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Darth Micail (pronounced [mʲɪxɐˈil]) was a Sith Lord of the Sith Order of Decreto during the Sith Crusade. A former member of the Jedi Order, Micail was assigned to the crew of The Soiyo at the beginning of its exploratory expedition in 32 ABY to serve as an independent monitor alongside his Master. Following the capture of Jasca Ducato by Guerreiro, Micail led several missions with the objective of retrieving the Jedi Master, but was consistently unsuccessful. Following Ducato's own escape and corruption to the dark side Micail was amongst the first to join the newly reborn Darth Abeonis' Sith warriors. Christened Darth Micail, the Sith Knight fought alongside his former Jedi Master, who had also been corrupted, during Abeonis' campaign against the Sith Order of Decreto and garnered a reputation independent from that of his Master.

Following the conquest of the Sith and successful return of the Sith at the beginning of the Sith Crusade, Micail was made responsible for the initial cease-fire agreement of 59 ABY and subsequent Treaty of Secessions; which saw thousands of planet switch hands. He later led the Sixth Sith Fleet against the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances and conquered many world in the name of his Master. After the death of Darth Adsec in 65 ABY, was promoted to the rank of Sith Lord.

Following the wars end, Micail continued to serve the Sith Empire as Regent, and would attempt to convince the Sith warrior Darth Krayt into becoming his apprentice; although he failed. Ultimately, Micail gave his life for the Sith Empire, killed during the Battle of Ruusan by the Jedi Nathaniel Kenobi Solo, the man who's wife he had killed previously.


Early years and the Yuuzhan Vong WarEdit

Born on the planet Quelii, deep inside the Galactic Republic; Micail was picked up on his Force-sensitivity early on and enrolled into the Jedi Order as any normal student would be. His training proceeded uneventfully, although he discovered that he possessed a particularly strong skill in mental manipulation. By the start of the Yuuzhan Vong War Micail had been taken as a Jedi apprentice and subsequently fought during the conflict; although he received several mutilating injuries early on that necessitated the use of a mechanical jaw.

Following his wounding, Micail was reassigned to help protect the refugee columns fleeing the Yuuzhan Vong advance, in order to ensure things went smoothly. Although Micail detested being assigned "menial" duties he respected to decision of his Masters and followed his orders dutifully, becoming well known amongst the numerous refugee camps for his calm attitude, yet frightening appearance. He was assigned to Commander Ilanka's evacuation force and later arrived on Gyndine during the Yuuzhan Vong attack, helping his fellow Jedi to cover the Yuuzhan Vong assault. Micail himself narrowly survived the battle, but was greeted as a hero aboard Ilanka's flagship following the battle. He was subsequently convinced by a Kiffar refugee to accept the honor of being given Kiffar warrior tattoos, adorning his scalp with large, thick black stripes.

Micail continued to serve the Republic faithfully, and by 27 ABY had been reassigned back to the frontline. He fought valiantly for several months before once again being mortally wounded by the Yuuzhan Vong, this time in the throat. After receiving yet another cybernetic implant Micail opted out of military duty, instead preferring to assist in the entity known as the "Great River", where he made many less than reputable contacts. Micail continued to serve the Great River right up until the end of the conflict, and was not present during the final battles of the war.

Mission to the Unknown RegionsEdit

Following the wars end, Micail returned to Gyndine to assist in the reconstruction efforts and once against met up with his Jedi Master, whom he had previously believed to be dead. For several years the two Jedi remained on Gyndine, through-put the Swarm War, until they were recalled to Ossus by the Grand Master. Arriving on Ossus, they found that the entire Order had been recalled to hear the fateful news; Jasca Ducato, one of the Jedi Micail had fought alongside during the evacuation of Gyndine had attacked several remote Outer-rim worlds under the moniker of Darth Abeonis. The news shocked all who attended, including Micail despite not knowing Ducato that well. After this revelation Skywalker asked for volunteers to aid him in a mission to locate and apprehend Ducato, in the hopes that he could be redeemed. Although concerned, Micail did not volunteer.


Micail during his mission in the Unknown Regions.

