yound apprentice had greater plans. Darth Genosa had created a plot to kill his master, and elevate himself to supreme power in the GES. But Sinity was more of a match than Genosa anticipated; sensing his apprentice's feelings, Sinity attacked him on the bridge of Rwanda, and an intense lightsaber duel began. After fighting his master's perfect Form II with his own flawed Form IV, Genosa eventually admitted defeat, and bowed at his master's feet. With this, Sinity beheaded Genosa with an elegant swoop of his blade.

Expanding PowerEdit

He that will conquer must fight
—Dutch Proverb
By 179 ABY, the Great Empire of the Sith had expanded to include Bespin, Mustafar, Bonadan, Myrkr, Hoth, and Dantooine. Their reach had now spread throughout the Outer Rim, and were quickly gaining support in the form of voluntary soldiers.
Galaxy 179

The GES's Territory in 179 ABY

And with extra support, Sinity soon found a young Mon Calamari enseign aboard Manticore, who Sinity sensed had great prowess with the force. It was this young man whom Sinity trained as his second apprentice.

Darth CurensseEdit

Old Satan couldn't get along without plenty of help
—African American Proverb

His new apprentice took longer to train, but he had a kean eye for tactics, and was always watching his master in combat to decipher his strategy. For two long years, Lord Sinity shaped and trained his apprentice, until, in 181 ABY, he named his apprentice Darth Curensse.

Unfortunately for Sinity, Darth Curensse proved a waste of time, when he was killed aboard his flagshhip, Fluid Corruption, when it was destroyed during the Great Sith Battle of Geonosis. In 182 ABY, the locals of Geonosis stood up against the invading GES forces led by Darth Curensse. It was not long into the battle when both sides had exhausted their fleets, and were fighting now with few ships. It was just as the GES was close to victory that an ion cannon fired a great shot up from the planet and destroyed Fluid Corruption, killing all aboard, including Curensse. It was only because of last-minute reinforcements that the GES managed a victory against the Geonosians. That year, Geonosis and Tatooine were conquered.

Focusing EffortsEdit

Away from battle, all are soldiers
—German Proverb

Since Sinity felt no compassion whatsoever, he did not long mourn the death of his apprentice. He decided to focus his efforts on expanding his reign, than on training apprentices for the moment. His immediate attention was fixed on conquering planets and gaining power. His ruthless expansion continued over the next 7 years. In a period of days following the death of Darth Curensse, Lord Sinity had led the Minotaur Fleet to victory at both Sluis Van and Hypori. He wasted no time.

Sinity was eager to conquer all the systems possible. In 7 years, he had conquered Dathomir, Korriban, Kashyyyk, Yavin, Manaan, Saleucami, Ilum, and Subterrel. Though many systems realized the growing power in the GES, none would hand themselves over to it, for they had seen the cruel treatment of citizens of planets under GES control. This forced Sinity to go through the tiresome process of war any time he wished to extend his reach.
Galaxy 189

The GES's Territory in 189 ABY

Soon after the victory at Subterrel, Lord Sinity grew tired of conquest. He came up with a plan: appoint a liaison between himself and the GES who would carry out his him within the government, and Sinity could meditate and further his knowledge of the Dark Side on Korriban for a number of years. A suitable liaison was found, a fiercely loyal Muun Admiral, and Sinity retreated to Korriban.


Learned fools are the greatest fools
—German Proverb

While on Korriban, Lord Sinity mastered many powers, including some secrets to life and death discovered by Darth Plageuis. Also, abilities such as Battle Meditation gave Sinity an edge in combat.

But for the 3-year period the Sith Master was on Korriban, his liason carried out his wishes. He led the GES to victory over Taris, Nal Hutta, and Bothawui. He violently dealt with the First Bespin Uprising, he hindered the signing of the Wookiee Slavery Treaty, and crushed the defenses of Naboo, allowing full occupation to take place. When Lord Sinity returned from Korriban more evil than ever, he commended the Muun with an offer of apprenticeship. And with that, Darth Sinity's third apprentice was chosen.

