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Darth Proditor was a Sith Lord and Dark Lord of the Decreton Empire following the reign of Darth Abeonis. Little is known of the specifics of his reign save it was short, and tumultuous. He achieved power; and was removed from power, through scrupulous means.

Following the death of Darth Abeonis, from unknown causes, in 121 ABY a power vacuum emerged. Various Sith Knights declared themselves Dark Lord in an attempt to take power. However, Darth Proditor was, at the time, the most powerful of the Sith Knights and used his power to block the advances of the other Sith Knights.

Taking power himself he became the self proclaimed Dark Lord of the Decreton Empire and a power to be reckoned with. Yet despite this numerous Sith Knights still tried to take power for themselves.

He was eventually removed from power in 128 ABY during the Battle of Coruscant by Darth Krayt.