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Darth Qerr born Uvan Tarris, was a Gungan Grand Army Captain, then Dark Lord of the Sith, he enslaved the force-sensative members of his species and made them into Sith.


Early LifeEdit

Uvan Tarris was born into a family of four all strong in the Force, when Jedi Master Ven Tursanic arrived in Liko Gunga, Tursanic found Tarris to be force-sensative, Ven asked Uvan's parents to allow him to be brought into the Jedi Order, however Tarris's family had a long line of Sith all the way back to the time of the Exiles, Uvan's parents declined and Uvan's mother used the force to choke Tursanic, she then snapped the neck of the Jedi Master, his parents' were afraid that he might end up in the hands of the Jedi and to take care of that fear, they attempted to take Uvan and his brother Dhosa to Korriban, however a Republic Submersible studying the underwater of Naboo went out of control and crashed into Liko Gunga killing everyone exept Uvan and Dhosa who survived and started swimming toward the nearby city of Otoh Gunga, Uvan and Dhosa were found by the Gungan Boss Tyur and became his adoptive children.

At the age of nineteen Uvan created a lightsaber with no allegiance to the Jedi or Sith.

Uvan and Dhosa were taught by Tyur to become Warriors of the Gungan Grand Army and to sometime become his sucsessor, Uvan was hard skilled and fierce, while Dhosa remained mainly a Warrior but less brutelike like his brother, eventually at the age of Twenty-

Uvan Tarris as a Soldier of the Gungan Grand Army

two his skills were finally about to be put to the chest when the Gungans swore war on the Naboo, Uvan was just a simple Soldier just as his brother Dhosa, Uvan and Dhosa arrived at the battlefield and were immediatly put into a firefight between Gungan and Naboo forces, Uvan launched into attack with his lightsaber while Dhosa attacked using a sword, after a long firefight, Dhosa killed a Royal Trooper and took his blaster while Tarris launched into attack, Dhosa was eventually hit by a blaster bolt and taken to the medics, however Tarris continued fighting the Royal Forces, Uvan was surrounded by a circle of Royal Troopers, he spotted a tree above him, the Royal Trooper Sergeant demanded the surrender of Uvan or he would perish under heavy fire, Uvan threw his lightsaber up at the tree and caused it to fall on all of them, exept Tarris who managed to escape from the falling tree and was as well able to regain his lightsaber, Tarris after the Battle was hailed as a hero in the eyes of the Gungans and was promoted to Captain of the Gungan Grand Army for saving hundreds of lives in the Battle.