After nine months word reached Ossus that Ducato had been located and renounced the dark side; his fleet was to be broken up to prevent a reoccurence and the Jedi Master held on Ossus for a short period. Micail was assigned to watch over Ducato whilst he was on Ossus, and despite his assignment the two struck up a close relationship, allowing Ducato more freedom of movement than he previously had. However, following the revelation on the HoloNet of the identity of Darth Abeonis calls for Ducato's head rung out; fearful for his friend's life Micail suggested to the Grand Master assigning Ducato a mission far from the GFFA, until things died down. At first Skywalker was reluctant, however; following continued calls for Ducato's head the Grand Master agreed, realising that this not only kept Ducato safe and occupied, but offered the Jedi a chance to increase the knowledge of the Unknown Regions. Subsequently, Ducato was returned command of his flagship The Soiyo and, as per Ducato's request, both Micail and his Jedi Master were assigned to The Soiyo in order to oversee the mission. Two days later, in 38 ABY The Soiyo left for the Unknown Regions, with Micail and his Master acting as overseers for the mission.

At first the mission was uneventful, although peculiar fluctuations in space prevented The Soiyo from contacting the Jedi once the passed the GFFA border. For several months the expedition continued on, passing through the Chiss Ascendancy and beyond the ancient planet of Lehon, where they stopped briefly to investigate the ruined temples. As the months continued Ducato, Micail and Pantene – Ducato's apprentice – started to see the mission as a pointless endeavour. Turning The Soiyo about, the Jedi made their way back towards known space, passing Lehon the Micail noticed a blip on the vessels sensors and, following it, the Jedi located a planet.

Micail remained aboard whilst Ducato and his entourage made their way to the planet, but was quickly sent down to the planet following the revelation of a Sith presence on the planet. They arrived too late to rescue Ducato, however they were able to free many of those Jedi who had been captured alongside Ducato. For the next few year Micail and Pantene led the search for their Ducato, chasing his captor throughout the Unknown Regions and encountering increasing numbers of Sith warriors. It became ever more apparent that this Sith Order was far beyond any the Jedi had encountered before, including that of the Galactic Empire.

Eventually however, it was Ducato who found The Soiyo, having freed himself from his Sith captor and killed him. It was immediately apparent to Micail however, that Ducato had changed from when they had last seen him; and this fact was confirmed when the newly reborn Darth Abeonis returned to his flagship. Despite his misgivings, Micail allowed himself to be converted to the dark side following the belief that it was a necessary sacrifice in order to destroy the Sith once and for all.

Sith CrusadeEdit

Years passed, the followers of Darth Abeonis proceeded to conquer the Sith Order of Decreto from within and, following the death of his old Master, Micail was promoted to commander of the first Sith fleet to fall under Abeonis' command. In 56 ABY Darth Micail and his subordinate, Admiral Sataris Strasbourg – a descendant of the famed Sith Lord Armanas Strasbourg – led the Sith assault on Ansion which, coupled with their earlier defeat at Csilla, saw the Chiss Ascendancy brought into the Sith Empire. Two years later, Darth Micail led the Sith invasion of the Imperial Remnant, which revealed the existence of the Sith to the galaxy large; defeating Natasi Daala's fleet and later conquering the planet Lehon in 59 ABY. Following the rapid conquests made by the Sith, the Galactic Alliance felt that they could not sustain a war against such a powerful enemy so close to the Second Galactic Civil War, unbeknown to them however, it was also beyond the Sith to start such a war so early. As such, Abeonis ordered Micail to offer the Galactic Alliances terms of peace in order to prevent war, hoping that Micail's penchant for manipulation would procure a heavily biased treaty for the Sith. Micail fulfilled his mission religiously, signing the Treaty of Secessions after just three weeks of discussion. The treaty saw thousands of worlds, including Er'kit, Agamar, Morishim, Ord Biniir, Bimmiel, Dantooine, Dubrillion, Adumar, Telos IV, Dori, Reecee and Anobis, fall under Sith control; whilst the Sith themselves surrendered very little territory (although the safe passage of both Imperial and Chiss citizens to the Galactic Alliance was permitted for a period of one standard year).

Two years later the Sith, having amassed the military strength to take on the GFFA finally launched their invasion, breaching the treaty and swarming the Sith-GFFA border regions. At first, Micail's responsibilities included securing the conquered worlds and making the transition from an Alliance economy to a Sith one, which included monetary matters. As unrest rose on the conquered worlds Micail took to creating what would soon become the feared Black Guard, in order to police those worlds. Several weeks into the war however, Micail received word from the Dark Lord that he was to take a force of two hundred Sith Knights and drive the Jedi from their facility on Dathomir. Pleased to finally be taking part in the conflict, Micail took his orders to the extreme, slaughtering the Jedi garrison on the planet and destroying the academy. Micail later discovered that Jaina Solo Kenobi had been on Dathomir at the time, and had been killed. At first Micail regretted his actions, having fancied the famed Jedi during his own time with the Order, but quickly put such dangerous thoughts out of his head, and earning himself the hatred of Jaina's husband – Nathaniel Kenobi Solo.

