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Tokiwa Laserfang

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Birth name: Tokiwa Laserfang, of the Laserfang dynasty.
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Magus (Hisano) Starleaper - apprentice of Archmagus (Tokiwa) Laserfang

Chronological age: 90-100

Physiological age: 14 (approximate)

Temperament: Choleric-Melancholy

Force alignment: Neither, both, indifferent.

IQ: 210

Her aging process is either slowed or halted. Some believe its through alchemy for which she has an almost religious reverence. Although it is not truly known. She is staunchly opposed to cybernetics implanted in naturally occurring organic life but has nothing against droids or cyborgs who are that way by their nature.

Although she has no cybernetic enhancements and is naturally gifted by birth -- she may have alchemically enhanced herself in various ways throughout her years but data on this is not conclusive. But she is reported to enhanced people working for her once they rise to a certain level of significance so as to better conduct their role.

Regardless, all she does is in the name of completing her work for which she has practically a religious zeal and fervor--as opposed to power for its own sake. Conversely, she has an aversion to religions and what she deems as superstitions.

She has no desire to hold power over others and only does so if it is warranted and unavoidable. Such as her station as Queen where she, for the most part, has her people's confidence. Also she doesn't feel anyone else would be up to her standards for the position and would find it impossible.

Dedicated Lightsaber Style: Form VII Juyo

Supplemental Lightsaber Form: Jar'Kai

Gained high proficiency in Form IV Ataru and Form V Djem-So on her path to Form VII Juyo She essentially created her own form via weaving in Nekojin swordsmanship as well as inventions of her own design through experimentation.

Additionally, she is proficient in Echani martial art.

She has completed Form VII Juyo in her own right. She is the only practitioner of her own Form VII variant. Whether her apprentice will be able to learn and properly utilize Tokiwa's insanely difficult and demanding form remains to be seen.

Tokiwa Laserfang is of the Nekojin species. They are a race of cultivated warriors who behaviorally are similar in nature to a cross between a Lion and Tiger [i.e Liger or Tigon] making males and females of their species on par. The only truly appreciable differences between their sexes are sexual organs and general, primary parental instincts.

There is generally a difference in strength but it is made negligible due to both sexes being stronger than the galactic average for sentient species (for example, a human is average).

However, males of the species behave more like Ligers whereas females behave more like Tigons. Think sentient Ligers and Tigons (minus the bears, oh my!).

Having found peace amongst themselves long ago, they re-purposed their warrior ways. Although some who choose independent ventures will go old school and draw more heavily on the raw aspects of their old ways.

Naturally, Tokiwa Laserfang is one of these. Furthermore, she has mercurial temperament. Nevertheless, she is exceedingly eloquent even by her species' cultural standards. On the surface, at least. If it weren't for her masterful [albeit superficial] haunting charm she would be hopeless in any diplomatic or statesman endeavors. But by combining her bewitching charm and keen observational skills she is quite effective at both.

The innate agility inherent to her species makes her Form IV and VII Force-assisted acrobatics both stunning and terrifying. In battle she is said to appear seamlessly controlled and graceful, yet wild and crazed all at once. There is a myth surrounding her which states that she can create many copies of herself in battle since she seems to attack from multiple vectors at once. It is just that, a myth. She is simply fast, to put it mildly. However, she encourages the myth.

Affiliation: None. She was trained by a renegade Dark Jedi with a gift for Alchemy, theoretical physics and cybernetics. She is also proficient as a Warrior as well as having developed into a competent commander. Recently she has had to develop statesmanship and even diplomatic skills in spite of her thinly veiled [albeit restrained] aggression and acerbic wit. 

Sometime after her masters death Tokiwa decided against traveling further down the path of Dark Jedi. She began to study the history of Force use and after learning about the problems faced by the Sith and their ultimate demise, she altered her course. 

She developed her own Force philosophy and coined herself a "Red Jedi." She can draw heavily on the darkside, while also using negative emotion to unleash terrifying attacks and perform great alchemy. However a Red Jedi should be able to resist the darkside claiming them and pull themselves back towards the center. A fully developed Red Jedi would also be capable of delving into the light without it claiming them completely. 

She was inspired by the Gray-Jedi. However where her Red Jedi philosophy differs is that it dismisses and ridicules the concept of balance through some gray blob and rather seeks balance through balance. That is, balance through a pendulum. Only one person other than Tokiwa (her current apprentice) has been able to learn the way of the Red Jedi without going insane.  

Great care must go into not only selecting a suitable candidate for the way of Red Jedi, but also in explaining the risks. As if one learns the powers but then cannot control it, the philosophy of the Red Jedi demands that they must be killed. 

It may sound harsh, but a both powerful as well as insane Force user can't be allowed to run loose. Tokiwa has had to kill two failed apprentices. But her newest is a winner. The only one other than Tokiwa to walk the path of Red Jedi. But she still has much to learn. It is not an easy path. 

Tokiwa Laserfang has her own, albeit odd, sense of ethics and honor. However, she did not add this to the Red Jedi path. She had disdain for what she saw as the dogma of both Jedi and Sith, and blamed it for much of their failures. The Red Jedi path has loose guidelines as opposed to rules so as to allow wiggle room for individuality.  

There is only one solid, absolute rule that a Red Jedi must follow: Do not lose control, do not lose your mind. 