Darth ThendrousEdit

If there is a strong General, there are no weak soldiers
—Chinese Proverb

For 5 years, Darth Sinity spent every moment training his apprentice, destroying his spirit, crushing his morals, and ridding him of his guilt, compassion, and pity. In 194 ABY, after teaching him nearly all the knowledge he had, Sinity bestowed the title Darth Thendrous upon his apprentice. The test for his apprentice: bombard an innocent planet into submission. Darth Thendrous complied without hesitation, and subsequently destroyed the planet of Bpfassh and killing all of its inhabitants.

Following the destruction of the Bpfasshi, Thendrous led numerous successful attacks on many systems, including Ryloth, Eriadu, and Mandalore.
Galaxy 196

The GES's Territory in 196 ABY

As apprentice to Sinity, Darth Thendrous would accompany his master on many missions. He participated in the Great Sith Battle of Kuat, on board his flagship, Darkening Skies, with Darth Sinity on his flagship. This was one of the only occasions on which Darth Sinity fought along side his apprentice, as he preferred to send his apprentices on their own to take care of dirty work that he did not want to take care of himself. This was a special battle, because of the heavy defences around the Kuat Drive Yards, due to their extreme importance.

Peak of PowerEdit

People worry, and God smiles
—Hebrew Proverb

Darth Thendrous, ever-lustful for power, led 8 successful battles in a one-year period. Conquered planets were Rishi, Ukio, Sullust, Cerea, Kessel, Falleen, Ruusan, and Neimoidia. As their power kept growing, the GES, along with Sinity and Thendrous, began to think themselves invincible. It was out of this foolishness that the thought of further attacks was born. Though still weakened from the preceding battles, Darth Thendrous plotted an attack on the militarily-important Core-World of Anaxes. With both Sith Lords leading the attack, the battle began. But Anaxes was much better defended than the GES anticipated; Anaxes's navy obliterated the invading forces within a matter of minutes. Darkening Skies was one of the first ships destroyed, and Thendrous only survived by jettisoning all escape pods at once, making more targets than just the one escape pod he was in. Sinity managed to escape with Manticore intact, but severely damaged. All other ships were destroyed, and Thendrous banished himself to the remote ice-planet of Ilum.

Searching for ThendrousEdit

Necessity seeks bread where it is to be found
—German Proverb

After the substantial losses of Anaxes, Sinity focussed on 2 things: recuperating the GES's forces, and finding Darth Thendrous. Three years passed, in which time the GES continued to lose power. The planets of Naboo, Neimoidia, Bespin, Sluis Van, and Manaan were lost, and the GES suffered major military and economic losses. But, finaly, Sinity had located Lord Thendrous.

Sinity took Manticore to the Ilum System, and eventually found Thendrous, hiding in solitude in one of Ilum's small settlements. Sinity did not kill Thendrous, like he though he would, but instead welcomed him nack to the GES. It seemed the GES was losing far too much ground to simply kill-off one of its most brilliant strategists.

Losing GroundEdit

If advice will not improve him, neither will the rod
—Greek Proverb

But Thendrous's return did not herald a new dawn for the GES. In fact, Thendrous had lost much of his confidence, and, it would seem, strategic skill. The GES continued to let slip planet after planet from its steely grip. Over the next year, Ruusan and Taris violently rid themselves of GES control, while Thendrous fought, unsuccessfully, battle after battle. He lost three battles, over Fondor, Abregado-rae, and Hapes; but while Thendrous was busy being unvictorious, Sinity was winning battles. Darth Sinity led the Minotaur Fleet to the conquest of Carida.

But winning the occasional battle was not enough to keep the GES's power. The Second Battle of Kuat errupted suddenly, as opposing forces moved into orbit. The defense fleet of Kuat, led by none other than Lord Thendrous himself, was well outnumbered and overrun by enemy forces. Kuat was lost within 3 hours, and vast legions of GES naval forces were decimated. Thendrous, after narrowly escaping certain death at Kuat, returned to his, most displeased, master, in the GES palace on Utapau. Sinity, angrily calm, accepted his apprentice's apologies with quiet appreciation. It was as Thendrous turned to go, that Sinity gave his apprentice a lethal blast of Force Lightning, killing him in the most agonizingly painful way possible.