Despite the slaughter of the entire garrison however, it soon became known to the Jedi who was responsible for the attack, and that Micail would also be leading the Sith invasion of Yavin IV. Against his father's wishes, Ben Skywalker resolved to capture Micail and bring him to the Jedi for sentencing; however Micail predicted the ambush and slaughtered his attackers, allowing Skywalker to survive in his attempts to make amends for Jaina's death.

Battle of OssusEdit


Micail battles Ben Skywalker during the Battle of Ossus.

Ossus shall be like no other battle. It shall be not only a battle between nations, but between the very essences of the Force.
—Darth Micail

Following the failed ambush, Micail retreated within the Sith Order of Decreto's territories. Arriving on a planet within the Outer-rim, Micail discovered an advanced medical facility that could assist him with regards to his breathing apparatus. The end result, although not as pronounced as he had hoped, did indeed allow for easier movement of his head as well as greatly increased air flow through his artificial throat. Whilst at the facility, Micail also had his Kiffar tattoos removed so as to distance himself from his Jedi past even more so.

For the remainder of the year Micail ruled the planets behind the lines as Regent of the Empire, whilst both of his superiors – Abeonis and Adsec – fought on the front lines. However, after twelve months Micail was once again called upon to lead the Sith assault, this time on Ossus. Micail, having destroyed any trace of his Jedi heritage, gleefully took up this command and arrived with his forces at the beginning of the second day of battle. Adsec ordered Micail to immediately take his forces down to Ossus, to lead the day's assault. Micail forces swarmed the Jedi defenders, quickly breaching their defenses and flooding the Praxeum's main courtyard. Fighting his way through the Jedi defenders, Micail sensed the presence of his would-be ambusher, Ben Skywalker. Attempting to locate him, Micail rolled across the floor to dodge the killing blow Skywalker had launch from behind him. Rising to his feet, the two begun to duel, and it was not until Micail was recalled from the battle that the duel ended, with Skywalker lying unconscious on the floor.

Returning to The Soiyo, Micail demanded to know why he had been recalled, claiming that the Jedi were on the verge of collapse. Abeonis agreed with Micail's assessment on the Jedi but reminded him that the Jedi would be needed were his plan to come to full fruition; Micail, disgusted at the Dark Lord's seeming weakness turned his back on the Dark Lord and left, which enraged Darth Adsec to the point of challenging him, although he was prevented by the Dark Lord. Micail took his fleet and returned to Korriban, from where he was ruling as Regent. He was there no longer than a week before he was once again called upon by Darth Abeonis to lead the Sith assault.

Meeting Nathaniel and aftermathEdit

I realize my actions at Ossus angered you, Micail. So this is me, making it up to you. Enjoy.
—Darth Abeonis to Darth Micail, authorizing the invasion of Novus Kamino Prime

Darth Micail once again called upon his personal fleet, the Sixth Sith Fleet, to lead the Sith invasion of Novus Kamino Prime, homeworld of the Ottiumigos Centrality; an independent government the Galactic Alliance sought as an ally. Micail's assault was unrelenting, and he slaughtered Ottiumigon population of the planet Ottiumigos Prime, whilst a second fleet launched an attack on Novus Kamino Prime. Micail's plan to reposition the Centrality fleet was a success, and Novus Kamino Prime was unprepared for the Sith fleet when it arrived. However, the actions of a single Ottiumigon Jedi alerted the Selkath Brashus to the deception and he recalled the Centrality fleet, at the cost of his own life. Despite their return, the combined strength of the Jedi and Centrality could not hold Micail's fleet back and soon, they were being forced to retreat.

As the Jedi fled, Micail ordered his fleet to decimate them, but was interrupted by the Jedi commanding the Centrality fleet, who had sneaked aboard Micail's flagship. The two duelled, and Micail soon discovered that his rival was Nathaniel Kenobi Solo, the wife of Jaina Solo. Micail could sense the hatred Nathaniel held for him, and was thrown aghast when he realized Nathaniel was attempting to draw him back into the light side of the Force. Micail merely laughed, taunting the Jedi over the death of his wife; he then threw his full strength into his assault, shattering Nathaniel's defense and forcing his retreat. Micail permitted his escape, more concerned with the slaughter of the planet's population. It would be another hour before he was finally convinced to leave the Centrality in peace, albeit under the banner of the Sith. Micail would remain with Centrality space for several weeks, ensuring the smooth transition of power.

