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Darth Execta was the sixth apprentice of Darth Sinity. He was a cunning warrior, and very powerful in the ways of the Force. Like his master, he was constantly searching for more power. Execta attempted to lead an uprising against Darth Sinity, but was executed by his master before any damage could be done.


Early lifeEdit

Darth Execta was born to an average family on the Draethos homeworld, Draethos. He was average man in many ways, and earned himself a job in the government. He worked as the undersecretary to the Governor of Draethos, Sha Polo, for about 30 years, until, after the governor's untimely death, Execta replaced him as governor of Draethos.

Behind the scenesEdit

"Execta" is likely derived from the word execute, probably chosen by Sinity for his apprentice's quick disposal of his enemies. This is backed-up by his flagship's name, Guillotine, which is a device used to execute people by decapitating them.

Darth Execta's lightsaber form was with two lightsabers, each with a pink blade. Darth Execta's Lightsabers were both unique, in that they were made of reinforced porcelain, with a gold decoration on either end. But what made them truly remarkable was the lack of activation button. The lightsabers were custom created for him by Darth Sinity to react to his brainwaves, allowing him to activate them with his mind.

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