Assault on UtapauEdit

He who has done evil, expects evil
—Guinean Proverb

The beginning of the last days of the GES had begun. Nearly all planets once under GES control had been liberated by 220 ABY. Only Utapau, the capital of the GES, Kamino, Mon Calamari, and Hoth were yet owned by Sinity and his regime. But the new Jedi Order would not let the suffering of these people continue. First liberated was Hoth; but unbeknownst to the Jedi, Lord Sinity still maintained an underground palace - a maze of corridors, ballrooms, training facilities and chambers. Sinity, who was no fool, foresaw the end of the GES, and had begun construction of this facility moments after Hoth was conquered. But the real threat to Sinity was the imminent attack of Utapau.

Sinity knew that the Jedi would eventually destroy the GES, and was not surprised when news of the loss of Hoth reached him. He had ensured that Kamino and Mon Calamari were very well defended, and were practically impenetrable. Knowing this, he knew that hte only course of action for the new Jedi Order to take would be to target Utapau, capital of his Empire.

The attack came sooner than Sinity had expected. But he was prepared. He remained in his throne room for the duration of the majority of the battle. Only 5 Jedi made it to the throne room. Sinity's guards took care of one of them, before being killed. Sinity quickly disposed of the remaining four, effortlessly and elegantly killing them all with his Form II ligthsaber style. He quickly made his way to the main hangar of the palace, and took off in a small personnel shuttle. He flew to Manticore, in orbit of Utapau's second moon. Sinity ordered the immediate departure of Manticore, on course for Mon Calamari, where Sinity had arranged for his residence in the old palace of Darth Curensse. Sinity had escaped the Jedi, but it was only a matter of time before they caught up with him.

New BeginningEdit

A stumble is not a fall
—Haitian Proverb

That same year, 220 ABY, when Darth Sinity was 83 (though still young for his race), The GES had lost every planet it once held, except Mon Calamari and Kamino. This ensured readily available personnel and ships for the GES Army and Navy. And with Manticore, the most powerful ship in the GES navy, still available and operational, the GES was yet a power to be reckoned with. But Sinity knew the Jedi would still be on prowl. So he decided to lay low. He halted all immdiate military activity, and ordered all GES forces to return to Mon Calamari and Kamino. With his strongholds so well fortified, any attack would prove a suicide mission. But it was at this time that Sinity chose his fourth apprentice.

Darth KeizerEdit

A falcon does not struggle when he is caught
—Moroccan Proverb

Sinity had longed to begin training a new apprentice for a long time. On a brief visit to Glee Anselm, Sinity found the perfect child for him to mold into the perfect creature of darkness. It was this young Nautolan, named Him Viridand, who Sinity saw preceding him, and carrying on his legacy. That night, Sinity kidnapped the 7-year-old, and took him back to Mon Calamari, to begin his training. Him was very frightened to begin with, but through deep lies and kind treatment, Sinity managed to warp Him's judgement, and take away his fear and unhappyness over the loss of his parents.

For the next 12 years, Sinity trained Him in the secret palace on Hoth, all the while collaberating his forces, in anticipation of the come-back of the GES. Sinity tortured and trained Him relentlessly, though deep down, Him was the most favoured apprentice Sinity had ever had. When Him was 19, and his spirit broken and twisted into a malicious Sith, Darth Sinity gave him his final task: Him had to take a fighter to the remote planet of Helska (remote enough not to be noticed by the Jedi, as not to alert Sinity's presence), and kill anyone who he sees. It took nearly a year for Him to return, but he was a different person when he did: the genocide had altered his state of mind -- he was now a true Sith Lord. Sinity rewarded his good work with the title, Darth Keizer. It was Keizer who would lead the GES to its day of glory.

Great Sith Battle of CorelliaEdit

And the GES's return could not have been better planned. After 2 more years of assimilating strength, Sinity and Keizer launched the greatest single attack on any planet the Galaxy had ever seen. The vast navy of the GES struck, hard and fast, the Core Planet of Corellia. Almost immediately seizing its starship construction facilities, the land invasion force moved in, and took the planet for GES. Sinity rewarded Keizer's leadership during the battle, by presenting him with the planet Corellia itself.

Regained ControlEdit

After 2 years of conquest, the GES had regained much of its power. The planets of Corulag, Anaxes, and Chandrila had been taken for the GES, and Sinity and Keizer were feared throughout the Galaxy. But this did not come without its price. 4 times during that two-year span was an asassination or kidnapping attempt made on Sinity. For the first three, Sinity held his own, and managed to defeat his Jedi assailants. But the fourth time, he was defeated.

