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Darth Krusles was a Human male. He wielded a double-bladed lightsaber.



As a child Rathran Krusles lived on Coruscant. His parents, Imaosa Krusles and Ger Krusles worked at Dexter's Diner. He was born on 7 ABY and was then raised by his aunt and uncle on Utapau, because his parents couldn't raise him. At age seven Rathran's parents died in a structural accident of the apartments they lived in.


As an apprentice he was called by Darth Krusles his master, Darth Krith had taught him all about the dark side. When he was the age of thirteen he crafted his own Lightsaber. It was double-bladed and was, of course, red. When he was fourteen he killed his Master because his aunt and uncle died because of a hyperdrive explosion. He got another Master. Darth Krusles new master's name was Darth Malis. He had the rest of his training by him. He got the mission to destroy the Jedi Knight Chris Frin.

Master of the SithEdit

I Do.
—Darth Krusles on his wedding

At age twenty he became a master. He married another Sith named Darth Laya. Darth Kusles and her got in a fight because of a disagreement. They got their lightsabers out and battled. Right before sunlight Darth Krusles struck down his very wife. When he killed her he came out went and started killing everyone.

Lord KruslesEdit

Yes, Lord Krusles.
—Admiral Unima Kon

When Darth Krusles was twenty-two he became a Sith Lord. He went to Hoth to search a secret Jedi base on it. He got caught by a Wampa. He got himself out and killed the wampa. He stayed at Ilum until he was thirty-eight. At that age he went to Mustafar. He was encountered by Jedi Master Nijpam Ykuk and he got killed.

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