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Darth Mutatos was a male Khommite clone Sith Lord. His original name on Khomm was Krik 31. He had been found as force-sensitive, by the Dark Lady of the Sith, Lumiya.

A rebellious student, Krik decided to sever ties between his self and his former master. This was when he took the name Mutatos, as he specialized in Sith Alchemy. During this time he took an apprentice, Sacul Vao, who became his first consort. And took a Skipray blastboat as his personal ship.

When their ship was orbiting Sernpidal, Mutatos and Sacul made a deal with the Yuuzhan Vong Commander Hooley Krekk, so that they could create alchemical animals on the former homeworld of the Sith species, Korriban.

Luckily for the Jedi and the New Republic, honorary Jedi Master, Nathaniel Kenobi Solo had a vision concerning this and was able to assemble a Jedi strike team, which would later be called the Mission to Korriban.

Mutatos defeated Nathan in their first lightsaber duel, by destroying Nathan's lightsabers. He then proceeded to capture the rest of the Jedi and began to brainwash them to become his new acolytes. He also began to brainwash Jaina Solo as not only a replacement, should Sacul betray him, but as another consort. When Sacul figured this out, she was furious and plotted his demise.

When Nathaniel Kenobi Solo was under trial at the Court of Yun-Coria, Mutatos and Sacul attacked the Yuuzhan Vong there and slaughtered them. Nathan fought him again, and would have defeated him, if it were not for Sacul striking Mutatos down in anger.


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