The Jedi managed to capture Sinity, and were transporting him to a holding facility on Kashyyyk. Luckily, Darth Keizer was already on Kashyyyk by the time the Sinity and his "escorts" arrived. Keizer managed to take on all three Jedi knights by himself, as Sinity was retrained by a Neural Dampener. Keizer, who was the first real warrior of Sinity's apprentices, defeated the Jedi, and rescued his weakened Master, transporting him to the temporary GES base, on Kamino. Sinity recovered quickly, and returned to the helm of the GES.

In 240 ABY, the GES had substantial control over the Core worlds. It had retaken Kuat, Neimoidia, and Carida since Sinity's kidnapping, and was closing in on more and more planets.

Core ControlEdit

Ten years later, when Sinity was 113 years old, the GES had complete control over the Core. Coruscant, Brentaal, Aargau, Tepasi, Caamas, New Alderaan, Humbarine, Balmorra, Colomus, and Byss were now under Sinity's rule. The one major Core Planet not yet owned by the GES was Pantolomin, a resort-based planet, which posed little threat to Sinity. Still, all the better to rule it outright. A year later, after assembling a small strike-team, Sinity and Keizer launched the Great Sith Battle of Pantolomin, or as it would later be known, the Last Battle of the Sith.

Great Sith Battle of PantolominEdit

As Pantolomin was not considered a great threat, only a small naval force had been assembled to attack it. Sinity and Keizer both took command on Manticore, as Keizer's flagship, Imperius, was undergoing repairs. But what neither Sith Lord imagined was how important this battle would be to the GES's future. About halfway through the time the battle should have taken, one Jedi Master infiltrated Manticore through its dorsal hangar. Making his way to the bridge, the Jedi met up with Darth Keizer. Keizer was injured during the lightsaber duel, but only incapacitated. The Jedi Eventually made his way to the bridge, where he was ultimately defeated by Darth Sinity. But just as Sinity was preparing to deliver the final blow, the Jedi set off a thermal detonator, destroying the better part of the bridge. Sinity was knocked into a deep unconsciousness. The entire crew was killed, but Darth Keizer, who was on a lower level at the time, made his way to the bridge, and found the badly-wounded Sinity. Keizer, despite the dangers, grabbed his Master, and took him to the landing-bay, where Keizer took command of a small shuttle, and escaped the imminent explosion of Manticore's destruction.

Without Sinity or Keizer's leadership, the rest of the fleet lost all direction and was ultimately defeated. For the months following the battle, the GES lost all influence. Various high-ranking officers and government officials attempted to regain control of the GES, but without the sheer terror of Lord Sinity to guide them, none of the GES personnel followed orders or instructions, and the Great Empire of the Sith fell to pieces. All GES planets were soon freed, and soon, no one cared about Sinity's reign of terror anymore.


For ten years after the Great Sith Battle of Pantolomin, Keizer took care of Sinity on the Deep Core world of Byss. Keizer, all the while, perfected his art: he spent hours each day training, working on his lightsaber combat, and even studying Sinity's notes on the Dark Side. But finally, in 261 ABY, Sinity awoke. Much to his dismay, 10 years had passed, in which time the GES had ceased to exist, and the Galaxy had forgotten the horrors he had inflicted on it. But to Sinity's joy, his apprentice had become an even more lethal warrior. Sinity already had a plan.

Having lost all influence, Sinity had a difficult time commandeering a ship; all monetary assets of the GES had been seized by one of his would-be successors who had attempted to take the throne of the GES. But more importantly, and something which would play to his favour, was that the Galaxy no longer knew that either he or Keizer existed -- everyone assumed both died when Manticore was destroyed. But Sinity knew what to do.

Using a small shuttle left from the Great Sith Battle of Pantolomin, Sinity and Keizer travelled to Nal Hutta, where they were able to acquire a freighter through the black market.

Sinity's freighter, Rising Moon

Sinity named this new ship Rising Moon, because of it symbolized Sinity's return to power. Sinity and Keizer travelled from Nal Hutta to Hoth, where Sinity hoped his secret Palace was yet operational.

