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Darth Dej was a Yoidan Dark Lord of the Sith and founder and leader of the Elementa alliance.


Early lifeEdit

Darth Dej, back then known as Grudgorg Milga was born on Technos to a very wealthy family. He was a spoiled child and always wanted more. He was extremely powerful in the ways of the Force and was soon detected by the Jedi and taken to Coruscant. He was approved by the council but three different masters refused him. Eventually no one picked him and he was sent to the Agricultural corps.

Rise to SithEdit

This decision greatly angered Grudgrorg and so he slaughtered everyone there using the Force. Coincidently a Sith Lord, named Darth Zykor was living on the planet at the time and sensing the vast amount of power approached Grudgorg and offered him a chance to learn the ways of the Force from a different perspective, the dark side. Somewhat wary at first Grudgorg accepted. His training was difficult and he was pitted against impossible odds and others vying for the title of Darth Zykor's apprentice, but eventually Grudgorg triumphed and was given the title of Darth Dej. During a Jedi confrontation however, Dej stabbed Zykor in the back in all the confusion and managed to escape. He decided to hide back on Technos for a while until he could go back and cause chaos.

Beginning of a cultEdit

One night, however while hiding out in the Technosian wilderness he found a crashed star cruiser. After killing any survivors he found he discovered a strange parchment that told of how to summon a demonic being called Mentror and even a way to make an elixir that could prolong his age. Seeing this as a way to gain power over the universe, he created a cult known as the Elementa alliance. It would require finding seven powerful beings who were believed to be the physical embodiments of the elements. Dej believed himself to be the embodiment of Metal and appointed himself as leader. He found other Yoidans who shared his beliefs and they joined him. As he and his organization continued to grow he found other "Embodiments" to join him. They were Darth Flar,Darth Waw,Darth Na and after a long period of searching, Darth Grorg. He also found the "lesser elements" a group of elements that were important to the cause but weren't as powerful. They were Darth Grizzi, Darth Noggit and Darth Kalle.