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Darth Bogan was a Sith Lord who was Revan's apperntice just before the Sith-Imperial War. He was killed by several Imperial Knights.

History Edit

The CloneEdit

Darth Bogan was a clone of the Jedi Exile to see if Sith cloning was possible. Darth Revan's clone was also successful. Revan taught Darth Bogan the dark side of the Force.

The RebelionEdit

In the year 115 ABY there was a rebellion against the Sith Empire. The first battle was on planet Kanhoi Prime. On the battle of Kanhoi Prime, Darth Bogan lead the 327th Star Corps and the Delta Squad. About one-third of the army was killed in the battle. The battle was so heavy they needed the aid of another Stormtrooper Corps. Darth Nihilus, who was brought back to life using the Sith cloning techniuqe, helped Darth Bogan using the 7th Sky Corps.

The Battle of FondorEdit

In the Battle of Fondor, Darth Bogan used the 7th Grand Fleet, which was the entire fleet of which he controlled, at Fondor where the Aqualeesh had their own rebellion to separate form the Sith Empire. In the 7th Grand Fleet there were Humans, Neimodians, Rodians, and Kel-Dor which, were wearing storm trooper armor. Grand Fleets were always lead by a Sith Lord. Grand Fleets covered almost eights sectors. All this would make the Grand Fleet. At the Battle of Fondor the Aqualeesh fought using the DC-15S and the DC-17 hand blasters or the DH-17 blaster pistol. Bogan's stormtroopers carried E-ll blaster Rifles and a DL-44 Blaster Pistols. Gran Mecenaries form Vector Prime helped the Sith Empire and eventually Fondor lost.

The Battle of Vector PrimeEdit

The Rebellion Attacked Vector Prime first. Darth Bogan and his Grand Fleet decided to counterattack the Rebels. Darth Bogan went to the battle himself, slaughtering many Rebel soldiers. Later, during the third hour of the battle, he met a Jedi who was Kol Skywalker. Darth Bogan wouldn't stop until the death, even if it took forever. After an hour of fighting, Kol Skywalker retreated. Luckily for Bogan, one shadow trooper managed to make it into a Blockade Runner, which had many Jedi like Wolf Sazen, Kol Skywalker and Cade Skywalker. This reconnaissance operation was an attempt to find the Jedi base on Ossus.

Darth KraytEdit

Darth Krayt was leader of the 14th Grand Fleet. He also created the Rule of One, which he believed was more sophisticated and less disatourous then the Rule of Two. Darth Krayt lead his Grand Fleet to Ossus and the Massacre of Ossus began.

The Sith-Imperial WarEdit

The first battle of the was over Korriban and Revan's Empire won. Darth Bogan began the land invasion on Korriban. After the Massacare of Ossus, the only Jedi left was Kol Skywalker. Kol Skywalker was also the leader of the Rebellion Army. In the beginning of the Sith-Imperial War the Sith Lords Darth Raxus, Darth Nihilus, Darth Bogan and a dark Jedi clone of Grand Admiral Thrawn were killed on the Star Forge over Vector Prime by the Imperial Knights, while the Sith Lords Darth Krayt, Darth Nihl and Darth Talon fought Darth Revan. Krayt was revealed as Jacen Solo, who Revan thought he killed on Coruscant, to stop Lex Koon from turning to the dark side. In turn Jacen Solo wanted revenge due to the fact that Revan had infinite dark side energy along with Darth Raxus, formerly Lex Koon, and Darth Nihilus. It is unknown who killed Darth Nogan, but it was probably Darth Nihl and several Imperial Knights.