Hatching A PlanEdit

Luckily, the GES's old Palace on Hoth had not yet been discovered. It became Sinity's new headquarters, and he and Keizer would work from this new base for years to come. Sinity rarely left the compound for another 5 years. Keizer, on the other hand, having purchased himself a ship as well, Regimus, performed illegal actions for various crimelords, in order to build up credits for his master. Sinity knew that the GES was finished, and had no intention of attempting to regain Galactic control. Instead, Sinity had focussed on revenge: he decided to destroy the ones who had destroyed his Empire -- the Jedi. In 266 ABY, he decided the time was right. He purchased a droid who would pilot Rising Moon. While observing from Regimus, cloaked from sight, Sinity commanded his droid pilot to drive the ship directly into the central tower of the Jedi Temple on Dantooine. The Explosion was catastrophic, killing nearly all Jedi in the complex. Sinity, once the dust had cleared, landed just outside the temple, and made his way through the wreckage, brutaly disposing of anyone left alive.

Back in the SpotlightEdit

A dram of discretion is worth a pound of wisdom
—German Proverb

Sinity had succeeded in re-establishing himself as a force to reckon with. As such, many organization were out to stop him again, such as the Utapau, Mon Calamari, Kamino, and Honoghr governments, the Jedi especially, and even the Sith Order, who did not appreciate the way Sinity had never shared his power with his brethren. Because of this immediate attention, Sinity was unprepared for the implications of his infamy, and it cost him his apprentice.

Loss of a SonEdit

He who cannot bear misfortune is truly unfortunate
—Greek Proverb

One year after the Jedi Temple Massacre, Darth Keizer, tasked by Sinity to eliminate the Kaminoan Prime Minister, was just approaching the Kamino system when it happened. Out of nowhere, a large fleet of Kaminoan ships had appeared and were now firing upon Keizer's ship, Regimus. The ship crash landed into the sea after sustaining intense damage, but Keizer survived by jumping onto a nearby landing platform. He was instantly surrounded by a clone army of 50 soldiers. Keizer put up a good fight, but in the end, he was far too greatly outnumbered to survive, though he was a cunning and skilled warrior.

Sinity received the news of his apprentice's death badly; Sinity took to his ship, flew to Mos Entha on Tatooine, and proceeded to kill anything that moved. Having blown off steam, Sinity began to see reason, and decided to train a new apprentice right away.

A Fifth ApprenticeEdit

Live today, forget the past
—Greek Proverb

That same year, 267 ABY, Sinity found himself a New Apprentice; a former Jedi sought him out, and requested to be his next apprentice. Sinity, at first enraged that someone so beneath him would request his training, decided to give this young Arcona a chance. He was strong in the force, Sinity learned after less than a minute with him, but the man had too much control over his emotions. To counter this, Sinity treated the man badly for the entirety of his testing, and would belittle him during demontrations, and often claim that he was not good enough to become a Sith Lord, yet still command him to continue his proof of his abilities.

Darth VictrysEdit

Do not confine your children to your own learning, for they were born in another time
—Hebrew Proverb

Eventually, the Arcona snapped, and lunged full-out at Sinity, lightsaber drawn, in a an all-out, no holds barred attack of sheer hatred. Sinity, expecting this, was prepared, and quickly defeated the man. The Arcona, dreading the inevitable punishment that would befall him, coweredin fear and shame. But he did know that he had done exactly what Sinity was waiting for him to do. Sinity told him that he was his new apprentice, and training began. Training the Arconian was quick, and before it would have seemed possible, Sinity had named his apprentice Darth Victrys.

Taking on the JediEdit

Old reckoning breed new disputes
—French Proverb

His new apprentice at his side, Darth Sinity launched his attack on the Jedi. Striking at the heart, Sinity and Victrys landed on Ossus, the headquarters of the Jedi. But this time, Sinity used no such foolishness as flying a freighter into the side of the building -- he and Victrys simply walked right in the front door. In 268 ABY, Darth Sinity's Jedi Purge took place. Fighting through the halls, Sinity and Victrys made their way through every corner of the Temple, defeating any and all Jedi in their way. Eventually, after all Jedi were dead, Victrys and Sinity headed up to the High Council's tower. Sinity began by delivering a fatal blast of Force Lightning to all in the room, then proceeded to decapitate every Master in the room. Victrys only killed one Jedi Master -- the one who had banished him from the order.