A successful Red Jedi has the title of "Magus" affixed to their name. A master level Red Jedi is to hold the title "Archmagus." 

Those who work beside Red Jedi directly but either aren't sufficient Red Jedi candidates, or are not force sensitive, earn various titles from "Biomancer", to "Seer", to "Alchemist" and more, depending on the nature of their contributions. 

She is the head of an elite organization of Force-Sorcerers and Force-Alchemists known as the S.A.S (Sacred Alchemy Society) which she founded with her allies. It is committed to exploring bio-engineering, cybernetics and theoretical physics.

The SAS eventually grew a Nation around itself to bankroll its research (which gave some people jobs and citizenship in a new nation as a result). The SAS is the central governing body to what they deemed the Royal Hegemony. As it grew significantly in size and diversity, Tokiwa Laserfang would later decentralized the Hegemony to avoid popular uprisings as well as to ensure efficiency. It was then renamed the Royal Federated Hegemony.

Each species was granted their own region of space within the Hegemony and assured freedom of association. Every region/species may have as much or as little to do with other regions/species as they choose. Each region is answerable only to the SAS who in-turn and as per their agreement attempts to satisfy said region.

The segmented regions that now make up the RFH enjoy a surprisingly high degree of autonomy and self-governance. In truth, this may be due to Tokiwa Laserfang's hatred of bureaucracy and preference for research (as well as a desire for a lot of privacy) as much as anything.

Nevertheless she keeps a keen watchful eye on her jewel, her Kingdom. Her people's happiness and productivity is vital to her higher goals. She never wished for what she sees as petty governance -- a cynical attitude which she developed at an early age. But she has a work ethic towards every little things she does.

In order to obtain competent military equipment, Tokiwa has a treaty and non-aggression pact with the First Directorate. According to the treaty, Tokiwa Laserfang and the RFH must buy all military equipment through the First Directorate and never replicate any vessel or weapon.

Tokiwa Laserfang is currently working on replicating equipment bought through the First Directorate. She also has dealings on the side with independent used arms and vessel dealers via third parties.

Skilled enough to have been a Dark Lord of old, Tokiwa would have no interest such--not having strong feelings towards either Jedi or Sith. 

Laserfang adheres to herself and those loyal to her although she demonstrates an unusual sense of honor that most can't wrap their heads around. 

Laserfang is satisfied with her alignment feeling it best serves, and suits, her. Ultimately, she cares what will best give her the power needed to obtain her goals. She'd never turn for any moral reasons -- she doesn't believe in good, evil, or power for its own sake seeing it all as foolish and dangerous thinking.

Laserfang keeps her volatile rage, deep hatred and mania controlled, focused and channeled. That's not to say that her patience and tolerance is without limits.

She typically gives the outward impression of being coldly logical, calculating, analytical and highly composed. While all this is true of her, she is no less both brooding and mercurial.

She is given to sudden, sporadic shifts and/or bursts of mood and emotion, although she can typically channel these purposefully. Sometimes with amusing results.

Her early life made her a balance of book and street smart. Her military background is similar, leading gorilla wars, then a planet-wide popular rebellion, and later RFH State forces as an established sovereign leader.

Moe Wars - Rise of the Bujin III Teaser Trailer

Moe Wars - Rise of the Bujin III Teaser Trailer

Her dream is to create a master species of "Moenoids" through a combination of Sith-Alchemy, Sith-Sorcery, Cyberpunk and Biopunk engineering -- a species born of both innocence, and fury.

She wishes to weaponize innocence such that it can preemptively destroy its world be corruptors. She has little true imperial aspirations, wishing instead to create and defend a localized Empire which she has stated will be her "garden." Few know what the hell she means. Even fewer ask.

Moe Wars - Loli Warriors (Bujin Wargame Caste)

Moe Wars - Loli Warriors (Bujin Wargame Caste)

All this makes her highly unusual in the Jedi/Sith paradigm leading some to believe she's deranged or mad. Others see her as a patron saint or even demigod.

Despite high proficiency in Sith-Sorcery (aka Sith Magic) she utilizes her lightsabers, deriving inspiration from her own Form VII variant. Further, she does so to avoid what she sees as excessive use of the Darkside. Seeing the Darkside as a means to a light end.

She carries two sabers and may wield a single saber, or dual wield depending on the situation.

Some of Laserfang's strongest known Force abilities: Sith Alchemy, Sith Magic, Psychokinesis (Force Fire), Force Combustion, Telekinesis, Force Fury, Hatred, Force Rage, Force Scream, Ballistakinesis, Force flight, Force Wave, Alter environment, Force Weapon, Force Body, Battlemind, telekinetic lightsaber combat,

Force storm (rarely uses), Teleportation,

Force projection, Force speed, Force acrobatics, Art of Movement, Shatterpoint,

Shadow Vision, Alter image, Force travel, Time-drifting, Time-stream, Dampen presence, Conceal other, Force cloak, Far Sight.  

Non-Force related skills: Physics, Medicine, Biology, Bio-engineering.  

Enjoys: Reading about all manner of subjects (but in particular History and Philosophy), Gaming, Film, Anime, Moe, Kawaii things, ASMR, Tabaco, Coffee, Energy Drinks, Ancient Martial Arts, Archaic Weapons, sparring with Droids etc.