Darth Malestis was a Human male from Malastare. He formerly was called Dango Flooome, during the time he was a Jedi. He was the clone template for Darth James' Sith Army. He was trained by Darth Cynthia. He was a key advisor to Darth James and led the Sith army on multiple occasions.

Plot Against Darth James Edit

Towards the end of the Darth James war, Lord Malestis dreamed of ruling the Sith himself. He developed a plot to undermine Darth James and his supporters within the empire. The plan involved surrendering planets he was fighting on to the Republic and moving his armies to a secret stronghold on the remote world Whyneeta. He also planned on eventually murdering his master (Darth Cynthia), James himself and the members of the Sith Council. While the plan did involve weakening the Sith Empire, he was confident that his forces would be able to make up the lost ground and crush the Republic. By the time of the Battle of Coruscant, Dango's plan was underway. His already strong forces on Whyneeta received a boost when Malestis brought the massive Sith army on Kashyyyk to the secret world. However, he faced a major setback when Republic forces captured Whyneeta in 74 ABY. Dango was undeterred and made it his goal to kill James personally.

Battles on Naboo Edit

After narrowly escaping Whyneeta, Dango moved to Naboo, to help the Sith Army which was fighting on the planet. What appeared to be a show of loyalty to the Sith on the outside was actually another part of the Sith lords plot. In addition to strengthening Lord James' faith in him, Dango planned to set traps for Lady Cynthia and Jedi Master Jack Finch (his rival). After killing Master Jack's padawan Falcon in a lightsaber battle on a beach, he fought Jack himself. The intense fight, which included the two actually engaging in water, ended with Jacks escape. Next, Cynthia arrived, just as he predicted. His masters strong concern for her apprentice had led her to Naboo. The two fought, but an arrogant Dango was defeated and was at the mercy of Lady Cynthia. In a strange twist, the master could not find it in herself to kill her apprentice, despite being the target of an assassination plot on her way to Naboo. Cynthia instead left Dango on the beach and deserted the Sith army.

Murder of the Sith Leaders Edit

Darth Malestis left Naboo and immediately headed for Mustafar, the headquarters of the Sith Council. These Sith lords had ironically been discussing a plot against Darth James themselves before Dango arrived. Oblivious to the threat, the Sith Masters greeted their peer only to be attacked by him moments later. In the end, every Sith Council member had been killed.

Death Edit

Dango subsequently left Mustafar and headed for Mogdopia, where Darth James resided. Here, Dango revealed his plot, but to his surprise, learned that James already knew of it. He had allowed the murder of the Sith council due to the fact he also knew of their treachery and intended to kill them himself at one time or another. The two entered a heated lightsaber battle in Darth James' bunker. It concluded with Darth Malestis being cut down by the man he tried to kill.


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