His apprentice had proven himself by destroying the Jedi, there was no denying that; but Sinity was not yet completely sure about his apprentice's loyalty to the Dark Side. To prove his darkness, Sinity put Victrys to the test. The test began in 269 ABY, and would last for 2 years. In that time, Victrys was to use his KR-TB "Doomtreader" freighter, Triumphant, to search the Galaxy over for any remaining Jedi temples, enclaves, or sanctuaries, and if any were found, Victrys was to kill all Jedi within, and return their lightsabers to Sinity as proof.

Seeking Jedi and KnowledgeEdit

A book holds a house of gold
—Chinese Proverb

For two years Victrys hunted down every last Jedi. Sinity, all the while, was on his own mission: to become the single greatest Sith Lord ever. He studied relentlessly: anything he could find -- bits of scrap paper with vague mentions of the Dark Side, ancient scriptures by past Dark Lords, or even modern works with references to the Sith, Sinity read again and again. He practiced and perfected. Eventually, Sinity hoped, he would learn the secret to life and death. It was at this time that Sinity took to his new flagship, Twilight, to Rakata Prime, in hopes to understand the ancient and dark knowledge of the Rakata, and their Infinite Empire. He also travelled to Tatooine, Korriban, Manaan, Dantooine, and Kashyyyk in hopes to find and decipher the Star Maps he knew led to the Star Forge -- he knew it had been destroyed several thousand years ago, but its Dark energy still held promise. Sinity also studied the ancient texts outlining Sith tradition from Darth Bane, as well as spending some months on Ziost, studying the ways of the ancient Sith species.

Eventually, 2 years passed, and Darth Victrys returned to Sinity, or rather where they were supposed to meet, only to find Sinity gone -- still on Ziost. Victrys, not knowing this, waited for Sinity's return for another year. But eventually, Victrys gave up waiting, the impatient man, and left. He was never seen again. Sinity, on the other hand, did return eventually from Ziost, to find Victrys gone. No matter, he thought, for either Victrys will return to him having killed the Jedi, Victrys failed his task, or Victrys simply, well, either saw the error in his ways and turned to the Light Side again, or simply wouldn't return. Any way, Sinity wasn't about to lose sleep over it -- His apprentice and him had never shared the bond he'd had with some of his past pupils.

True PowerEdit

Sinity now had some of the greatest knowledge of life, death, the Force, and the Galaxy anyone ever had. He understood everything. He knew how to wield the Force to do his bidding -- Sinity could destroy a person, a city, a planet, a species, even a star system with the flick of a finger. Sinity had also mastered all 7 forms of lightsaber combat, as well as an additional 10 forms of hand-to-hand and blaster combat. Sinity understood the rules and traditions of the Jedi order, as well as those of the Sith, as well as knowing the entire history of both religions. Sinity could even manipulate matter and energy as we know it. Sinity knew that it was time to put this power to use.

The Universe In His HandsEdit

Sinity's first order of business was to create for himself a place to base his operations. Sinity travelled to the Corulus System. One there, he used the Force to gather solar dust and particles, including stealing 2 moons from Garulag, to create himself a planet for his own use, known as Naomi. Sinity then used the Force to create himself a palace; though this was no mear structure: 10,000,000 rooms, kilometers tall, miles wide at its base. It was called Armageddon Palace.

But no such palace would be at all feasible without an enormous staff to service it. Therefore, Sinity made off to the planets Mon Calamari, Kashyyyk, Duro, Honoghr, and Draethos. He enslaved thousands of sentients from each world, using The Force as mind control, to relieve the people of their free-will. But on Draethos, Sinity ran into some trouble.

An Interesting DiscoveryEdit

On Draethos, Sinity found a man, on whom he found it difficult to use his mind control. The man's mind was so full of knowledge and experience, that Sinity could hardly pierce it with the Force. Instead, Sinity captured the man, and brought him back to Naomi with the other slaves. But this particular Draethos Sinity performed tests on. After lengthy examination, Sinity came to the conclusion that, rather than simply destroying the man, it would be best to use his skills. Darth Sinity's sixth apprentice was chosen.

