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Darth Na was a female Grigonian member of the Sith


Early lifeEdit

Darth Na was born on Bulpus and was known back then as Winbar Fgubble, around fifteen years prior to Chancellor Palpatine's birth and lived with a farming family. However as a child she craved more, much more than she could acquire as a mere farm hand. She was very powerful in the ways of the Force and was discovered by the Jedi and they took her to Coruscant to see if she was worthy of training.

Training and fall to the dark sideEdit

Her training however did not go so well, many Jedi attempted to remove all of her greed and lust for power and none were successful, except for one. A Quarren Jedi knight by the name of Doya Megrilt. He managed to train the greed and power out of her and Winbar even grew to respect and look up to him. Sadly however during a mission to Dantooine he was caught unawares by an ambush from a group of marauders and despite managing to get Winbar to safety, succumbed to his wounds. Something in Winbar snapped, activating her lightsaber she went into a blind and savage fury and struck down all of the marauders and did something truly grisly to the leader and murder of her master.

She used the Force to snap most of the bones in his body and in a fit of pure rage she tapped into the dark side of the Force to cause him to spontaneously combust. Most disturbingly of all she laughed while he screamed in pain. When the Jedi council heard of this they were horrified as to what Winbar had done and expelled her from the temple. She managed to buy herself a ship by using the Force to 'persuade' a dealer to sell her a ship. She managed to construct a crude lightsaber during her travels. However she also met a member of the Sith. His name was Darth Negga and he was intrigued by the lust for power and greed Winbar radiated. He decided to train her as his apprentice.

Pupil of the dark sideEdit

Negga set her to daily training on the barren world of Tatooine and left her there to fend for herself. During this time she ran into a band of Tusken raiders, a sandcrawler full of Jawas, and a Krayt dragon, she slaughtered them all. Negga was amazed at this so he decided to put her up to more excruciating tests such as trying to best him in lightsaber duels. During these duels Winbar often found herself covered in scars and burns but nevertheless managed to be on par to Negga by channeling her anger. Pleased Negga set her her final task. She was to kill her family. Somewhat shocked at first, Winbar agreed to do it. Upon returning to Bulpus her family greeted her but were soon shocked when Winbar turned her lightsaber on them and cut them down one by one. Pleased Negga agreed to teach her everything he knew of the dark side. As soon as sh knew everything there was to be taught, Winbar, now known as Darth Na struck him down and left to pursue her own selfish desires.

Dark lady of the SithEdit

She went on random rampages across the galaxy, trying to install fear into all who crossed her path, not that she left anyone who saw her alive to tell the tale. However a Rodian managed to escape an attack on the town he lived in and made it to Coruscant to give a description of her. The Jedi council was shocked at this information and dispatched an elite team of Jedi to stop her. Na however had become very powerful by this time and managed to kill all but the most powerful Jedi who managed to overpower her. However despite being bested she wasn't killed, instead she simply made it look as if she had been killed by throwing herself over a cliff and grabbing on to a nearby branch that was protruding from the side and escaped by finding a cave. Thus she effectively went into exile.


Darth Na spent many years of hiding and even missed such important events as: The battle of Naboo, The entire clone wars, the great Jedi purge, the battle of Yavin 4, the battle of Hoth and the battle of Endor. During this time in exile she joined a strange cult and became one of five of the top ranking members. However shortly after the the new Jedi order was formed she decided to come out of hiding and confront the new Jedi order. Attacking a colony on Endor to attract the attention of the Jedi. The new Jedi council sent one of its best members, Jirachi Kna.

Finding the colony to be utterly destroyed with no survivors he attempted to contact the Jedi order and inform them of the destruction of the colony and of a dark and powerful force he had sensed. Suddenly Darth Na leaped out at him and the two engaged in a fierce lightasber duel. The battle raged on for hours with neither side showing any sign of tiring or slowing down. However Na was slowly beginning to win over the tiring Jedi master and so in an act of desperation he used the Force to fell a tree. Despite the fact that it didn't hit Na it served as the perfect distraction and Jirachi used this time to slice off Na's right arm.

Crying out in pain, Jirachi briefly felt a pang of pity for Na. This however was a ploy and Na used this time to slash at Jirachi and her lightsaber actually connected with Jirachi and he dropped his lightsaber, although it was not a fatal blow it did wound him. However as she was about to strike him down, Na found time to gloat to Jirachi, this was her final mistake. Jirachi managed to use the Force to activate his lightsaber and attempted to pull it to him. However he was so woozy from his injury that the blade actually connected with Na's right eye, killing her instantly. Jirachi managed to crawl back to his V-wing and call for help before collapsing from pain, he managed to survive.

Behind the scenesEdit

Darth Na is based on the author’s old teacher, who the author felt treated everyone like they were below her and were incredibly stupid. This is the author’s way of venting their hatred for her.