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Darth Execta's Lightsabers
Statistical Information
Length of hilt

1.25 ft.

Length of blade

1.3 meters


Darth Execta



Chronological Information

Darth Execta

Darth Execta's Lightsabers were a set of two lightsabers owned by Darth Execta. They were completely unique for a number of reasons. First, Darth Sinity created the two lightsabers using the Force, making them unable to be reproduced. Second, the hilts of the lightsabers were made of white porcelain, and beset with a small gold decoration on either end. Thirdly, each lightsaber contained five crystals: one pink crystal, three crystals used to modify the blade's power, and one two-of-a-kind crystal created by Sinity. The final aspect of the lightsabers that made them so special resulted from the fifth crystal in their hilts: it was specially designed by Darth Sinity to interact with Darth Execta's brainwaves, in order to allow him to activate and deactivate his lightsaber with his mind, removing the need for an activation button on the hilt.

Execta used these lightsabers throughout his entire reign as Sith Lord, until his death.

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