Darth ExectaEdit

Sinity subjected the Draethos to extreme training, all of which he handled well. The man had extroardinary physical prowess, besides the enormous knowledge and wisdom held in his brain. After 6 years of carefully teaching and molding his pupil, Sinity gave the Draethos his lightsabers and a name: Darth Execta.

No More PlanningEdit

Sinity, in 281 ABY, had fine-tuned his plot of domination on the Galactic scale. Especialy now, with a fresh apprentice at his side, Sinity could begin his conquest. First, Sinity used the Force to "acquire" one of the moons orbiting Corulag, neighbor to Naomi. He secured the moon in Naomi's orbit, and made it the Naomi Drive Yards.

4 years passed, during which time Sinity and Execta oversaw the creation of the largest armada the Galaxy had ever faced. Tens of thousands of slaves from across the Galaxy toiled night and day creating the most destructive ships possible. Darth Sinity's new flagship, Medusa, was operational within the first year. Finaly, Sinity was ready to strike the Galaxy.


Within the first year of war, the Bormea Sector, at whose heart Naomi was located, was conquered. Its billions of inhabitants all enslaved by Sinity. As Sinity conquered more lives, his own power grew and grew. The life force of all those he controlled fueled him onwards.

At the age of 150, fairly old even for a Pau'an, Sinity was on top of the Galaxy -- no force could bring him down. Jedi were powerless next to him, and no planet could muster enough ships to challenge his military might. But that didnt stop them from trying. In 287 ABY, Sinity sent his apprentice to Anaxes to deal with a minor uprising. It was done quickly and easily.

Darth Sinity, growing more and more fanatical with power, began to think of himself as more than a man -- he had become a god. For what is god, he thought, but asolute power. He himself possessed this. In fact, he was so taken by the ecstacy of power that death seemed no longer to be a reality. He began to think of beings as mere playthings for him to use and abuse as he saw fit. One day, after having difficulty enslaving the minds of a few resistant humans from Axum, he burnt the planet to a cinder using no more than his mind, then proceeded to bomb the rest of the system. He mudered billions after one bad day.


Sinity was bitter, cruel, merciless, and twisted. He had an enormous ego, and often thought himself invincible. All the same, Sinity felt the occasional piece of compassion or slight love, for example his relationship with Darth Keizer, but he never felt guilt or remorse.

Sinity was quick to anger, and would often have no problem killing/destroying the source of that anger, for example Darth Thendrous's monumental failure defending Kuat. Sinity would often impress this on his apprentices, for example ordering Darth Thendrous to eliminate Bpfassh simply because he was ordered to.

Sinity, despite his outer shell of pure hatred, was in fact an avid knowledge seeker. It is unknown whether this is simply a side-effect of his hunger for power, but Sinity spent countless hours researching and reading upon a number of subjects, most often the Jedi of the Sith.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Darth Sinity's name has 2 possible derivations: "Sinity" could be derived from the word "sin", which means an evil deed, an act or thought against religious teachings, or a break in ethical and moral principles. It can also mean to distance oneself from God. "Sinity"'s second derivation could be from the word "sanity", though it is unclear how this would relate to Darth Sinity as a person.

Neither Darth Sinity or any of his apprentices wear what would be traditional Sith robes. This is likely due to the fact that Sinity was not taught by a Sith Lord himself, and therefore had no respect for the traditional Sith Order. Usually, his and his apprentices' clothing reflected their personality and their usual duties. For example, Sinity most often wore long robes that showed-off his stature, to make himself all the more imposing, yet regal and elegant at the same time; but Darth Keizer wore more primitive, battle-ready and functional clothing, due to his need for mobility and agility in his line of duty.

All of Darth Sinity's apprentices Sith names are derived from words, just like most other Sith Lords -- Darth Sidious = insidious, Darth Execta = execute. But apart from that, all of Sinity's apprentices' names are reflected in the name of their flagships. Eg: Darth Genosa (genocide) = Rwanda; Darth Keizer (king) = Imperius; Darth Thendrous (thunder) = Darkening Skies. Sinity is the only Sith in his "faction", whose starship names do not reflect his own. Eg: Darth Sinity (sin) = Manticore???

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