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Darth Gloed was a male Arkanian and the sworn enemy of his half-brother Ichi Go. After a scandal between Gloed's father and his Human secretary that produced Ichi Go had died down, Nehoi's half-brother was sent away to Nar Shaddaa, where he was left to fend for his life. Gloed eventually grew power hungry and killed his father for helping to bring scandal to their family by doing as he had. He eventually joined the Sith Order of Decreto, where he learned to fuel his passion for revenge. He was also known by his birthname Nehoi Lrowln Go and his underworld identity Unforgiving One.

He, Ichi Go, his friend Renton Thur'ston, and Darth Divat were also noted for their ability to stay almost forever young in appearance. It is unknown how this occurred, or even if the cases are linked.

Behind the scenesEdit

Gloed is Dutch for passion, which described Nehoi perfectly.

Nehoi Lrowln is also an anagram of inner hollow, which is what the images of Gloed represent, the inner hollow of Ichigo Kurosaki, in other words, the polar opposite of him.