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Ignore the Mynock and go straight for the Rancor.
—Master Garrus' lesson to Scourge

Darth Scourge was the Dark Lord of the Sith after Darth Caedus was killed. He was often times very sarcastic and had somewhat of a sick and twisted sense of humor. He was also unbelievably powerful (Being able to cut down the entire Sith Order at the time single handedly).


Jaden: “Drake don't do this.
Drake: “My name is not Drake anymore. My name is Scourge.
―Drake telling Jaden his new name

Early LifeEdit

Darth Scourge was born as Drake on Corellia. His mother died in child birth and his father wasn't much of one. His father would at times take him to underground fight clubs and would often bet against him, which made it all the more frustrating for Drake once he started winning. At some point when Drake was fourteen his father bet more than he could pay and was killed. His dying words to Drake were "You were always the Scourge of my life." Drake was now on his own at some point at the age of fifteen Drake discovered that when angered enough he could move objects without touching them. Believing him self to be simply a talented individual he became muscle for a local crime boss with his only friend, Jaden. Eventually however Jaden left to study ancient empires, mainly the Sith ones. Drake would spend the next five years as nothing more than a simple thug until he was discovered by Sith Lord Garrus. Garrus offered Drake a chance to leave this life behind him and become something that would strike fear into the hearts of millions. Drake accepted in a heartbeat. However before he could join the Sith he had to make a sacrifice. Garrus then revealed Jaden bound in his home. Handing Drake a lightsaber, Garrus told Drake to kill his best friend. Drake didn't kill Jaden however, instead he cut off his hands and feet, burned out his eyes, and tore off his nose. Garrus approved of Drake's brutality and accepted him into the Sith, even taking him as his own apprentice.

Life With the SithEdit

Scourge was expecting himself to be regretful for his mutilation of his best friend, but he felt no regret at all. In fact he enjoyed it. Scourge studied hard under Garrus' watchful eye. When Scourge had earned the right to bear a lightsaber he rejected the one offered by Garrus in favor of building his own by hand. Scourge took many insults for his irrational behavior. To make himself standout even further Scourge used a natural red crystal instead of a synthetic crystal (causing the blade to have a deep scarlet color rather than the usual crimson). Scourge also had very unusual behavior for a Sith. He always seemed to try and control his anger. Other students ridiculed him saying he was more like a Jedi than Sith. Unknown to them however he wasn't trying to control his anger but was keeping it pent up for when he would need it. At times Garrus would send assassins to evaluate his apprentices progress. Scourge would always return their lightsabers to Garrus. Scourge was often challenged by other students to a duel in hopes to "rid the Sith of it's weakest member". Scourge was always happy to oblige and promptly ended the duel quickly, usually after applying Cho Mai. This would become a habit of how he killed his foes.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Saber skillsEdit

Darth Scourge was an incredibly skilled duelist and could take on multiple enemies at once. He had mastered Reversed Shien and had great skill in Djem So.

Force PowersEdit

Darth Scourge learned and mastered Telekinesis at a young age. He could also cast a large amount of lightning to great effect. Scourge did at one point create an image of him self dueling five other Sith, and then used said image to attack Jacen Grant. The image however only possessed a third of his full strength, but because he was halfway across the galaxy, it was unknown if the strength decreases with distance.

Behind the scenesEdit

The irony of the lesson Garrus taught Scourge in regards to the mynock is that Scourge's greatest enemy is a master of The Way of the Mynock.