Several months past before Micail was once again called to war, and during this time Micail was instrumental in the founding of the Sith rebels following Abeonis' failure at Gand, although this action was unintentional. Micail subsequently recommended the two Sith Lords Darth Alectasa and Darth Validus to lead the assault during the Battle of Thyferra, the first conflict of the civil war.

Subjugation of Krayt's Sith OrderEdit

They're heretics, nothing more.
Darth Wyyrlok on Krayt's Sith Order

Following the outbreak of civil war in 63 ABY Micail was tasked by the Dark Lord with ensuring the capital world of Korriban was totally free from rebel forces, and staffed only by loyalists. Working together with Darth Wyyrlok, and individual Micail had never truly liked or trusted, the two Sith Knights worked to root out the rebels. In doing so however, they happened upon a rebel Sith whom they did not recognize as a member of the Decreton Order. Realizing that a splinter faction of Sith were hiding on the very capital of the Decreton Empire both Wyyrlok and Micail immediately organized a force of Sith warriors to wipe out the "heretics".

Wyyrlok and Micail were able to trick members of the heretic Sith faction in to occupying the city of Dreshdae, and subsequently attacked them there, surrounding the city and assaulting them with a force of fifty Sith Knights. The losses were heavy on both sides, with Micail himself being injured in the battle; his wounds were quickly healed however and whe was ready once again to pursue the heretic force. Wyyrlok, who had by this point extracted the name and location of the heretics leader – Darth Krayt – organized a much larger force of two-hundred and fifty. For the battle, Micail deferred command over to Wyyrlok whilst he led a small force of Sith Knights in search of Krayt himself. Unfortunately for Micail however, his token force was ambushed just outside the Valley of the Dark Lords, occupying him long enough for Wyyrlok to finish up his own objectives and locate Krayt first.

Micail arrived at Krayt's location mid way through Wyyrlok's explanation of Krayt's situation, and tried in vain to coerce the heretic Sith leader into becoming his apprentice, a fact which amused Wyyrlok. Thrown aback by this refusal, Micail left Krayt to Wyyrlok and returned to the citadel from which he ruled the planet as Regent.

Final yearsEdit

In 65 ABY Micail lead the Sith defense on the planet Praesitlyn during the engagement there, but was called away early on the lead the Sith fleet, should any Jedi vessels attempt to flee the planet. Upon arrival, Micail took it upon himself to assault the remainder of the Galactic Alliance fleet, which had already lost its flagship Alliance. Within time, the Galactic Alliance forces on the planet began their retreat, and Micail order his fleet to destroy the Jedi landing craft. Ordering a final volley, a stray bolt hit the Hidden Side, sending it plummeting into Praesitlyn's surface. Eventually however, the Jedi managed to retrieve their landing craft and fled the battle, leaving Micail staring into the blankness of space. The entire Sith Council knew that the losses that day would severely hamper the Sith fleet's ability to wage their war, and as a result it was decided that, for the time being, the Sith advance would halt, until their already conquered territories could be secured and the fleet rebuilt.


Darth Micail inside the cavern where he would soon die.

Following Adsec' death and the end of the civil war Micail was promoted to the rank of full Sith Lord. He continued to serve the Sith cause faithfully and dutifully, throughout the remainder of the Sith Crusade and the uneasy peace that followed. In 73 ABY Micail was foremost among those Sith Lord who wished to see a renew to the campaign, especially now that they had the strength to take Coruscant. Despite Micail's pestering, Abeonis remained dubious of the success of a full assault, and was only convinced when Darth Wyyrlok lent his support to Micail's words. Despite all this though, Micail himself was not present during the assault, instead being ordered to lead the reserve force; much to Micail's chagrin.

Following the conquest of Coruscant Micail took the planet as his capital, and resumed his position as Regent of the Empire, ruling when Abeonis was otherwise engaged. For a year he continued to rule until the Sith Lord Darth Dimicatio declared the independence of the Ruusan system from the Sith Empire. Abeonis ordered Micail to lead the ground assault on Russan whilst he remained in orbit with the fleet. Immersed in the battle as he was, Abeonis discovered just in time the presence of a Galactic Commonwealth fleet rapidly approaching, and only just managed to reposition the fleet. Micail was cut off from reinforcements and now facing a much larger Commonwealth force. Dimicatio realized that even if she defeated Micail's land force the Jedi would finish her off, and so agreed to surrender to Micail if he would vouch for her to the Dark Lord… Micail reluctantly agreed and the two combined the strength to face the Commonwealth assault.

