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Darth Sidious II, originally Bolan Jaamos, was the heir of the Empire. He was born the the Dantooine. He was Darth Sidious I's nephew.



As a child Bolan Jaamos lived as a farm boy on Dantooine. His father, Issac Naloin was Palpatine's brother, and died in during the first Galactic Empire. Bolan then lived with his uncle for a few months and then moved back to Dantooine when he got old enough to take care of himself. At age nineteen he was taken by the Imperial forces and found out that he was an Emperor.


Bolan Jaamos was made Emperor when he was taken to the Imperials and they throned him Emperor. He was then taught the ways of the dark side of the force by Darth Remos. He married an unknown woman. They had a son named Issac Windflyer.


He was very mean and stubborn. He was very rough. He was aggressive.



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