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The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural.
—Supreme Chancellor

As a child Kronas grew up on Tatooine. He was son to the mercenary Karuk. Kronas's family has been mercenaries under the command of the Sith for hundreds of years, since the Sith first arrived on Iridonia. Few of Kronas's ancestors became Sith themselves. On Tatooine Kronas lived with only his father, who often left the world to go out on jobs. When he left the world for jobs, Kronas stayed under the guidance of Sarunith, a Dark Jedi master, and long time family friend. Sarunith taught Kronas the way of the Force since he was just a young child. When Kronas turned 8 years old, his Sarunith decided the sneak Kronas off the planet and bring him to a secret Sith Academcy, where he further learned the way of the Dark Side of the Force. Karuk spent years tring to find Kronas, and once he finally did he arrived on the planet of the Academy, and was killed upon exiting his ship.

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