Eventually, Micail and Dimicatio made their way to the location of the Jedi command post, and engaged Nathaniel Kenobi Solo and Tenel Ka. During the duel, Dimicatio let slip her false conversion back to Abeonis' fold and enraged Micail further, giving the Grand Jedi Master – Nathaniel Kenobi Solo – an opening. Micail was skewered in two, and shortly after Dimicatio was also killed. With their generals dead, the Sith troopers on Russan made their escape, fleeing to The Soiyo before the fleet fled the system.


The atrocities that Darth Micail committed would overshadow his good deeds as a Jedi. Although many of his contemporaries remembered, and sometimes even admired by later generations of Sith, Micail was feared for his actions following the battle of Dathomir and his reputation for genocidal tendencies made sure his name echoed throughout the generations. During and after the civil war, Wyyrlok considered Micail, who was given to grandiose displays of brutality and murder that seemed inefficient—and in many cases, unnecessary, a liability. However, Abeonis felt that his actions showed his true heart, and that he would adapt to the changes that had been thrust upon him.

Micail's tactics relied upon total obliteration of the enemy, and when this was prevented, he reacted with furious rage. Massacres such as that of the Ottiumigons were coming when Micail was involved, although he was well aware that such tactics would not hold water amongst the already conquered worlds. It was in these situations that the Black Guard, which he had created for the purpose of terrorising the populous of conquered planets into submission, were given their chance to shine. Ultimately however, despite his gravitas and reputation, the scars he left upon the galaxy would not last long past his death. Wyyrlok worked quickly to ensure the reputation Micail left with the title of Regent did not stick, and soon became a hero of sorts amongst the people of the galaxy.

Personality and traitsEdit

The Centrality's fate was not deserved! Micail's actions risk bringing the entire galaxy against us my lord.
—Darth Wyyrlok on Micail's brutal tactics

Micail was a pale-skinned Human male who stood at two meters in height. For a significant part of his lift his head was adorned with blue tattoos, which he received in thanks from a Kiffar refugee for his heroics, although he later had these tattoos removed during a brief period when he lack confidence. He was forced to wear a large metal shield that covered the lower part of his face following a serious injury, this metal casing was later extended to cover his throat when his throat was ripped out by a Yuuzhan Vong warrior. The device allowed Micail to talk, but his voice reverberated with a gruff electronic tone, and raspy. When his prosthetics was upgraded, Micail was able to breathe much more easily and without a rasping sound; although he maintained his gruff sounding voice. During his time as a Jedi Padawan and Sith Knight, Micail wore a set of skin-tight red-orange body armor that showed off his physique, draped in a half-cape of black cloth. As a Jedi, he used a lightsaber containing a orange crystal, and continued to use this during his time as a Sith Knight, although it was later replaced when he became a Sith Lord.

As a Jedi, Micail was an optimistic young Jedi with a distinct distaste for violence and combat. Despite this distaste however, he was more than willing to throw himself into the fighting after the Yuuzhan Vong War broke out. After suffering the first of his injuries though, his mind quickly changed and he was reassigned to help support the war effort behind the lines, although he was still never far from the fighting. Eventually however, the fighting spirit Micail possessed begun to surface, and despite suffering yet another mortal wound, he continued to serve although it was once again behind the lines, and remained there for the rest of the war.

Following the conclusion of the Swarm War, Micail struck up a friendship with Jedi Master Jasca Ducato, who had recently been redeemed from the dark side. Acting as Ducato's guardian, Micail felt a sense of loyalty to Ducato, and when his life was threatened, took it upon himself to find a way to protect him; recommending to the Grand Master the very mission that would eventually see his final fall to the dark side, as well as Micail's own. Even after his initial fall to the dark side, a part of Micail still held true to the Jedi. At the beginning of Darth Abeonis' quest to unite the Decreton Order under his command, Micail was apprehensive, yet was slowly turned by the glory war offered. Eventually, Micail was faced with a monumentous decision, a choice between the Jedi and the Sith. Choosing the latter, Micail forever caste away his Jedi heritage and immersed himself totally in the dark side, which allowed him to commit the numerous brutal acts that would later be associated with his name.